The Legend of the Tracyn’senar

GiganticSo this is a short story I wrote awhile back about a younger Sabine, her brother Tristan, and their father, Alrich having a ‘story time.’ Mando’a translations are at the bottom of the story.

The Legend Of the Tracyn’senar

A Star Wars story

“Sabine!” a voice calls. Four-year-old Sabine Wren drops her crayon and runs to her father.

“Are you ready, my daughter?”

She nods vigorously, excited for the story that he has promised to tell her. Alrich Wren sits down and gently seats the small child in his lap. She listens eagerly as he begins to relate the legend of the Tracyn’senaar, “Long ago, before the Jetiise and Darjetiise ever terrorized the galaxy, there was a great creature that flew over Manda’yaim’s lands. He bore the shape of a gigantic firefly, and carried the power to destroy mountains. He was called the Tracyn’senaar, and had wings of bes’kad, sharper than any other. His body was of Mando iron, impenetrable by even the Jetiise sabers, and his belly glowed with a beam brighter than the stars shining above in the skies.”

“Did he fight the Mando’ade?” Sabine asks, looking up at her father, her eyes sparkling.

“He did, Sab’ika. One day, during a terrible storm, he landed at his home in the highest mountain and found the Mando hunters there. They were seeking shelter from the storm. He thundered for them to leave, but the Mando’ade stubbornly refused! They would not leave the cave, they said, for they would topple over the side of the mountain in a heartbeat, such was the storm!”

She gasps and presses him on. He lightly ruffles her hair and continues, “The Tracyn’senaar was very angry! He refused to let the Mando’ade stay in his cave. The storm crashed outside, and within, the Mando’ade were ready to fight for their shelter. The Tracyn’senaar stood firm, his deathly wings poised to end the life of any Mando who dared cross him. Suddenly, one charges him! The brave warrior receives a stunning blow to the chest, but his well wrought armor holds firm. He charges again, but the Tracyn’senaar knocks him back. One by one, the Mando’ade try to fight the Tracyn’senaar, but one by one, they fall back.”

Sabine bounces with excitement.

“The Tracyn’senaar must be a terrible warrior!” she squeaks. Her brother appears at the door. She notices him and pats the seat beside her.

“Come and hear, Trist! Come! Papa’s telling me ’bout the Tracyn’senaar!”

Tristan shrugs and comes to sit next to his little sister. Alrich waits until they are quiet before he continues.

“The Mando’ade continue to fail. As they fight alone, one brave warrior from our own Wren realizes that to defeat the Tracyn’senar, they must fight together! He calls out to the others, telling them to stand together, to fight as one! Three warriors listen at once, calling for the other Mando’ade to hear him. They form a line of impenetrable force and manage to break away the wings of the beast! They then are able to shove him over the side of the mountain, watching as his glowing belly lights his fall. He cries out, cursing the wisdom of the brave warrior as he falls to his doom. The Mando’ade stay in the shelter of the cave until the storm allows them to climb down. They return home to their families, the brave warrior and the three who listened to him bringing the wings of the Tracyn’senar as prizes. They forge these raw blades into bes’kade of their own, and pass them down through the generations.”

Sabine claps happily. “I’ve seen our Tracyn’senar bes’kad! It’s in the weapon hall!”

Alrich smiles warmly.

“Indeed it is, Sab’ika.”

Tristan scoffs.

“That’s a baby story. They must have been poor warriors to have to rely on so many Mando’ade to defeat it.”

Before Alrich could answer, Sabine piped up.

“No no no! Mando is about family! Aliit ori’shya tal’din, remember? They were family then!”

Their father nods.

“You are very right, Sab’ika. Also, Vi cuyir solus tome. They fought as one.”

Tristan sighs.

“I still think it’s a baby story.”

Alrich stands, shifting Sabine onto his shoulders.

“Well, why don’t we rid ourselves of baby things then, ad’ika? Shall we have a sparring practice?”

Tristan’s small face lights up in joy as he grabs his father’s hand, practically dragging him to the sparring room. Sabine smiles down at her brother and father from her high perch. Right now, no thoughts about the future cross her mind as she flaps her arms; crying that she’s a real flying wren. It was almost funny, now 17-year-old Sabine thinks as she lovingly recalls the memory. She was so young; the galaxy limited to her small planet. Sometimes, in the midst of this war, she wishes that things could be that simple again. But once glance about her; at the bright art that covers her walls; the sounds of Ezra and Zeb squabbling in the next room; the familiar smell of paint and caf about her, she realizes that she wouldn’t trade the life she lives now for anything.

Mando’a Terms:

Tracyn’senar: Firefly (trah-SHEEN-sen-AAR)

Jettise: Jedi (JAY-tee-see)

Darjetiise: Sith (dar-JAY-tee-see)

Bes’kad: A slightly curved saber of Mandalorian Iron (BESS-kahd)

Mando’ade: Plural of Mandalorian (Mando-AH-day)

Mando: Adjective describing a Mandalorian (MAHN-do)

Ad’ika: Common endearment; means little one (ah-DEE-kah)

Sab’ika: A nickname for Sabine; means ‘little Sabine’ (Sab-EE-kah)

Vic cuyir solus tome: We are one together.

Aliit ori’shya tal’din: Family is more than blood.



  1. Shay · October 27, 2017

    Aw, this is such a cute story!! I love it!! 🙂 ❤


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