Fan Art Contests Are Good If You Are 18

I love art. I also love entering contests. . . which is a big reason why I LOVE art contests — they give prizes to people for doing what they already love! Soooo, I saw that there’s a fanart contest for The Last Jedi. . . this is my face. . .

Sabine squeeOf course I’m interested!!! ART! Aaaaand then there’s the catch. You must be 18 or older.

Hera say what nowYeah, so I’ll have to wait for the new trilogy before I can enter a fanart contest. . . *sigh* Maybe there’ll be a wrap-up Rebels contest?!?! (B’cuz last time they did one the age minimum was 13 yaaayz except I wasn’t 13 then oh noes. . .)

So if you are OVER 18, and would like to enter, here’s the link for the contest. . . (it’s under the awesome poster. . .)


Star Wars The Last Jedi Fanart Contest

The deadline is this Sunday, so HURRY UP and get it done, otherwaywise you won’t win! (I may or may not know if there is a prize akk. . .) So there’s two things I shall wish you; if you are over 18 good luck and LUCKY YOU! and if you’re like me and just a young hopeful, go do an entry anyway! I mean, why not? You just don’t get a prize oh well. . . it’s worth the time though, right? Anyways, that’s all for now, Kitten out!

(My entry was totally gonna be a Porg. . . no not really but oh well. . .)


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