Sabine Wren Cosplay!

Hey! Since August 3rd, I’ve gotten serious about the idea I had to make a set of cosplay Sabine Wren armor from Star Wars Rebels. I love the show, and Sabine is such a well defined, intriguing character that she quickly became my favorite. (We both share a love of art too, so that was another factor.) The idea to make a full sized set of armor started when I won a local cosplay contest as Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I received a coupon for use of a 3D printer, and immediately wanted to use it to make a helmet. However, I discovered it would take FAR more than the coupon I had to print it — plus it would take almost a day to print! Before I discovered that fact, I had started plans on the armor — why have a helmet without armor — and was trying to make my own patterns for plates. After struggling with it for almost a week, I discovered a premade pattern I could use. Hooray! After that, I ordered my main material — a type of expanded PVC plastic called Sintra. When it arrived, I excitedly started to cut the plastic. Trial and error proved accurate as I learned the basics of cutting relatively strong plastic with a kitchen knife. It took a while, but eventually all the pieces were cut out, then sanded for a nicer finish. (And to give the paint something to cling to!) My favorite part of the basics was forming. At first, I was nervous about the prospect of shaping the plastic with a heat gun. Would it work? I ended up using a hair dryer to heat the plastic. And. . . It worked like a dream! The plastic molded easily, and because I was treating it like it was the last plastic on earth, it didn’t snap. Forming complete, I left the armor awhile due to the lack of references for the paint job. Season 4 doesn’t even air until October, so I had only two seconds of references — one scene from the only trailer. Then, to my delight, the second trailer was released not too long ago, and I began digging through it for any shots of Sabine’s new look. I was able to find 10 new pictures from it, none of which were very good shots. I did get enough of an idea from it to get a basic idea of the armor, so don’t blame me for any non screen accurate details! I currently have the right chest plate, the two collar plates, and the chest diamond finished painted, I’ll post them sometime soon. For now, I’m looking for a PVC elbow joint for the shoulder, looking for more shots of the knee and shin plates, and searching around for ideas for the soft parts. Well, I’ll have more on the armor tomorrow, for now, Kitten out!

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