Inktober Week Three!!!

Hiya everybody! Kitten here, with week three of Inktober! Let’s get right to this week’s art, all featuring Star Wars Rebels; as the final season premiered last Monday!I used fine and ultra-fine tip sharpies over a pencil sketch for each of these. Enjoy!

Inktober #17: GracefulGracefulOf course, when is the warm and skilled pilot of the Ghost crew, Hera, not graceful?

Inktober #18: Filthy

FilthyHehe, everyone’s favorite two Jedi and Mandalorians apparently discovered a mud puddle. . . which then became a reincarnation of the Jedi/Mando war. . .

Inktober #19: Cloud

CloudI can totally see Ezra taking time out to just stare at the clouds for hours on end. . .

Inktober #20: Deep

DeepA rare underwater mission (Sabine stays in her room; no water for Mango!) leaves the Ghost drifting in the waves, while deep below, her crew dives for their objective.

Inktober #21: Furious

FuriousOkay, this one was inspired by the season four poster; it’s still my own though! Ezra Bridger: Guardian of Lothal. . . Hehe, has a nice ring. . .

Inktober #22: Trail

TrailSabine trudges through the snow, light snowflakes drifting softly about her head. Krownest isn’t the coldest planet she’s been to; a light jacket sufficed for warmth. Nothing could keep her from exploring the trails surrounding her old home. . .

Well, that’s this week’s sketches, I’m looking forward to next week! Kitten out!

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