Inktober Weeks One, Two, and Part of Three

Wow, Inktober is so fun that I utterly forgot to post it!!! Well, sorry about the wait. . . *coughtwoweekscoughcough*

So I decided to do something really challenging. I’m doing four prompt lists this month.

Three of them at once.

I’m doing the official Inktober prompt, Lilaeleaf’s Plant Characters prompt, Furry Little Peach’s FLPINKTOBER prompt, and (posting these separately at the end of the month) Pomrania’s Loth-tober prompt.

And my theme is foxes. Every day I draw a fox interpreted in link with the prompts.

It’s kind of a big deal, if ya know what I mean.

So, quick excuse as to why I haven’t posted my arts yet. . .

I was on a trip with my church youth group and managed to forget all my prompts. Thankfully, one of my friends had decided to do FLPINKTOBER and brought her list, so I did art just from that prompt for three days. Art that I might post some other time.


On to the arts!!!

DAY ONE: Poisonous Mushroom Pebble.


So this one was fun. I actually just drew it for poisonous and had completely forgotten about the other two prompts, but (thankfully!) it matched up anyway. This isn’t my first time drawing this guy, actually! He’s something I randomly drew sometime in the Spring that I figured would work perfectly for this prompt! He’s a forest fox, a fly agaric mushroom fox if you want to be specific.

DAY TWO: Tranquil Bamboo Key.


Funny story, I actually forgot about tranquil this time! And again, it worked out fine (sleeping fox is pretty tranquil, methinks). So this is a red fox (though with the little spot above his eye, you could technically call him a kitsune) in a heart of bamboo. When I saw the prompt ‘bamboo’ I immediately remembered seeing bamboo grown into a heart shape locally, and wanted to try it. This was my first time drawing bamboo, which I suppose partially explains why it looks less ‘realistic’ than the rest of the art. Behind it is a Chinese key. I knew that a regular old key wasn’t going to work for this, so I looked up old Chinese keys and was fascinated. They’re so pretty! I’m actually not sure (the reference was a little vague) but it might also/or be a coin.

DAY THREE: Roasted Conifer Outer space.


This was a weird day. I mean, how to draw outer space and roasted??? Eventually, I decided to be literal and drew a silver fox next to a roasting chicken in a pine grove, looking up at the stars.

I did not like this drawing.

Therefore, I drew something else.

Below the first one, you can see my ‘official’ day three art. It’s a space-fire-fox (not a Vulptex!) rather like my galaxy fox Selene, only this one would be closer to a lava or fire planet color scheme than Selene is. He’s jumping around a pine forest and (perhaps unintentionally) setting his pawsteps aflame.

DAY FOUR: Spell Snake Plant Peach.


This was one of those days that I really just didn’t want to draw. I was working on my candy-corn loth-cat, and figuring out how to draw a snake plant and a spell and a peach all FOX-LIKE was not appealing to me. But as I began to draw, I think it became easier. It’s a really weird drawing, and I’m not entirely sure I like the snake plants at all, but it turned out far better than my sleepy and art-blocked mind thought at the time. Of course, I still want to redo it, but I can’t really do that now, can I?

Enter my youth trip. From here until I mark otherwise, all the following arts were done on October 11th, after I had got back and unpacked and all that junk. I promise, I did draw while I was there. So I’m not really disqualified, right?

DAY FIVE: Chicken Maple Camp.


The presence of the chicken made this a really strange drawing. At first, I thought that making the fox scared (chicken) would work, but maple and camp weren’t helping with that. So here’s another silver fox (my favorite fox color morph — did ya know there was more than just the red fox?) meeting a chicken in his fire pit. Maple leaves crackle underfoot as he curiously sniffs the plump feathered creature.

DAY SIX: Drooling Blueberry Mountain.


. . . and the internal fangirl screamed BLUEBERRY in my internal ear. Therefore, we have an Ezra fox, panting after a run, with Lothal’s curiously unique mountains providing excellent scenery behind his noble head. I know I meant not to draw any Star Wars this time around, but when I saw Blueberry sitting there on that prompt list, I couldn’t resist. Totally not the reason I picked that list. No, it wasn’t. But still.

DAY SEVEN: Exhausted Aloe vera Ice cream.


This one was pretty fun. I knew that aloe vera on a fox would make him look sorta dinosaur-y, so I went with that. This lil guy has aloe ears and tail, with the wedge-shaped type of aloe forming scales on his back.

But, you ask, what about the ice cream?
It totally doesn’t go with aloe. But it’s there anyway. See it, on his back and the top of his not-furry head? Hehe, I had fun that day.

DAY EIGHT: Star Peace lily Music.


This one I actually started on the trip (because I’d looked up peace lilies before I left, so it was in my head), and it honestly just isn’t my favorite. I wish now that I’d incorporated the music notes and stars (the little sparklys) better into the fox herself, rather than scattering them around. However, I probably will draw that lily-fox again!

DAY NINE: Precious Apple Island.


Simple. Fox on a small island next to a golden apple tree. I was tempted to draw something Lord of the Rings related, but fitting that with the other two prompts eluded me at the time. Now, of course, there’s plenty of idears in me head. . .

DAY TEN: Flowing Succulent Statue.


Okay question: how many people have seen a flowing statue? Yeah, me neither. Goodness, I was stumped here. And then I thought — why not do one of those kitsune statues and let it be floating downriver? And I think it worked!

DAY ELEVEN: Cruel Orchid Rocket.


The hardest thing here waas rocket. It really killed some of the drama of the art (I mean, you might believe a fox with an fox-brush orchid for a tail, but one with a jetpack is weird!), but I’m okay with how it turned out. Note those lil claws!

DAY TWELVE: Whale Lilac Flag.


I seriously wanted to skip the fox theme for a day and just draw a Purgil with a rebellion flag. Seriously. But. . . consistency is key here. . . *sigh* so here’s a fox-whale. Not a merfox, b’cuz that’s half fish, half fox. This little guy is half fox, half whale. So there ya go. (Reference to Kanan Jarrus’ shoulder pauldron on the flag pole ;D)

DAY THIRTEEN: Guarded Planet Moss.


This one was pretty easy for me. It’s a planet-sized stone fox with mossy patches, curled protectively up into a ball. Millions of beings live in the forests of moss that reach higher than the tallest tree ever to grow on earth!

DAY FOURTEEN: Clock Citrus Groceries.


There’s great days like #2, easy days like #9. . . and then WEIRD days like #14 — this day. I mean — GROCERIES. How you draw anything of interest with GROCERIES??? So I did muh best — here’s a pet fox snooping through his person’s newly-bought produce. . . hopefully, he’ll know not to eat those lemons.

DAY FIFTEEN: Weak Poppy Koala.


Call me crazy, but I’ve actually never drawn a koala. I’ve never drawn a skunk or a panda either, but that’s beside the point. So this day was a learning experience, to say the least! Looking at it now, I wish I’d used a thicker pen on the koala. . . but the rest I’m pretty okay with.

DAY SIXTEEN: Angular Rose Confetti.


Finally — today’s prompts! This one was simple. You’ve seen those geometric animal things before, right? I wanted to do something like that, but my skills at drawing straight lines and specific angles aren’t quite up to that. So I simplified it a bit and did this straight-line fox, with a few roses dotted with a generous sprinkling of confetti.

Phew, that was a lot! Maybe it’ll teach me to make good on my word and post weekly instead of on a random Tuesday. . . but anyway. How’s your Inktober going? Are you liking it — if it’s not your first time, is this one better or worse than last time? All my friends new to this, are you having fun; would you be doing it next year? Are y’all working daily?! Shout out below — until then, Kitten out!


Guess What Today Is. . .


Can you guess???

That’s right, my friends, it’s. . .


It’s officially October now, and all us artists out there know that October is really Inktober! Here’s the official prompt list, along with a few I’m considering combining with it. All rights to you respective prompt owners, @inktober, @lilaeleaf, and @furrylittlepeach!


I’m so excited for this month-long challenge — this year, I actually have Micron pens for inking instead of Sharpies, and also a much better grasp of working in black-and-white (though I do plan to try to color some). Should be posting meh arts weekly *gulp*, or at least biweekly. And I’m considering actually following a theme this time around. . . something that will knock me out of my thinking-only-of-Star-Wars mold (though, of course, who said that was a bad thing???) and force me to be more creative!

For me, Inktober is something that helps with my art skills — drawing every day for a month?? Are you kidding? That does wonders for your art. . . as long as you don’t rush through it, that is. But it also gives me a reason to not procrastinate. I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m a terrible procrastinator. I mean really, look! I waited till the first day of Oct/Inktober to post my HEY I’M DOING INKTOBER TOO post! But it’s helpful for getting into a habit of doing something every single day. Y’know, it takes 28 days of doing the same thing once a day to form a good habit. And this is 28 plus 3 more! So if you’re like me and have trouble procrastinationing until the last minute before the deadline, I highly recommend you find a pen and sketchbook and draw along with us!

Here’s a slideshow of my art from last year’s prompt. . . looks very not-like-my-current-style by now!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Are you guys participating? Yes? Yay!!! I have a friend in this madness! What are your materials? You got any special ideas flowing because of those prompts? Are you using any other prompts instead of/alongside the Inktober one? Any other prompts you’d like to recommend? Shout out below!

Now, I have to go start my first day of Inktober!!! ‘Till we meet again, Kitten out!

Resistance Arts and Excuses

Okay I know I haven’t posted in like forever. Sorry. Inktober’s coming soon and I’ll be posting weekly then, which should cure me of inactivity for the rest of the year.


That said, I’d like you to turn your attention to a galaxy far, far away. See that little brown-haired girl with the red-and-blue flight suit?


Torra Doza

That’s Torra Doza, from Star Wars: Resistance. She’s an Flying Ace for the Collosus, and I love her so much.

Fun fact: Torra Doza has a pet. I’m not sure what its name is, or what it is, but the fandom agrees — it’s ADORABLE. Torra also has a collection of stuffed animals. A puffer pig, a bantha, a wampa, and a. . . purgill? Mynock? Space bat? It’s purple anyway.

But, I digress.

The featurette for the Aces of Collosus came out today (at 12:30, if you want to be specific) and I think I’ve found a new favorite Star Wars character. Well, Sabine is still my favorite, and Ezra next, but Torra definitely deserves to be on everyone’s list.



As soon as I saw the video, I grabbed my sketchbook and started scribbling away. This happened each time a video came out for Resistance, y’know. Us artists and drawing as soon as we can. I’ve actually seen art of Torra’s pet floofer already.

This is what I drew.

Torra and Co.

It was so fun!!! The perspective was a challenge and I didn’t quite ace it but a fun one. Since everyone needs one, I gave her a Porg plushie too, and a special pink BB unit. Did ya know there’s going to be MOAR BB’s in Resistance??

But anywho. That’s that. I love this Torra being already, and I think Kaz is gonna be a lot like Ezra (or at least the clumsy, loveable dork that the fangirls see him as). I’m warming to Tam and Neeku *dodges tomatoes*, but I just don’t like Yeager yet. At all.

I’m sure I’ll like him better by the time the show starts. Won’t you?

Until we meet again. . .

Kitten out!

I don’t own Torra, Star Wars, or Resistance! This is mere fan art that I worked hard on! Please comment for permission to repost! Thank ya!


Marker Time

When I went to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, I was in search of a new sketchbook. But when I saw sets of Prismacolor Premier Art Makers sitting innocently in the clearance section for around a dollar per marker, that sketchbook got sideswept.

I have art markers, people, and I am in love.

The first thing I did was fangirl. Because really. Awesome art supplies for super cheap is a perfect excuse for an artist to squeal. Then I tried to draw with them. After testing each color out (and happily informing my family that the flesh-colored marker would, indeed, be good for drawing Ezra), I drew a few OCs. Then I tried something bigger. That something bigger. . .


My first marker illustration that mattered. . . *heart*

. . . was one Ezra Bridger. Again, the first attempt, so do please excuse the quality of the strokes. Marker art means you have to work really fast.

After that, I was on cloud nine. This is a wonderful art form, my friends.

In case you haven’t noticed, I draw Ezra a lot. But the colors I have prevent me from drawing Sabine very well, and I tend to never have the right greens for Kanan and Hera. And then Zeb is. . . a nightmare. . .

But those are Prismacolor Premier art markers (fine and chisel double ended tips, for the curious ones). I have since aqquried three Copic brush-and-chisel tipped markers, as well as ten or eleven Winsor & Newtons. Personally, I like the Prismas best, in terms of color vividness and bendability. The Winsors are rather dull in comparison (though I did get neutral and dull color tones), and the Copics were okay. I probably need more of them to properly judge them, as I know they are supposed to be the high-quality markers of these three. But for Kitten’s art, she likes Prismas.

In related topics, I have done two step-by-step picture processes of my techniques in marker-drawing Ezra, which I plan to write words to and post as tutorials of sorts. But for the time present, enjoy these arts!
~ Kitten

Sunshine Blogger Tag


Hello, me friendlies. . . long time no see! I’ve got something new to try today — Christine Eyre of Overflowing Mind and Pen has tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger tag, which is something that sounds super exciting, but I’d never tried! Christine, thank you so very much for tagging me; it’s been a blast to answer all these questions (I really liked the first one; great thought there!), hopefully I’m doing this right!

Okay, so here we go!

  1. What’s something simple and mundane that you get excited about?

Watching ants. Seriously, if you’ve never sat down next to an ant bed and fed them a small piece of food, you’re missing out! I’m blessed to have four different types in my yard: fire ants, yellow meadow ants, these small, hard, matte black ants, and large, shiny black ants. It’s so cool to see how different each type is! The yellow meadow ants are my favorite, because they physically cannot bite me. Honestly, they can’t.

     2. What’s your newest favorite song?

OWL CITY’S NEWEST SONG CALLED CINEMATIC — IT CAME OUT JUST A FEW DAYS AGO!!! Or maybe that’s because it’s got Star Wars references. Um, but my newest favorite probably is Owl City. Or Sky Sailing. Or Port Blue. . . or Adam Young. . . or. . .wait, that’s all of them. Hehe, I’m not sure, really. There’s so many songs that I love, and so many that I call my favorite, but let’s see about maybe a list. . .

“Shadows,” by Red;

“You Will Be Found,” from Dear Evan Hansen;

“Love is on Our Side,” by Capital Kings;

“Young Skywalker (May the Fourth),” by Matthew Parker;

“No Filter,” by Britt Nicole;

“Something Wild,” by Lindsey Stirling;

“Light It Up,” by For King and Country;

“Bird With a Broken Wing,” by Owl City;

and “Never Giving Up on You,” by Matthew Parker.

And most other Lindsey Stirling instrumentals. Dubstep and violin together is pure epicness.


     3. Favorite cake flavor?

Chocolate :3 Always has been, always will be. Especially chocolate cakes shaped like BB-8. Because I am a fangirl, and I will be stubborn enough to make myself try new things, like cake decorating. Thankfully, the BB-8 scheme turned out well (and delicious)!

     4. What inspired your blog name?  (Borrowing this one from Chelsea because it’s a good question!)

My obsession with needle felting. It’s probably my most uncommon ability (that sounds weird), and I’ve been lucky enough to teach some of my friends how to do it! Hehe, it’s something I picked up when I was looking for a My Little Pony plush pattern, and never really quit doing. Essentially, needle felting is done by stabbing wool roving (or almost any other fiber — there’s even rose and banana fibers!) over and over again. Soon, it begins to condense, forming a thick mass that can be coaxed into a shape. You can make flowers, beads, even figures out of it! There’s a Loth-cat I did a while back named Ca’tra, who’s probably my favorite of my own needle felted creations (you can find her for sale in my Etsy shop, CatshineCraft). She has a rotating head made from a Lego turntable, which is the most functional (and funnest!) thing I’ve ever done with any of my creations. And then of course “kitten” because I love love love cats!

     5. What blogger has inspired you the most?  (Also borrowing from Chelsea.)

Ummm. . . well. . . sheesh. . . there’s three: Shay, Audrey, and Christine Eyre. And they’ve all inspired me! Shay, from The Elven Padawan, was the first person I met here, and she’s the one who basically got me to stick around. She’s such an outgoing and friendly person who is so welcoming to be around! Without her fangirly self, you’d probably not be seeing much activity from this kitten. Audrey is also from TEP, and she writes the literally most amazing things about her fandoms — Middle Earth and Star Wars! The way she applies her characters to her faith is awesome, and I wish I could write like she does. Plus, both Shay and Audrey have Rey cosplays, I have a Rey cosplay, we all three love cosplay. . . you get it XD And Christine Eyre does the most incredible REALISTIC art of the Star Wars Rebels crew, crossovers included! Her writing style and general good spirit never fails to make me want to draw or write — or hey, why not try both at once? I’m kidding; unless you’re an octopus, don’t try. But that’s what I feel like doing! All three of these wonderful girls are such a bright light, and it’s so nice to get a break from the messed-up ideas that dominate so many fandoms today and see their sweet writings and art. I love you guys :3

     6. Favorite Middle-Earth race?  (Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Men, Ents, etc.)

Ohhh, yeesh, is this a trick question? Nah, really they’re all amazing, but for the very present moment, I kinda want to say men. Sure, they fall a LOT MORE than the other races, and tend on the evil side, but they’ve always got a good head on their shoulders, and loyalty seems to be a commonly found trait in them. Sure, they all seem a little greedy (and reckless), but it’s understandable. But before I read LotR (I started with The Hobbit), I’d have said Elves. Because who doesn’t want to be immortal, and have like an entire synchronized army to fight for you, and be a great singer, and live in trees? In The Hobbit, they sang a lot; teasing and laughter were the norm. But as I learned more about them, I found that, though they are undeniably epic, they seemed in the LotR trilogy to be isolated, cold, distant; as if they believed they were better than the rest of the races. And that there is a lot more than I’d like to dissect. I’m only beginning to step into the realm of Middle-Earth, so my knowledge is probably flawed, and you guys can probably step right through holes in my logic. But that’s what I’m seeing as of now.

     7. What is an art medium or hobby you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t yet?

Oh gracious. . . gracious. . . wood carving comes to mind, as does leatherwork. I have tried those, but never seriously, and they definitely did not turn out very well! The wood carving probably went wrong because I never started it. Usually I’d just collect wood and junk to “eventually” work with, but nothing ever got done. *sigh*

     8. What’s an aesthetic that really moves your heart? (E.g. starry skies, or a stack of books with a cup of tea, or a lamppost in a wood.  )


Ayuh, ayuh, most definitely either galaxies or sunsets over water. Galaxies and nebulas and all that are just so epic — the thought that these things are even further away than the farthest of our planets is so mind boggling, yet they were still made by the same Creator, in the same way our galaxy was formed. Plus I’m minorly obsessed with stars at the moment (it started by learning about the binary stars Mira and Mira 2) so anything with a galaxy design makes me stop and stare. It’s almost as if it were a firefly. . . which I should probably not mention. *laughs* I love water, and when the light hits it, it gains the most stunning and ethereal colors. . . it’s beautiful, and I could stare at it forever!

     9. Favorite color combination?

ANYTHING WITH BLUE — except for orange, that’s . Kidding really, it’s hard to say! There’s so many pretties. . . again with the water thing, the color of a sunset on water is stunning. I like the coral and blue and orange look, all swirled together but not quite mixed. . . that’s what I love, that there! Well, at least for today.

     10. What’s an obscure topic you know a lot about?

Old canon Star Wars. Basically I‘ve accumulated a freakishly large amount of old Star Wars knowledge. Comes from reading a lot of old Legends books. But everyone who bothers to look at my art knows that I am a fangirl for everything from the galaxy far, far away. So something NOT Star Wars would be. . . *drumroll*. . . needle felting! Wet felting is pretty common, but needle felting (or dry felting) is one of my trades that makes everyone stop and ask a million questions. But since I am known for asking so many (sometimes dumb) questions that I completely don’t mind others asking what in the galaxy am I doing.

     11. Do you have any relics from your childhood that you’re never throw out?  (E.g. plastic horses, an old Winnie-the-Pooh bear, or your first pair of glasses [and yes, these are items I’ve hung on to through the years. ])

Ohhh. . . so many (Kitten is maybe a bit of a packrat). . . um, there’s a balloon I was given when I turned twelve. It was a foil My Little Pony balloon. It was very crinkly. Plus my cat really liked it. Hehe, it’s happily residing in a drawer of stuff I like to call the “special things drawer,” despite that the occupants of the drawer that have to other home. I also have a REALLY REALLY REALLY old plush cat that my adult cousin gave to me when I was five or so. Her name is Callie. Technically speaking, she’s a TY beanie baby, the calico named Chip, but I’ve NEVER called a plush by its given name. ;3 She had gotten it when she was quite young, and passed it down to me when she was perhaps 17. Callie is around 20 years old now, I’d say. Fun fact: she has a twin sister, the same version of herself, that I found in an antique shop a few years ago for $7 — plus a smaller version of the same cat, the miniature one, too! Callie, Patches, and Sunbeam are their names. I love them X3

Callie & Patches

Okay, so apparently I must needs to tag five people. Goodness, that’s hard. . . but let me see. . .

Shay (of TEP)

Audrey (of TEP)

Olivia.eirene (of The Olive Branch)

Now, for your questions. . .

  1. What is the most interesting pet you’ve ever had? (Box turtles you kept for a few hours most certainly do count!)
  2. What object in your preferred surroundings (i.e. where you like to be the most) inspires you the most?
  3. How many words per minute do you think you type? How many do you actually type?
  4. What was your first fandom?
  5. How does that fandom affect the ones you have today?
  6. What is your favorite color, and how is it relevant to your personality?
  7. Your favorite movie (or TV show or musical or whatevs) — what was the biggest pet peeve you had when you first watched it?
  8. What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you in the last week?
  9. Your favorite song suddenly comes on while you’re at the store. What song is it, and how do you react?
  10. Stars are pretty and all, sure. . . do you have a favorite one, besides our own Sun?
  11. Quick — there’s a giant angry Wookiee coming your way!!! You have a wooden spoon and an oven mitt (food isn’t gonna cook itself) — what do you do?

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post! Since I only have the three tagged peoples, if you’d like to be tagged, just say so, hey? I’ll update the post with your name and site in it. Ciao for now!
~ Kitten

Sabine Cosplay Resources!

Hai everyone!! It’s been awhile since I updated that Sabine cosplay o’ mine, hasn’t it? There’s still a few things that need finishing up before I post the finished kit, but it was wearable in time for the event! I’m fine with having lost the cosplay contest though. . . because I lost to a 7’ Chewbacca! There were also the “wait, are you Jango or Boba?” things to laugh about. . . and I got my favorite candies for participating — rock candy and JAPANESE KIT-KATSSSSS!!! So yeah, it was fun! Anywho, I was asked if I could share a list of my resources on this kit. So here ya are, me friends, RESOURCES. I managed to find most of the things I used, and even a few helpful extras ;3 If there’s any questions just fire away! Read More

It’s been over 3 months now since the finale. . . and I miss them. . . and I really want Ezra to come home to Lothal NOW. . . I dunno fangirls, how bout we all get together and make our own portal into the World Between Worlds and SAVE THE BLUEBERRY, eh? But in the meantime, enjoy the epic SpaceSiblings as Loth-kitties. . .

(Star Wars Rebels fan art by Kitten. NO stealing; do please repost with permission! I don’t own Star Wars. . . or there’d be an ANNOUNCED spinoff series in the works now XD Love you guys. . .)

JacenLil Jacen, all grown up. . . since I don’t see him as force-sensitive, he’s gotten in cahoots with one Han Solo and is a little smuggler. . . hey, you can be born to fly AND pilot a junk pile, right? He looks a little bit like Poe though. . . *sigh* I’m still working on it! And of COURSE I gave him curly hair. That green fluff HAS to be curly. . .

Star Wars Rebels fan art by Kitten. No stealing or reposting without permission! (I like to know where my art is going!) And I’m sure you know it by now, but I may as well say it — I DON’T OWN STAR WARS!!!


Ezra thinks waiting on Sabine to find him is hard. I thought lineart was equally hard. Nope.

Star Wars Rebels fan art by Kitten. NU STEALING I WORKED SO HARD ON THIS ONE!!! I don’t own Star Wars!

Some Galaxy Loth-Cats and Sketches. . .

It’s STAR WARS DAY, people!!! And this gave me a shove — done plenty of art, why not SHARE IT for STAR WARS DAY??? So here y’all are, some arts!!!

I’ve gotten back into the digital arts lately! I saw some (mostly) cute loth-cat stickers on Etsy, and I thought I could try it myself. The result was that I got a new art program (GIMP is so awful compared to Krita!!!) and did a TON of loth-cats!

Here’s the first five, my favorites! As you can see, they’re all the same pose; that’s something I learned from my My Little Pony days as being called a base. Bases mean you can easily make multiple variations of the same pose! In any case, here’s the last five. . .

Cute little stinkers, ain’t they?

Also, I did my two color chibis. . . which I introduced here. . .

Sabine will always be my favorite little mango, no matter what.

There’s a few more lothies!

Also. . . I’ve been saying for a while that I’d be posting some Jacen Syndulla art. Oki, I suppose I’d better do that at some point. . . maybe now?


And here’s some more. . .

I promise, that’s only a fraction of it. I haven’t yet uploaded most of it to the desktop yet. . . I’ll update the post when I do though! (And yes, those are fireflies. I love my Owl City, okay?) And finally, here’s some random sketches and stuff. Just cuz.

Thankies for stickin’ with me in my inactivity, y’all! I’ll have some more Jacen and some cosplay updates up pretty soon, but for now, I’m gonna spend Star Wars day touching up on some projects and hangin’ out with my fam! May the force (fourth too!) be with you all! BUT WATCH OUT FOR REVENGE OF THE FIFTH

Star Wars fanart by Kitten. No stealing; ask before reposting! I don’t own Star Wars (or this would be an official schools-out holiday!!! ;P)





Anime Star Wars Series Announced!!!

Look — I know we’ve gotten a whole load of Star Wars lately, and I know we’ve been spoiled by it, and I KNOW we’re all gonna be really sad when they decide to take a break, BUT THIS IS EPIC!!!

(Spoilers to the Star Wars: Rebels series finale will follow!!!)



Let me tell you, “Resistance” looks like it’s going to live up to the Star Wars standard.

“ is thrilled to announce that production has begun on Star Wars Resistance, an exciting new animated adventure series about Kazuda Xiono, a young pilot recruited by the Resistance and tasked with a top-secret mission to spy on the growing threat of the First Order. It will premiere this fall on Disney Channel in the U.S. and thereafter, on Disney XD and around the world.”

“Featuring the high-flying adventure that audiences of all ages have come to expect from Star Wars, Star Wars Resistance — set in the time prior to Star Wars: The Force Awakens — will feature the beloved droid BB-8 alongside ace pilots, colorful new characters and appearances by fan favorites including Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma, voiced by actors Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie, respectively.”

Mr. Cowboy Hat guy himself is the creator; due to his amazing work on Rebels (and Clone Wars too), I’m guessing that this is going to be great! I have seen (already pessimistic in the, what, seven hours since it was announced?) that some fans believe it will be a “updated” version of “Forces of Destiny,” and while that would be neat, I’m thinking this is going to be a bit better than that (at least in the animation part). Just look at BB-8 up there! Anime is something I’ve been practicing lately (well, loosely) and been finding fun. . . it would be really cool to see Poe and Phasma in anime form!

Of course, my reaction at first was “oh, yey! New Star Wars!” But then I realized — with this pre-TFA era, we are highly likely to see some tie-ins to our dear Rebels friends! At this point, Jacen (Hera and Kanan’s son, whom I plan to share my opinions, headcanons and arts on soon) will be around his early twenties, and Sabine, Ezra, Hera and the others are well into their later years as well. I’m especially wanting to see Sabine (and no, I’m not biased at all); if this is before she finds Ezra, I’m wondering if this “Kazuda” fella would be interested in helping her. . .

Overall, I’m really excited for this, both for the story, the art (and someone care to give us a trailer, so I can fangirl over the music?), and the characters! What did you think when you saw it? I know I wasn’t expecting the announcement so early, nor the premiere date to be so soon! Any special characters you’d like to see make an appearance (or a return)? Well, ’till we meet again, may the Force be with you!


(By the by, Rebels fans, I WILL be updating my Sabine cosplay very very soon! The helmet is very close to done, and everything is finally coming together! Keep an eye out!)

I’ll Find You







“I’ll Find You” by Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly

It works so well for these guys. . .

(And on the subject of Star Wars music. . . “Young Skywalker (May the Forth Be With You)” by Matthew Parker (my fav! ;D) is INCREDIBLE)


Wow, I’ve done more writing lately than art. That’s new. . .

This is a quick short (drabble, I’m told. . .) featuring Ezra and Sabine and CANDYYYY. I was inspired by Owl City’s “New York City” music video (link at bottom of page), and wrote this up real quick. It doesn’t really make much sense, it’s really just fluff. Fluffy space siblings. I’m thinking this is set somewhere around late season one, early season two. Back when Ezra’s teasing made Sabine mad (and/or before she learned to make a good comeback).

While I don’t often get spicy chocolate (cayenne caramel is EPIC), I LOVE 90% dark. . . needless to say, my siblings don’t eat it. So you could say this is inspired by my life too. Whatevs. Read More

Maneki Neko Loth-Cat!

I saw a sweet little loth-cat pin awhile back, and thought this would be cute. . .

Maneki Neko Loth-CatThe figures are traditionally modeled after the Japanese Bobtail, which (as the name states) has a lil bitty bunny tail. So it can’t be seen from the front. Anywho, this is extremely simple art. Literally just coloring in the lines. No shading, no nuthin. But it turned out pretty cute.
The positioning of the paws and choice of colors represent various things. I gave my loth-cat the tri-color Bobtail coloration, which generally signifies luck. Ezra’s either gotten very lucky with his connection to these critters, or the force wanted them to help him, so I figured that’d be a cute color to do her. The bib and bell signify protection for the cat, and the tablet in the left paw (Loth-cat’s left) invites people, rather than wealth. These kitties took care of Ezra (literally risking their furry lives at times) without any hope of reward beyond a pat on the head. Such wonderful beings. . . The tablet traditionally has a Japanese phrase written on it inviting wealth into the building it “protects.” On mine, I’ve written “Oh, credits” in Aurebesh. Sounds like something Hondo would say, eh?

I’d recommend checking out this post for lots more helpful information on Lucky Cats!

Star Wars Rebels fanart by Kitten. No stealing; please ask before reposting elsewhere! I don’t own Star Wars or the entire budget would go to animating thousands of loth-cats!

A New Friend

Remember that Loth-wolf plush I did? I said I’d give a reference page for him. . . as well as give him a name. Hehe, well that took a bit, eh? Here he is. . . the spotted Loth-wolf, Dave! Since he’s not a humanoid, I place him in different eras throughout the Star Wars timeline; but for the moment, he’s living on Lothal while Sabine keeps watch over the planet.




Some Loth-facts:

He’s named after Cowboy Hat Guy himself (duh).

He’s a special lil guy, being slightly smaller than the average Lothie (don’t count Dume, he’s much too big to be a normal wolf. I’m still wishing they wrapped up his arc). While a normal wolf is around one Ezra-height at the shoulder, Dave is probably short enough to fit through an ordinary doorway. I’d say about 4′ at the shoulder or so.

That spot pattern is a unique thing to him alone. Normal loth-wolves (heh, I say normal but what about these guys is normal?) do not have any markings beyond the raised ridges on their face, legs, and back, but Dave has these varying spots and ticks like a German Shorthaired Pointer (albeit an odd one xD).

The eyes were the best part to draw. They’re yellow, if you want to call it a single color, but have a heavy shade of orange on them too. If you looked very closely at him in person (or, well, in wolf), you’d notice little hazel and brown flecks too. They’re really small, and don’t show up in drawings of him.

Unlike his loth-wolf kin, he has an insatiable sense of curiosity. Now, he’s not goofy like a loth-cat, nor is he an air-head. Like the normal wolves, he can appear/disappear, but instead of doing this to threaten, or add mystery, he will sneak up on, say, a shiny object (more on shiny objects next). This works, in a way, like Bilbo Baggins’ ring, only I think that Dave has always been adventurous.

The things that capture his attention most are #1: Shiny Objects; #2: People who Throw Things*; and #3: Anything that is Dangerous*. Oh, and loth-kittens.

For the most part, Dave is easy to be friends with. Though other wolves view him as a sort of Jar Jar in their midst, humanoids see him as a connection between the species. He serves in much the same place as the white wolf Ezra Bridger met, back in the Rebellion Era.

So that’s my loth-pet. I’m drawing him everywhere. But please, PLEASE note that very little to none of this is canon. I’d hate for someone to watch the show just to see the non-existent spotted loth-wolf. . .

*Both of these, of course, reference Sabine and her feisty temperament.


It’s TanoTuesday but have a Porg instead.

0208181248cActually is a kiwi fruit. But it needs eyes.*shrug* It tasted good. totally calling myself a wookie

‘Lil update on Sabine. . . as I have said, my helmet is in. Absolutely gorgeous bucket. I’ve gotten the primer and silver coat on it now, and am now waiting on a non-humid day to do some more painting. In the meantime, I’m hunting down some steel wool to buff the rangefinder stalk with, as it’s a aluminum cold cast that will have a metal effect. . .

Also, a quick story about spray paints.

Read More

Did a few totally canon sketchies on the TLJ stars as little kids a while back. . . I have yet to do Rose and Finn, but here’s Poe, Kylo, and Rey along with POOOORRRGGGS!


PORGS and Rey



Juice box for Kylo



Poe has ForceBand

Sorry. I’m rather excited. Remember all that looonng time ago when I was actually working on a Sabine cosplay? Well, that’s about to make it’s new year debut. CUZ I HAVE GOT ME HELMET NOW!!! Now hopefully I can at least get it painted and all that before the season starts back up. . . that would just be great. But I’m happy as is.

sabine fans

Oh, did I mention I had my first snow awhile back? Yup, first snow I’ve ever seen! It was so awesome! Of course, took a few pics with the action figures and such in the snow. . . mild spoilers for TLJ ensue. . . Read More


And all I have to say is yikes that’s a big wolf, Daughter had a convor on her shoulder and Ezra knew it, and KANAN AIII!!! His hair — that’s the only style he’s ever had that I liked and Hera so rudely is a hater. . . but anyway, why are you reading this??? GO WATCH IT!!!

(And then come back. . . I might show you my spotty loth wolf plushie. . . if I remain active, that is. . .)

Also, the episode names and release dates (along with bar none, my favorite SW poster EVER) are available here. (“Wolves and a Door” promises to be interesting. . . I’m just wondering where my Mango is in all this. All I saw of her was her with — wait, with Ezra’s lightsaber. . . hmm, could this possibly mean something bad for Blueberry? I’m so EXCITED Y’ALL!!!)


So I’m back — not sure where I went for a week, but I did do some arts. Forgive the quality in them, my camera hates me. MILD SPOILERS FOR THE LAST JEDI AHEAD! I’M WARNING YOU NOW! I MIGHT DISCUSS SOME OF THE SPOILER-Y THINGS!!! WATCH YOURSELF!!! OKAY? You’ve been warned. . . Read More

Little Rey with all her fluffy friends on Ahch-To. . . don’t tell me this isn’t canon!


Let’s see, we have a Lothwolf, a Lothcat, a Convor, a few Porgs, a Fathier, and a Vulptex. Lots of cuties!

Tomorrow I am lifting my spoiler ban, so go ahead and get ready for a ton of theories, opinions and otherwaywise craziness most likely to start tomorrow!
Star Wars: The Last Jedi fanart by Kitten. No taking, stealing, or otherwise use without permission! I don’t own Star Wars, Rey, or any of these precious critters!

(That’s a ancient Jedi text  pretty book Rey has there! 😉 . . . I said no spoilers. . .  that’s not a technical spoiler. . . or is it. . .)


I’m bout to leave to go see The Last Jedi!!! AND I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!! I’m officially declaring this place SPOILER FREE until the 31st so others can be here without being spoiled. After that, I will give heavy warnings before listing spoilers. I’ll probably be doing lots of porg and icefoxie! art in the next few days!!! ~ Kitten

I was not lying when I said that I’m going to drop a whole ton of SnowBean art on you. I have two pages now of pencil sketches yet to be uploaded, two digital arts in the works, and. . .


I can totally see Sab in a tacky sweater. Obviously, cuz I drew it. . . eh.

Star Wars Rebels fanart by Kitten. NUU STEALIN’! I work hard on each arts I do! I don’t own Star Wars, but I do wish I knew who it was that decided tacky sweaters were cool. . .

Three Weeks ‘Till Christmas!

Yup, and only THREE DAYS TILL THE LAST JEDI PRERELEASES YUSSSS!!! PORG! AND ICEFOXIE! Ahem, at any rate, the SpaceFamily Ghost crew shall begin celebrations by making various faces and expressions. Today: the holiday season sneaks up on a fruit-snatching lil Blueberry. . .ezra ahhhhhhYou could also call this Kitten’s abruptly scheduled, middle-of-the-month, totally random Christmas Outburst. Yeah.

Heyo! Kitten here with a bit of art she JUST finished! It, uh, was supposed to be a mando. . . eh, so much for that, eh? Well, Dash looks fine with her new armor — not sure why she’d ever have it though. . .


My Little Pony/Star Wars fanart by Kitten (or Catshine, either way!). NO TAKING STEALING OR PERMENATLY BORROWING!!! I work hard on my art — that’s my signature down there by the tail-tip! I don’t own any of the franchises shown!

Photo Shoot!

And you guys get to see behind the scenes stuff! I spent an ENTIRE HOUR taking pictures — I forgot to eat lunch! Hehe, so I’ll probably have about 8-12 new listings appearing over the course of the week, so look out! I hope to finish the MLP plush by Saturday and have her listed, and the others are finished. Any suggestions for future creations? See y’all later, I’m off to update the listings! (and eat lunch!)

December is here — that means Kitten is officially ready for SnowBean arts!SnowBeanMy first (digi, I’ve done a whole sketch page of ’em already!) SnowBean of the month, though there’ll probably be a bit more!
Star Wars Rebels fan art by Kitten. NO STEALING!!! I work hard on these pretties! I don’t own Star Wars!

A Mando Blaster

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hey all! Kitten here with a photo dump of her very first finished cosplay item, a blaster! It’s a custom model (duh) made with a sintra handle, an apoxie trigger, and (get this!) a wooden barrel! So I found this really pretty bit of wood, and decided it looked like a blaster (shame on you if you’ve never used a stick as a Star Wars weapon — great job, by the way, to the writers of Trials of the Darksaber, we all have used a “stick” to practice Jedi training!). I took it home and got it sanded up — my goodness, it was gorgeous as raw wood! It’s now got a couple of coats of clear varnish on it for safe-keeping, and is a deep auburn-y red color (speak of Auburn. . . go UGA tomorrow! #Dawgs xD) And my bro said the trigger is off somehow. I made it to my specific wish. . . *shrugs*

Anywho, this is for once I’m 18 and shooting for official membership with the Mandalorian Mercs. . . I do have my character designed and I’m working on a backstory for her. Too bad I can’t start now. . . I love weathering too much and Sabine would never get as beat-up as I’ve made her armor hehe. . .

That’s all for now, Kitten out!




when i think of space

all i see

special armor

painted carefully



precious weapons

ships that fly

and nice people

they push things

with their minds

oh to meet a jedi

i’d fly away

and live in the caves

on the grassworld

with the wildlife

family isn’t always blood

~ kitten


Star light, star bright, THERE’S A LOTHCAT IN THE NIGHTLothCatNightsLothkitty family is sweetest Star Wars Rebels. This was an ink sketch I colorized via GIMP.

Star Wars Rebels fanart by Kitten. NUU STEALING! Unfortunately I don’t own Star Wars (if I did Jaina would be canon xD).

Naakla Nuhur. . . that’s Mando’a, literally translated as “peace good time”– exactly what I was thinking of when I began the sketch for this arts. A peaceful, happy time for the space family. . . plus Ezzy finally gets to be taller than Sabi!


Naakla Nuhur – Peace Time

I miss those days in season one when there were wild meiloorun chases and time for painting TIE’s. . . but I love the S4 designs so much.

Started with an ink sketch and colored with GIMP. I know Chopper is inaccurate. They all are. But I’m just glad it’s all colored in — I’ve been working on it for AGES. . .

Star Wars Rebels fanart by Kitten. I worked hard on this, no stealing! I don’t own Star Wars.


*bursts in the door* *gust of wind* *leaves scatter across the floor*


Kitten is BACK from her not-so-long trip for Thankgiving (HAPY THANKSGIVING CUZ I FORGOT TO SAY IT BEFORE!) with a whole dump of art to kick-start her new sketchbook! Read More