Ten Signs You May Be a Super-Fan

Or maybe just the possessor of your very own fandom. . .

1. Do you know all the character’s last names?

~ And if they don’t have a last name, did you make one up for them?

~ And if they are only known by their last name, did you make up a first name for them?

2. Do you have nicknames for the characters?

~ Mango is totally canon name for Sabine.

3. Did you cry when the season finale aired?

~ Because you’d be a whole year older before the next season came out.

~ Or you didn’t realize that the episode was the SERIES FINALE!!!

4. Have you seen every episode on it’s premiere night?

~ Or only the craziest, most insane of reasons kept you from it?

5. Do you randomly quote an obscure quote line in public and then everyone stares at you like you are crazy and you have to explain?

~ And then they pretend to understand and walk away nodding with a confused and somewhat disgusted expression.

6. Do you bust out laughing when someone unknowingly quotes a character?

~ Like your teacher? Or your boss?

7. Would you eat the same things the characters eat in the show?

~ Yes, that thing.

8. Do you just want to hug all of them?

~ Even the big smelly one?

9. Is the villain really evil? Or just misunderstood and underappreciated?

~ Kylo is sweet, he is just mislead.

~ He had glasses when he was small. (Totally canon. . .)

10. Do you name and create stories about the obscure workmen/minions?

~ Raise your hand if you know who TR-8R REALLY is!


I thought this might be fun. . . So apparently I am a super-fan of Rebels. . . Tell me what you think! Or if you just feel like Zeb. . .

Zeb snore

Er, hopefully you didn’t fall asleep. . .

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