Hiaaa! Just finished up my very first freehand (no pencil sketch) art project with GIMP — it turned out well enough (I think!) to share! It’s also 12 LAYERS OF ART HOW???AutumnFalls

So I did this with an ordinary computer mouse. It’s really hard to keep your hand steady doing it, but with enough traditional art practice, it gets easier (which is why my #1 wish is for a drawing tablet xP). Hehe, perhaps I did go heavy with the smudge tool. . . close-up, the tree leaves have a really burnished/blurred look to them. Not sure what Sabi’s wearing here, perhaps a sash like a modern-kit mando, and a scarf? I dunno, you decide! Gave her a little felt hat too, with a velvet ribbon (not like you can see it in the art, of course. . . I need to work on texture, eh?) Of course, S4 hair. . . (it’s best!) I’m glad I decided to do the cattails. . . the pond was looking a bit bland before. . . At any rate, that’s what I’ve been working on, digital art wise, for the last week or so!

Star Wars Rebels fanart by Kitten. No stealing, I worked SO HARD ON THIS MY HAND HURTS!!! I don’t own Star Wars, or Rebels, or Sabine. . . *sigh*


  1. Shay · November 22, 2017

    Aww, this is so pretty!! 🙂
    Do you mind if I share to Twitter? I know a lot of people on there who would probably love to see this. 😀 (and I’d most definitely credit you and link back to your site!)

    Liked by 1 person

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