Sabine Cosplay, Part 2

Aaand HAI! Kitten here, back with the next recap! So my next step in making the plates is to shape it. I was nervous about this at first, there’s so many things that could go wrong! I’ve read that the plastic could burn, misform, or even – crack! – SNAP! EEK! I also had  few doubts about using a heat gun. That thing could seriously burn me! As I soon discovered; however, I had no need to worry. The heat gun was. . . you guessed it . . . broken. So no issues with the heat gun at least. Instead, I turned to the trusty hairdryer on high-heat. IT WORKED! Shaping is fun! The elbows and collar plates are the simplest part, minimal shaping is needed. The hardest two are the chest and shin plates I think,  with the shin coming on top. I had to heat, curve, heat, and curve again this plate SO many times it’s not even funny! So have patience, it will eventually come out! The plates are now cut, sanded, shaped, and ready for primer. Tomorrow: Helmet deals!

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