I’m bout to leave to go see The Last Jedi!!! AND I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!! I’m officially declaring this place SPOILER FREE until the 31st so others can be here without being spoiled. After that, I will give heavy warnings before listing spoilers. I’ll probably be doing lots of porg and icefoxie! art in the next few days!!! ~ Kitten


  1. Shay · December 19, 2017

    Yay for you!! We’re planning to go see it after Christmas, so I’m counting down the days!! (Only 9 more left, whoopee!!) 😁

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    • TheFeltedKitten · December 20, 2017

      YEEP IT WAS AMAZING!!! I think you’re gonna love it!!! Oiii, the creatures *heart* they’re perfectness and adorable — the whole thing is just SQUEEE perfect! (Aihai, so today makes eight! ONLY A WEEK! xD)

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      • Shay · December 29, 2017

        AAAH I’VE SEEN IT NOW!!!!

        Goodness, I don’t know what to think! I have such conflicting emotions about it all, I just can’t figure it all out!! I think I need to sleep on it tonight, and check out what some others have been thinking before I’m sure I’ll have all kinds of other opinions on it by the time the DVD comes out and I get to see it again.

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      • TheFeltedKitten · December 29, 2017

        IT’S EPIC NO?
        All the little details combined with the story and just everything and it’s so amazing!!! I’ve actually seen it twice now and found new things the second around too! What was your favorite part??? I loved that little bit where Rey was under the Falcon ‘fore she saw Kylo and she’s just grinning for all she is at all the wet around her! Ai, she seems perfectly content with the weather there, I know I would after living on a desert all my life! I really hated her whole parents thing — I may or may not have set my heart on keeping a few of my favorite Jedi around. . . AND THAT KID AT THE END!!! I had to look up his name, he’s Temiri Blagg. Huh. Guess that’ll be Rey’s padawan. . .
        The Fathiers quickly became my favorite creature, even over the icefoxies! (Who were actually rather disappointing. . . I pictured them being larger. . .) Which ones did you like?
        Hehe, I now have many, many, manymanymany theories and all for next movie, but I’m mostly just concerned for Rose (who quickly made her way into my top five SW girls next to Bean and Rey) why in the *galaxy* did they leave her like Finn from TFA??? It’s getting a little redundant. Hehe, like Kylo’s “stabby” at Luke and Rey — the same way he did Han way back when xD OH AND CAN WE PLZ JUST TALK ABOUT LUKE’S SHOULDER BRUSH-OFF OIMEGOODNESS
        He really showed up Kylo there xDxD Poor Ren’s face there, ai, was he *mad* or what??? Hehe, I just loved thing whole thing aiii!!!

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