You would not believe your eyes — if Kitten posted more fireflies art. Oh well, here it is. This is my Lego Star Wars OC, Jada Kantir. Jada FirefliesI’ve had her for ages it seems like; I even made her on the LSW: Clone Wars game. . . After many variations and reiterations, I present Jada. She is bouncy, bubbly, and utterly ridiculous. A Jedi must have patience? Nobody told Jada that. Her random, unpredictable nature gives her an extreme advantage on the battlefield; if you expect a Jedi to charge you with a lightsaber, don’t fight Jada. She’ll come at you screaming in mando’a, lightsaber raised high. . . Then backflips about and runs circles around you, singing pretty much whatever comes to mind, usually something about a firefly. She’s crazy, but effective. She also is an artist, but her work generally tends to feature splats of paint with a few designs sketched on top. She and Sabine are good friends, they have a blast teasing Ezra when Jada visits the Ghost. She’ll also train with them at times. Anyways. . . (I rambled. How surprising. . .) this was done on GIMP; worked from an original ink sketch. It’s not perfect (there’s a few places I missed coloring) but it was fun and that’s really the only reason I drew it. For fun.

Star Wars Rebels fanart by Kitten. No stealing! Star Wars belongs to Disney, not me.

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