And all I have to say is yikes that’s a big wolf, Daughter had a convor on her shoulder and Ezra knew it, and KANAN AIII!!! His hair — that’s the only style he’s ever had that I liked and Hera so rudely is a hater. . . but anyway, why are you reading this??? GO WATCH IT!!!

(And then come back. . . I might show you my spotty loth wolf plushie. . . if I remain active, that is. . .)

Also, the episode names and release dates (along with bar none, my favorite SW poster EVER) are available here. (“Wolves and a Door” promises to be interesting. . . I’m just wondering where my Mango is in all this. All I saw of her was her with — wait, with Ezra’s lightsaber. . . hmm, could this possibly mean something bad for Blueberry? I’m so EXCITED Y’ALL!!!)



  1. Shay · January 20, 2018

    EEEEK!!! I know exactly how you’re feeling, I’m so hyped up for the season to start back!!! (though at the same time, I must admit to more than a little bit of fear over where this is all going and how it’s all gonna end…..)
    I actually did not care for Kanan’s new style all that much when I first saw it, but I think I’m warming up to it a bit, as it does make him look so much younger and just more Kanan (lol, the first thing I thought when I saw the season 3 trailer and saw how he had a full beard was “Whoa, he looks so old and grumpy now!!” XD)
    So have you been able to see any of Clone Wars now? I’m wondering what you’re thinking about that mural of the Father, Son, and Daughter on the cave wall, and what connection the convor might have to the Daughter.
    And ahhh, I’m so scared for Kanan!!! I seriously do not want him to die, but it really looks so bad for him!! Notice how he doesn’t seem to be in any other shots outside of the ones where he’s rescuing Hera…. they seriously can’t kill him off in the first couple of episodes we have it back!! X”o

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · January 22, 2018

      Ai, really? I guess we’re opposites then! (OIMEGOODNESS SAME!!! He just looked so *old*!)
      Nope! All I know about those three is that Father is weird, Mother (was?) evil, Son looks like the Grand ‘Quisitor from season one, and Daughter traded lives with Soka. Other than that, I got nuthin. 😀
      But oi, I’m thinking the convor is really something about Soka, since the two are so connected (apparently this was the convor that lead Soki back into Malachor not sure tho). I don’t know much about the *abstract* side of the Force. . . *sigh*
      I know!!! I actually thought I saw him shove the BigLothieWolf’s head back, but the shot was so quick I may have just thought I saw it. (I’m actually working (slowly) on a post on the lothies and Ezra, so perhaps I’ll slow the trailer down enough to see then). That would make zero sense to take him out as soon as it comes back. I’m thinking at LEAST the second week of episodes, but hey, fangirls have been known to extend the life expectancy of their characters. . . heh heh. . . But that bit where he just tosses that other trooper out the window like a boss, ai, that was perfect xD They were in trouble, eh?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · January 22, 2018

        Ok, so you’ve got it pretty close with the Three! The Son was totally aligned with the Dark Side, and the Daughter totally aligned with the Light Side. The Father was the only one who could balance them. (It was all a symbol of the Force essentially.) The “Mother” (who wasn’t even part of the same “kind” as the Three) was only a thing in Legends, and she got *really* weird, so I don’t think she’s Canon anymore…
        I saw that shot too, but I think they just clipped it together to fool us… there’s another cut of the trailer from the Disney XD channel, it’s almost the exact same thing as the first one but without the “flashback” section, but a couple of the shots are extended just a teeny bit. It looks like Kanan was actually Force-throwing Rukh, but they clipped it with the shot of the Loth Wolf throwing back its head.
        I know, I really want him to live all the way through!! But I’m really afraid for him…
        Ahh, I loved it!! And Hera’s little chuckle about them being in danger! I love her so much, I don’t want her to be hurt anymore by having to see her family broken up!! It’s already so sad that Thrawn’s been torturing her, but she’ll probably have to lose Kanan now, and possibly Ezra too… :”'(

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · January 22, 2018

        Yay I did something right! Oi, I don’t like that guy then, if he’s all bad. Wait, so that means that Soki is totally good now, right??? Wow. (Hehe, that sounds familiar. . . ‘it makes no sense let’s make it not canon.’ xD)
        Man! I was hoping that’d be canon. Should’a guessed that. . .
        That’s probably my favorite scene that I’ve seen so far 😀 Although she didn’t look hurt. Huh. That’s good though.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · January 22, 2018

        Well, I wouldn’t say she’s technically “totally good”… she did some things when she was younger, after that happened, that still couldn’t be considered as totally from the Light Side… Essentially all the Daughter did was have Anakin channel the rest of the Life Force out of herself and into Ahsoka (I should probably explain why: the Son was able to find the Dagger of Mortis, which was supposedly the only thing that could kill one of the Three. However, he captured and “took over” Ahsoka, turning her to his side, and used her to steal the dagger and give it back to him. Once he had it, however, he stabbed her with it, then tried to attack the Father. But the Daughter stepped in from of her Father when the Son tried to stab him, taking the blow herself. This injured her greatly, but she still had a bit of life left. She told Anakin to channel the last of her own Life Force into Ahsoka, bringing Ahsoka back to life with no memory of what had happened.)

        Eh, it *might* still be Canon; like they said, if they don’t flat-out say it *isn’t* Canon, then you can believe it is, if you want. The only problem was that the whole thing with Abeloth seemed suuuuper weird to me, and just got a bit outside of the realm of “Star Warsy”, if ya know what I mean.

        Ahhhhh, I knooooow!!!! I just want them all to be ok and get to finish the war and then live together happily as a family, is that so much to ask from Mr. Dave and Co?? Mhhh, I’m so scared for them!! Remember the part in the beginning of the first trailer, where it seems like Ezra’s having a vision and there’s all those voices calling out? You hear Sabine calling Rex’s name really desperately, and now I’m super worried about him too!!! 😥

        Yeah, Hera’s a tough one, the Empire can’t break her that easily. 😀
        I’m just worried about how loosing members of her “family” might impact her…. 😥

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · January 26, 2018

        Man! I was hoping that she’d be a nice Soki now. . . *sigh* Yeah, I watched the scene way back when cuz I was curious but I had literally no context at all. All I knew was that her face looked weird and she was fighting Anakin (who I may or may not have not been spelling correctly. . . thanks for the correct spelling. . .) — basically just lots of action and no reason. Makes more sense now. Thankies. But curious, why does ‘Quisitor look so much like Son? Is there a connection there? ALSO ARE THOSE GUYS HUMAN??? CUZ THEY DON’T REALLY LOOK IT!
        *wide eyes* *backs away* *has literally no knowlege of who Abeloth is* Erh. . . I don’t think I do know. . . :T
        It shouldn’t be. . . ai, I’m just relying on that art rumored to be Sabi’s in Aftermath, but the others — ak! Oh to be a fangirl that can’t help the characters at all. . .
        Oi, I knew that was missing from the season so far (was thinking maybe I missed it)! That bit almost seemed like a compilation of the seasons. . . wasn’t that from Mystery of Chopper Base when Rex was “clone-napped” by CreepySpiders? Er, I’m hoping it is — it’d be better for Rex!
        Oh, gracious, I hadn’t thought about that. . . yeah, looking back at how distant and cold she acted when Kanan was captive. . . I’m suddenly thinking that perhaps losing Hera isn’t the worst thing that could happen to her. . .


    • TheFeltedKitten · January 22, 2018

      YOUR TOOKA KYLO ART — THAT IS SO PRECIOUS!!! It made my day :3 so cute! I draw Sabi as lothie kitty now. . .

      Liked by 1 person

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