Sabine Cosplay Part 6 — Interlude

Oi, I feel terrible — I still haven’t updated my Inktober stuff. . . It’s been extremely busy and a little bumpy the last weeks, so I haven’t had time much to work. I’m sorry. Ai, I also am too excited to see my rebel friends back — Star Wars Rebels season four is well underway, and we’re almost to the mid-season finale! (AK I can’t wait for next year now!) Well, while I do not have any armor updates for all of you, I have plenty more references as Sabine has debuted her new (and AK! final) look! So her hair is longer, her pants match her shirt, and what armor I have painted with the little reference I had at the time is almost entirely accurate. Here’s the references I started with. . .


As you can see, it’s not much. This is what I had when I shaped my plates. Then, the second trailer debuted and (ai, how I love procrastinating until I’m given better images!) I discovered two or three of these. . .


I love it when a unintentional plan goes perfectly, don’t you? Hehe, well, I used these to paint what I have of my armor — chest, shoulders, and elbows. I was nervous to start the lower armor until I had more details; all I had was a few fuzzy and dim shots hinting at purple. Well, now I know, they’re mainly just weathered purple with one large orange stripe down the right knee and transferring a tiny bit down the shin. These are the images I have collected recently, and I’m adding to them almost daily.


As I’ve noticed since her new look debuted, Sab has decided to go easy on her loyal fans and wear a matching flight suit. Heh, sounds a bit out-of-line for my *Mango to wear matching anything, but I’m glad. It’ll save time when shopping for my soft goods. While on the subject of the materials of the cosplay besides the armor, I’ll discuss the hair. Obviously, I don’t have my hair dyed purple and navy — so I’m forced to wear a wig to complete the picture. I’ve been looking about, and I think I’ll go with a short navy wig that already has the right-side length, and trim it to look right. Then, I’ll get to do the very easy (yeah, I’m being sarcastic!) task of dying the tips a lighter purple (yay for Kitten, another profession to add to her list — hairdressing! Er, wigdressing, but eh). Hopefully I can get a wig for cheap that’s a reasonable quality — anything pushing $13 is looking pretty daunting for a self-funded teen cosplayer! At any rate, I’m hoping to make the holsters/belt myself — mah local craft store carries leather scraps for pretty cheap, I got enough for $4 to make several pouches, belts and holsters for a future Mandalorian Mercs hopeful kit, Tracyn’senar’a (which totally doesn’t mean Firefly. . . no, I don’t listen to Owl City, no, never. . . hehe, Britt Nicole, Matthew Parker and Capital Kings are my favs, but Owl City has a spot in my playlists). For boots, I’m attempting (unsuccessfully, as of yet. . .) to find a good deal on any sort of wedge boots, though ukor b’ukor I may have to settle for normal boots. After all, I’m only looking to Verd’ika status. Oh yes, and who could forget WEAPONS? Heh, that’s Sabi’s specialty, how’d I forget that? I have 50 bucks worth of the use of a local 3D printer, so I’m thinking I’ll print the Westar 35’s. I’ll most likely scratch-build a couple detons — hey, why not, this is Sabine! As for the Darksaber, obviously SPOILER she handed it off to Bo Katan, so I’ve got no reason to do it! (Yay for saved money!) Alright, that should be all for now, Kitten out!

*Yes, Mango not Mando! If you can call Ezra Blueberry, I can call Sabi my Mango. Hehe, many times people attribute this to Madam Spellcheck (who is totally my closest friend — not!), but no, this is not an accident, I simply have nicknamed Sabine the Mango.

*Ukor b’ukor: Mando’a; “When push comes to shove” i.e. forced to make a decision.

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