I was not lying when I said that I’m going to drop a whole ton of SnowBean art on you. I have two pages now of pencil sketches yet to be uploaded, two digital arts in the works, and. . .


I can totally see Sab in a tacky sweater. Obviously, cuz I drew it. . . eh.

Star Wars Rebels fanart by Kitten. NUU STEALIN’! I work hard on each arts I do! I don’t own Star Wars, but I do wish I knew who it was that decided tacky sweaters were cool. . .


  1. Shay · December 14, 2017

    So, some friends and I were talking, and one of them is doing a Kanan and Hera wedding fanfiction. That got us off on the topic of what their wedding would actually look like, and another friend reminded us of a little headcannon she saw once that said, “Chopper as the flower-droid at Kanan and Hera’s wedding, rolling down the aisle and singing ‘Here Comes the Bride’, pausing only to aggressively throw petals in peoples’ faces and laugh.”
    All this to say: If you’re ever in need of something to draw Rebels-related, this would be the most awesome thing. 😂

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    • TheFeltedKitten · December 14, 2017

      AK THAT IS THE BEST THING EVER OIMEGOODNESS CHOPPER Aihai, I can so totally see him doing that!!! I just finished up a very rough sketchy of it (it became a short comicy thingie — two pages my goodness. . .) Oi, what would I draw *not* Rebels-related? Hehe, this is so perfect and hilarious, thankies for sharing it! 😉 Would you mind if I posted it?

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      • Shay · December 14, 2017

        No, I wouldn’t mind at all!! I’d love to see it!! XD

        I really wish someone would do a Forces of Destiny-style thing for that!! I can totally imagine the whole thing in my head!! X”D

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      • TheFeltedKitten · December 14, 2017

        Hehe, just gotta take pictures. . . (my camera will hopefully choose to be sensible today!)
        Ai, that’d be perfect — say, we haven’t seen the Rebels guys in that style yet, I wonder if we’ll ever get that — Zeb might be FLUFFY xD

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      • TheFeltedKitten · December 14, 2017

        So I just posted it. . . and somehow along the way it became three pages. . . :T ;P

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