A Felted Sabine

So I figured I should show y’all some more of my work, besides the drawing stuff. So here’s one of my recent-ish creations, a needle felted Sabine from Star Wars Rebels! She’s fully posable (because — fun!) and her blasters are removable. . . She’s probably one of my favorite of my felted pieces, next to my Ghost crew collection figures. So I actually felted each armor plate separately out of silver wool, ‘painted’ it with shiny rovings, and then felted it to her (much more permanent than my own armor’s use of Velcro!). Her hair was super fun, I’d never done an ombre look with felt before. I ended up using bamboo top for her unique style, as it is shiny and took my method of dye well. Heh, it looks good, but I just used a sharpie for it. . . maybe dying my wig will be just as easy! (Ak, probably not. . . ) Anyway, if you like her, she’s currently for sale in my Etsy shop, you can find her here. While you’re there, make sure to check out the rest – I’m a random crafter, there are some pretty unique things there! I’ll see y’all around, Kitten out!


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