Sabine Cosplay, Part 4

Su’cuy burc’yase! (Hi friends!) Sorry for the disappear, was working on an essay. At any rate, today I’ll describe the process of the basic painting of my Sabine Wren cosplay armor! First off, the pieces are sanded to remove the glossy finish that Sintra/Celtec naturally has. (When I say Sintra, I mean both it and Celtec, I’m just used to referring to it as Sintra in material now.) Then, I applied a black primer; I read on the Mercs site that a white primer takes away from the metallic paints. I also found that at some point, I’d LOVE to do a shiny (non-weathered) kit of black armor! (It’s so sleek – it almost reminds me of a black snake, but that’s off the point. . .) Anyways, next up is the shiny coat of silver. It took 2-3 coats to get all of the pieces completely covered. Now each piece is ready for it’s unique colors! Next: Focus on the collar plates!


Black primer – keeps the metallics shiny!


Metallic coat!

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