Week One Of INKTOBER!!!

So after one week of Inktober, I am very pleased with ink drawing. I very much enjoy the clean, crisp lines that separate pencil sketches from ink. I used fine-tip and ultra-fine-tip sharpies along with a normal black pen, and did a preliminary pencil sketch to capture the concept. I’m proud of this week’s work, and look forward to Sunday’s post!

Inktober #1: SwiftSwift So I immediately think of a bird. I mean, who doesn’t? So then the idea of a diving Peregrine Falcon darts into my mind, but it just didn’t seem like me. So to start off Inktober, why not draw the very character who inspired me to draw more frequently? So I have Sabine Wren, slipping amongst the wind and cloud in glorious free flight.

Inktober #2: Divided

DividedDivided brought many ideas to mind. Almost everything I read or watch something, there is always a division between two of the characters. Even though there were so many licensed drawing I could have done, I chose one from my own mind. I’m not quite sure what it is about, or who these two are, but I do know that they are against each other. These are two enemies forced together. Their lives depend on one another; however, they dare not venture closer than a dividing wall. . . Lest one should destroy the other. . .

Inktober #3: Poison


As soon as I read the word, the description of the Queen Of the Underworld from the Chronicles of Narnia came to mind. In “The Silver Chair,” she is first known as the Lady Of the Green Kirtle. Her dress is described as “green as poison,” and I thought it’d be perfect to draw her, as “The Silver Chair” has always been my favorite of the Narnia books.

Inktober #4: Underwater

UnderwaterA graceful mermaid was my first thought when I read the prompt for today. I had done a similar sketch in pencil from the same subject, and decided to see if I could recreate it with ink. I did, and most everyone says it is their favorite out of this week’s. I’m proud of it.

Inktober #5: Long

Long‘The shadows stretch long in the evenings. . .’ A young maiden holds out her arm for the return of her bird. . . The sunset elongates her shadow far behind her back. Just a random idea that popped into my head.

Inktober #6: Sword

SwordI’m not that happy with this one. My friend had to ask what it was. . . Oh well. It’s a sword rather like the Darksaber in shape; obviously left in the wild for years. . . Moss and vines overtake it, and the split in the trees admits a single beam of light to reveal one last hope for the sword’s rescue. . .

Inktober #7: Shy

Shy‘Her shy, small face peered over the edge of the blanket, silently pleading for help.’ This is based off of a manner my furbaby has; she will rear up against a chair and just stare at me. This was my first time drawing a successful cat in ink, and I especially enjoy the way her tail and paw came out. They look nice and fluffy. . .

Anyway, this is my first week’s post of my Inktober drawings. Because y’all were patient, here’s two of my practice sketches. . . I hope you like, please tell me what you think! Kitten out!1010171900b



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