Oh, did I mention I had my first snow awhile back? Yup, first snow I’ve ever seen! It was so awesome! Of course, took a few pics with the action figures and such in the snow. . . mild spoilers for TLJ ensue. . .



BB had a great time out there! He’s the Sphero one, so I pushed him around drove him in the snow with the Force Band. I love that thing. He didn’t go very fast though — snow is slippery stuff to a droid with no legs!



I loved letting Rey play in the snow. . . she was probably freezing though! (Thankfully, Kylo lent her his cloak off-camera. Reluctantly.) And look at that gorgeous pine straw!!!



Speak of, here’s Kylo. Grumpy as ever.



Acting out their fight scene from The Force Awakens. Kylo really shouldn’t be watching the camera though.



Fight time! I love how this turned out, just wish that Kylo stood out a bit more.



Now that everybody is done with pictures, time for fun! Well, that is, except for the ever-troublesome Kylo goading Rey into a snowball fight. But eh.

I actually went to get my gloves out of the car and the automatic door barely worked — it was frozen shut! And it lasted for so long, almost a week! My gracious! I loved it all. . . my once-in-a-lifetime snow. . . ;D

(It was an honest excuse not to work on Sabine too. . . however I should be giving y’all an update on her soon as I’ve been busy since then!)


  1. Audrey · January 31, 2018

    That looks fun! 😄 (Even though I don’t like the cold.) I’ve seen snow one time when my family went to California, but it was made by a machine so I don’t count it as “real”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · January 31, 2018

      Hehe, it was! (Oh, goodness, me neither! Summer is SO much better! I just was excited for this foreign white *stuff* in the yard xD)
      That stuff is actually pretty real! It just has bigger crystals. . . and can survive warmer temperatures. . . I actually let Rey stay in a snow-cave all night and she was frozen the next morning. . . fake snow might actually be better for action figures 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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