Sabine Cosplay, Part 7


I feel like I haven’t updated this in forever, yet I’ve done more on it than ever. . . but I’m here, back from the cosplaying dead with some progress on Mango Sabine! Commencing photo dump:

Er, a small photo dump, but that’s not the point. As you can see, I’ve got all the plates painted  and weathered now, excepting the shins — they’re now going to be called “shnees” b’cuz I glued the knees to them. I know it’s not accurate, but I honestly just didn’t want to cut down the entire shin b’cuz it was FAR too long. So instead I just stuck the knees on them. The elastic and everything is on them too, they’re actually pretty comfortable!

I’m supposed to be starting work on the flightsuit/shirt-and-pants soon, I’m just a tad bit confused with the pattern and how to adjust it to my size and how in the GALAXY I’m supposed to put in that annoyingly simple-seeming gray stripe! AK! I’ve actually never worked with a pattern for human-sized clothing before, just winged it, so I’m more than a bit bewildered by the entire idea of this multi-sized tan tissue paper that’s supposed to make such a nice shirt for me. Eh. The pants are actually becoming the “easy” part in comparison, even though they still have the gray panel. I think the soft goods are the hardest part.

As for the holsters, gloves and boots, I’m not really focusing on them at the moment. My goal is to have this done by next May for a local cosplay, so I’m not really bothered by those little things right now. I’ll probably wind up with second-hand boots from Ebay, and likely will find gloves there too. I’ll be making the holsters, it doesn’t always match but I can get leather for really cheap locally. Heh, the needle is more expensive than the leather!

The helmet is what I’m looking forward to most. Wearing the armor is one thing, having the helmet is a complete other! I’ll be getting it from Etsy, though I was nervous about paying so much I’ve discovered that the price is completely worth it! It comes with basically everything I need – helmet, rangefinder, visor, padding, and I think the bolts and stuff too. Not sure, but if not I can find them. I’d better go ahead and get another can of yellow paint — my last one had. . . issues. . . to be continued. . .

Another thing that really needs doing (plus I’m rather noticeably lacking) is the completion of my shoulder bells. Heh, right now they’re two gigantic tubes of PVC elbow joint — they weigh a ton! Hopefully I can gain use of supervision and a dremel tool soon to get those done. . .

So about the yellow paint. . . well, I was doing the yellow stripe across the left shin. I had done the purple coat a few days prior so the paint was dry, it was cool but not too cold to work with paint, I’d never had a problem before — but my first major heartbreak in the cosplay business came from that awful yellow paint. I masked off the surrounding area, used toothpaste to do a natural paint chipping, and put down the yellow paint. Usually, the paint makes an odd pattern over the top of the toothpaste, so the weird bubbles didn’t faze me. After returning the next day to wash off the toothpaste, however, I met with tragedy. The toothpaste came straight off — but something remained. All over the piece, wherever I had put yellow paint, the most disgusting, horrifying, nightmare-ish stuff remained. In the terms of the mercs, it’s called “bubbling,” but it looked nothing like bubbles. To me, it looked like a mixture of brains, yarn, worms, and squid. Nasty. I thought (at first) that it was merely a oddly large patch of toothpaste and set to scrubbing it off. Well, that was a bad idear. Every. Last. Coat. Of. Paint. Came. Off. Every last one. The purple, the yellow, the silver, and the black primer. All four wiped right off under the influence of the squidbrain gloop. I almost cried. Eventually, I managed to make myself fix the error by masking off the other areas and putting down purple, but I’m still a bit standoff-ish with that shin. And as if that was bad enough, I had just glued down the elastic to the other shin. Completely forgetting I had only taped the ankle plate to it, I tripped over it as it caught my foot, fell, and cracked the point of the shin off and gave it a nasty crack further up. Great day, eh? Well, it was an easy fix with a handy tube of E 6000, but I learned from it. Fact is, I learned from both incidents, and that’s the only reason I shared them. About the yellow worm-brains, I learned that there’s always something that could happen that I can’t control. Safe to say, I’ve also decided I hate that yellow spray paint. And as for the chipped shin, I think I learned to be patient with it. Of course, I also learned the consequences of my clumsiness, but I didn’t learn how NOT to be clumsy, so. . .

Oh yeah, I’ve been doing plenty mando stuff, even though it doesn’t pertain to Sabine I still had fun with it!

Basically lots of trophies and other stuff for my future kit, but also a practice lightsaber burn on a scrap of sintra. Let’s see, there’s a holster/pouch that goes over my shoulder for the wooden blaster and a rock I’m using for a small flint, and two Iron Heart trophies. The green/yellow/rust one is for my kit character’s adopted sister, Beslaar’iya. It’s the chest diamond from her ceremonial armor, which is why there are the little black designs. The other one I’m still working on, supposedly it’s the diamond from a fellow warrior who was smashed by a Jedi, and the kyber crystal belonged to that Jedi (the crystal is a WIP, it still needs a bit more weathering and needs to lose the silver lobster clasp). The pouch is made from faux suede, so it looks and feels a bit like minky. I’ll be staining it and giving it a little weathering via sandpaper to age it. Well, that’s my cosplay update for the month, Kitten out!

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