Sorry. I’m rather excited. Remember all that looonng time ago when I was actually working on a Sabine cosplay? Well, that’s about to make it’s new year debut. CUZ I HAVE GOT ME HELMET NOW!!! Now hopefully I can at least get it painted and all that before the season starts back up. . . that would just be great. But I’m happy as is.

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  1. Shay · February 3, 2018

    Ohh, good for you!!! I can’t wait to see how the whole thing looks once it’s finished!!
    Do you have a particular place or event you’re hoping to wear it to? I’m working on a Loth-wolf-inspired cosplay right now (yes, weird, I know XD), but I don’t know if I’ll have anywhere to wear it once it’s finished. I’ve been looking for Cons and such that are near enough that I could bribe my dad into taking me, but the closest ones are several hours away, so I don’t know if that’ll be happening this time… 😦
    I’m hoping to start work on my TLJ Rey outfit soon, too! Oh, and a dress from a character in The Hobbit.
    As you can tell, I don’t like being without projects to work on. XD

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    • TheFeltedKitten · February 4, 2018

      Eyup! Every year, my local library does a small (miniature, really) con-type thing on the first Saturday of May for Free Comic Book Day, and they do a little cosplay contest. I won with muh Rey last year xD
      THAT IS NOT WEIRD IN THE LEAST IT SOUNDS EPIC!!! I WOULD SO LOVE TO SEE IT!!!! Is it like all fluffy? Eeep, that is like the best idear for a cosplay ever!!! Well, except, maybe, for a loth *cat* ;3
      Yeah. . . small-town charm isn’t all that charming to cosplayers. I’m glad for the library thing, cuz it’s about all I have xD One day, perhaps, I’ll get to join up with the Mercs and then be able to do longer-distance “invasions.” DragonCon is the only con I know of in my state, but I’m not even in that area. *sigh*
      Say, you ever thought about doin’ a mandalorian? It’s really not that expensive. . . if you don’t count the helmet. Plus, it’s really really fun 😀
      I know! It’s just comforting, I guess, when I fail at one thing, to have something else to work on until the dust clears. Like when all the paint bubbled on my shin plate (shnee, technically), I believe I spent the entire rest of the week solely sketching. So crafting happened. . . just not Mando crafting 😛
      Oi, coolness! TLJ Rey’s outfit is just better imo. She looks more like a gray jedi now. . . *stops* *begins to ponder the idea that perhaps Rey will be a gray jedi*
      So you sew the entire dress? Or work from a base?

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      • Shay · February 4, 2018

        I just finalized my sketch of what I want the dress to look like (whew, it took more revisions than I thought it would! It took forever to decide which style bodice I wanted, and then people kept saying it looked too cat-like, so I had to switch some things up.) I’m planning to do the top part fluffy, like with fur fabric, but that stuff is suuuper expensive, so I’m going along slowly to find fabric at the best prices possible. Our local Joann Fabrics store is actually closing down, so we’re keeping an eye on them and we plan to wait until they mark everything down as far as it will go, then we’ll go and buy up stuff for a bunch of projects we’re planning. 😉
        I’m planning to do a series of posts showing the details of how I construct it as I go along, so you’ll get to see it soon! 😀 And I’m also thinking over the idea of getting my baby sister to wear a loth-cat outfit that matches mine; she’s already got the bright blue eyes, sooo… 😉

        I feel ya there. I’d love to go to the next SWCelebration, but it’s not until next year, and they won’t release any info on where or when they’re actually holding it. I’m thinking about asking for a ticket to go as my main birthday present this year, and I think it’s possible that my dad would take me (he’s the one who got me into SW in the first place, after all, and he likes stuff like that a lot more than my mom), but a lot of that still hinges on where they’ll be holding it. I definitely won’t get to go if it’s in London again. 😐

        I have actually thought of doing a Mando, particularly one based on Ursa Wren’s design because I love the dress-like look of her armor. The only thing is, our family has rather strict dress requirements, so I’m not really sure I would be allowed to do a Mando… I have thought about doing a Mandalorian Jedi outfit, kinda like some of the Old Republic/Clone Wars-era Jedi. Almost like Rey’s TLJ outfit, but with some armor pieces shown in too. 😀

        I’m planning to probably sew the whole thing myself. Someone from the company that made the fabric they actually used in her costume for the movie made out a pattern for it, and posted it for free on one of the big cosplay forums. It looks like a pretty simple one to follow, and it has all different sizes already noted out on it, so I’m planning to at least follow that as my base pattern, as other cosplayers have looked over it and said it’s very accurate. 😀

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 6, 2018

        It sounds like it’s gonna be so cute! Akk, I know, that stuff is so expensive (think I paid like $17 last time I got a yard xO) but sooo fluffy and pretty AND TOTALLY WORTH IT! It’s actually pretty cheap off Etsy if you get the EXCACT amount you need and no more. For fabric for my lil plushies and things I’ll spend like nine or ten versus twenty there. Oh no, that’s awful! In the last place I lived, we had one and it was my second home, but all I have now is Hobby Lobby. Not bad, but the fabric selection is a lot more limited here. . . but they did start carrying minky now 😀 (Revisions. . . the bane of an artist’s existence xD Everything is forever changing!)

        Yay! Anything fluffy or lothie is my favorite, so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for dat! Oiii, that would be so cute! None of my sisters like anything SW beyond Phasma (weird, yes, but I did get to make her a Phasma helmet cake :3) so that’s great! I have blue eyes. . . maybe I can try to be the white loth cat. . . maybe after I finish Sabine tho.

        Oimegoodness, that would be like the best brithday present ever!!! I am curious as to why they skipped this year. I mean, it’s not like anything super important was going on around the time when they usually do it. . . (totallynottalkingaboutmahrebels) Hopefully it’s not out-of-country again. . . that way at least the time difference won’t be that bad (three cheers for the livestreams!!!)

        It such pretties 🙂 Always wondered what the material was tho. I’ve seen most cosplayers use leather, but, eh, the cost for dyed leather in that size could be a bit outrageous methinks. You could perhaps do a kama — not sure what the function of one *is* tho. It looks really neat. Plus would be REALLY fun to weather! Oooo, that would be epic (that’s my favorite word btw)! Kinda like Obi’s CW outfit, armor speaking? I believe that had a good bit of armor in it, but me and CW aren’t that well aquainted so I could be wrong xD

        Oki! I’m handstitching my entire Sab flightsuit, so I’ve been curious lately about how everyone’s sewing their cosplays. They actually gave out a pattern??? Ai, that’s so great! Wish the SW guys might do that every once in a blue twin moon. . . *thinking hard about Padme’s wardrobe* Really, someone could cosplay as Padme for a fancy-dress ball or something and look completely in place. . .

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      • Shay · February 8, 2018

        Ok, thanks for the info!! I’ll definitely be checking that out! It’s like $35 a yard here for the really shaggy kind I was hoping to get, which is waaaay over my budget. 😐

        Oh, my younger sister loves Phasma!! She has this whole area of her room devoted to her Phasma stuff, with the novel, and the Black Series figure (she has the POP! figure too, but I think it’s with the rest of our collection). It reminds me of Maul’s little place where he kept all those things connected to Satine and the time when he ruled over Mandalore. Which is… super creepy, when ya think about it….
        That would be awesome if you could do a lothcat!! =D

        I really hope they do it in Orlando again next year!! I have a friend who lives literally half an hour from there (actually it’s Audrey!), and she would probably get to go if it was there again, and maybe you could go too! Orlando isn’t too terribly far from where you are, is it? At least not compared to London or somewhere like that.
        Last year was actually the first year I watched the livestreams, and I’m so glad they do those now!! I actually got to watch the Rebels panel, and the 40th anniversary panel, and the TLJ panel (though I was about half an hour behind for the second part of that one because I had to ride to the home improvement store with my dad in the middle of it.)
        Ya know they used to forbid any kind of recording for the stuff at Celebration?? They wouldn’t even let podcasters record their things there and then post it on the internet several days later.

        Yes, Obi-Wan TCW outfit is actually what I was hoping to base it on, if I ever do it!! And yes again, he did have quite a bit of armor in his “phase one” outfit (TCW is split into two different sections somewhere around the middle, which I called “phase one” and “phase two”. The split it somewhere around the 3rd season or so when all the characters got new outfits (Ahsoka also looks older in the second half of the series). Anakin and Obi-Wan changed from the outfits they were wearing in the Clone Wars movie and the earlier episodes of the show into ones that were pretty much identical to what they’re wearing in Revenge of the Sith.)

        I think the pattern wasn’t technically official or anything, but yep, someone on one of those sites made one out based on all the reference pictures that were released before the movie. I think there are several minor things that have to be changed, just because no one had seen the movie yet and there are always some things that take longer to figure out with those costumes, but for the most part, it’s pretty close. 😀
        Yeah, that would be awesome!! Padme’s dresses are so pretty!! =D

        This is kind of a random question, but do you ever listen to The Afters? I rarely ever do, but I was on the treadmill the other day and some of their music came on, and I heard some songs that remind me so much of the Space Family!!! Mainly “Life is Beautiful”, and also I really love “When You’re With Me” (which honestly reminds me more of Kanan and Hera specifically than it does the Space Family as a whole, but I know you’re not as in to shipping and that stuff. 😉 )

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 8, 2018

        $35??? xO THAT IS INSANITY!!! Ai!
        Ha, must be a lil sis thing then xD Heh, yeah. . . like he just *wanted* to keep his anger up at Obi. . . wow. Maul is ridiculous.
        It’s not *that* far, only about two hours I think. A lot closer than I originally thought, though. For the longest time I though Orlando was like around the Keys, down at the tip. . . no idear why. Helpfully discovered that AFTER celebration last year xD Might have gone, if I’d known that!
        Aihai, I just hate that they won’t show the episodes. I only watched the Rebels one (yes, I’m crazy) and then reviewed the site’s recaps and live-blogs lol.
        Good grief! Strict, eh? Well, I’m glad they let them do it now! It was a podcast/review of the Rebels panel that I watched/listened to find out more (totally not looking for spoilers ;D) bout Heroes of Mandalore
        Ah, oki! Basing all on an “if I do this”. . . why is that so familiar to cosplayers??? 😛 (Hehe, yeah, I vastly prefer Soki’s other outfit lol. Curious though, was there a time split too? Like between seasons? Or just randomly “hey guys, new outfit!”)
        Oi, so a bit like useful concept art xD
        Yep yep yep! Not a *lot* though, but “Broken Halleluiah” and “Every Good Thing” are on the radio pretty often (usually more CCM pop and Christian EDM are muh favs, like Matthew Parker, Britt Nicole, and Capital Kings :D). “Runaway” hit a chord with me tho, and I love it. . . now I’m desperately searching for sheet music. Listened to “Life is Beautful and saw them all 🙂 especially at “a soldier coming home from war.” Hoping that they *all* come home!!! Plus the end of the bridge. . . hard goodbyes. . . sounds like S4 is gonna bring those. . . (plus about the fireworks and Christmas lights is totally Sabine. Headcanon: Sabine does any and all decorating for any and all holidays xD) Aiii, but sometime somebody’s gonna hafta write a song specifically for these guys. . . (A song for Kanan and Hera? “Without You” (for King and Country) reminds me somewhat of them. . . perhaps. . .)

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      • Shay · February 8, 2018

        I KNOW! I knew it’d be expensive, but I was totally not expecting that! I just got an email the other day that they’ve brought the prices even lower now (50% off all fabric), but I think I’m gonna wait a *bit* longer to get it… That stuff doesn’t seem to be the most likely to get sold out really fast, and they had something like two whole new bolts of it when I was there last, so I think I’ll be fine.

        Oh cool! I’m hoping to get to go to a Con in Lexington at the beginning of next month, that’s two hours away from me. Which, I’ve found, is not at all unreasonable for a good Con. A lot of people are perfectly willing to drive 5-8 hours to get to one they really want to go to, and people fly in from all over the world to go to Celebration. I’ve heard that it’s only about 2 or 3 hours to get to Orlando from where I live if you fly, but I’d have to do some research into what plane tickets cost…. maybe I should ask for the Celebration ticket for my bday, then once I have that and know for sure I’m going, I’ll ask for the plane ticket for Christmas! XD

        I honestly have no clue about whether there was a significant time gap when the costumes changed or not… TCW was kinda weird like that anyway, though, because the episodes were actually aired completely out of order, especially for the first couple of seasons. I can understand that they would have to record them all out of order, because you may have 5 episodes scattered around where you need one actor for all of them, and you don’t want to have to keep calling them in over and over for separate recording sessions, but I can’t figure out why in the world they aired them all mixed up like that….

        I heard Runaway, it is good! It reminded me of Ahsoka a bit, like when she left the Jedi Order to “figure things out for herself.” I heard “Find Your Way” recently, and it reminded me of a lot of the pairs of characters where one is waiting for the other to “come back to the Light” in some sense… like Ezra and Kanan, Ahsoka not giving up on Anakin, Luke and Vader, Rey and Kylo, etc.
        YES all those parts reminded me of them so much!!!! I got all these feels because I could see scenes that went with those lines in my head, and I just love this Space Family so much and don’t want anything bad to happen to them!!! (Ah, and that’s an excellent headcanon!! Like Life Day!! XD)
        uuhhhh….nooo….. you just killed me!!! I listened to “Without You” by FK&C, and now I’m dying!!! Nooo, it can’t go that direction for them, Kanan has to live and they will all stay together and it will be fine and they will all be one big happy family, just like how it always goes for the Freemakers!!!! :””(

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 8, 2018

        HALF OFF ALL THE FABRIC SOMEBODY HELP MEEEE!!! But still. It’s crazy expensive. How long is the pile you’re lookin’ for? And how much fabric? I could do a quick sweep and see if I couldn’t find a good price on it on Etsy and give ya the link. . . Hehe, yeah, only seriously serious people get that kind of material xD Cuz only serious people can deal with all the FLUFF it sheds. . .

        FUN!!! Is it like a SW specific? Or a general type? Heh, I could never drive 5 hours. . . 2 is enough (except for flight — never flown before!!!) I’ll stick with livestreams and local cons xD LOL YUS! Get the SW tickets first — then, if transportation goes wrong at least you got them! xP
        Huh. Guess in charge of planning Yoda was. . . and Hera must have been in charge of Rebels. . . XD That’s crazy! I mean, sure, the actors have busy lives (and I get that) but really, why not just save the episodes for when the timeline is right?

        Oi, yeah, that does make sense there! I remember (with my limited sense of CW knowledge) applying CW characters to the songs from “The Generous Mr. Lovewell” album from Mercy Me a few years back. . . it was comically inaccurate becuase I didn’t know the characters that well but still. . . it’s just fun to see the meanings both for my life AND for my favorite character’s life. . . AH! My goodness, yes, yes yes yes, that is perfect for Rey and Kylo!!! She’s so obviously still intent on turning him but he’s so stubborn but she is too and aiiii those lyrics — why, WHY is it so crazy being a fangirl???
        Oooops. . . yeah, that is pretty bad, actually. . . yeah, how come the Freemakers get all the fluff? Gettin’ a little tired of angst here!
        Speaking of FK&C (gonna abbreviate now, thanks for that, a finger-saver xD), “Fine Fine Life” is another good one. “I fell asleep in a casino // you should have seen her face” is totally Hera ranting about any of them being like at Old Jho’s or somethin’ xD (And then about the “movie that was never made” — “Bridger: A Star Wars Story” XD) And then “Long Live” is almost like a theme for Sab and Ezra — well, mostly. As the youngest two, that is. Especially for Ezra. And then “Crave,” and “Run Wild,” and — y’know what? Just all their songs. Actually got to see them live (and meet them! =D) and that’s probably when I decided they’re one of my favorites for life. And then I just love “Ceasefire” as a song. Just beautiful, and the lyrics, and the delicate but heaviness of the music itself. . . it’s a true work of art.
        Erh, a bit hesitant to mention this, but have you seen the three new audio cues that were released on the Kiner Brothers music site for the Rebels finale? They’re kinda, well, spoiler-y. . .

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      • Shay · February 9, 2018

        Hm, I’m not sure how long it is exactly, probably at least an inch… yes, I know that’s gonna be a nightmare of shedding and fuzz, but I’m not using it on the whole dress, so it *should* be fine… and besides, I’m a cosplayer. We’re not known for making clothes that are “practical”. XD
        I think I’ll need about a yard of it in all…

        It’s just a general Comic Con, but they’re going to have a bunch of SW guests (the actors who play the Emporer and Lando will be there, as well as a bunch of smaller roles from ROTJ, like Oola and the rancor guard, and they’re also going to have the puppeteer who does BB-8. Oh yeah, and Tom Kane from TCW! He did Yoda and the announcer at the beginning of all the episodes.)

        Ahh, I KNOW!! I mean, I love the Freemakers so much and they totally deserve to be happy and stay together, please don’t take me wrong there!! But… there are other Space Families that deserve that too!!!
        I actually just finished recording a podcast with a guest who is also a huge Rebels fan, she actually writes a lot of fanfiction for them, and we were talking about how it all might end and how we need everyone to survive….
        Ug, fangirls have it way harder than anyone realizes, ya know?? All this emotional weight, having to deal with all this angst all the time….
        Yes, FK&C actually have a lot of songs that fit well for SW things!! “To The Dreamers” is the PERFECT theme song for Rogue One, and actually Rebels now too!! I love how well it fits, I want to make a fanvid tribute-thing for it for R1 and SWR. =D
        Oh, and “Ceasefire” reminds me of Zeb and Kallus in The Honorable Ones!! And all the others who have joined the Rebel cause over the course of the show, too, but especially them! =D
        (That’s so cool that you got to meet them!! =D)

        Ohhh… yes, I did hear about that…. I’ve been avoiding that site and anywhere that could have a screen-shot of it like my life depends on it, though!! It would be horrible to get a big spoiler at this point!! 😐 Did you see them?

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 13, 2018

        Oki! I was actually in Joann this weekend (YAY) and I believe I found that same one you’re talkin’ about. . . and it’s $34.99 there too. Madness. Anywho, I also found something else. What direction are you looking at for the nap? I found a four inch wide by four foot long roll of white fur there that’s almost the same length. It’s $6.99, so a MUCH better price xD The nap runs down, like since it’s a bit like ribbon it faces the cut side. Hopefully that’s understandable. . . here’s the link.
        Practical? Not a single thing, my friend. Not a single practical thing in any cosplay ever. Especially not Rebels xD

        AKK SO MANY SW PEOPLE!!! AI! I’ve always been curious bout Oola. . . especially about how long she had been there before her heritage kicked in and she rebeled. . .

        Yeah, they’re all so sweet. Especially Roger (who I have forgotten the droid lettering for. . .) but really. Space Family #1 needs help too, y’all!

        They must all survive. It is nesessary for the well-being of the fans. I just wish that we could get a little more of both series now! Since Rebels will start back IN SEVEN DAYS AIIKKK TIME CAN FLYYYY I FORGOT and Freemakers is off-air (can’t remember, did they officially conclude it?), I’m wondering what we get in between. I mean, after Solo is done, we have (as far as I know. . .) no more SW for the rest of the year. No Celebration, no year-end movie (which has become tradition after three years), and no animated series to start back. Ah well, sounds like 2019 will be a pretty big one tho!

        I love love love that one. . . (seriously, sheet music! Please people get me some sheet music!!!) I almost want to say it fits for Rebels right now, with the “keep on charging ahead” bit. Cuz, eh, I don’t think Jyn & Co. are charging against many Imps now. . .

        Here’s another that seems a bit of Hera, “Never Giving Up On You” by Matthew Parker. She hasn’t given up on any of her crew, even though they all have problems and issues, she’s always there for them and helping them (plus, I have to sneak it in somewhere XP one of muh fav songs).

        Really? I hadn’t thought of that! Yeah, it does fit there! Oh, and on that note, I was curious, how did you interpret that bit of the latest Rebels trailer where Ryder had Pryce with the Rebels? She didn’t look that upset. . . perhaps another defector?

        Heh heh heh. . . yeah, I’ve seen ’em. One was a pretty generic one (unless I’ve missed other spoilers), one kinda was plot-defining (and somewhat hinted at something. . .) and the last one could be one of the biggest and most terrible spoiler-y spoiler EVER. So yeah, if you don’t want any spoilers, AVOID THEM!!! But after that, the music is really pretty. Especially the second one. . . but I could biased. . . or could I. . . ;D

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 13, 2018

        Oh, hehe, another SpaceFamily song I meant to mention. . . this one is mostly Sabine to me, but I can see basically all of them in the postition. But heh, mostly Bean, because, hey, she HAS armor. . . “Heart of Stone,” Britt Nicole. “Afraid that my heart might get broken again” is quite Sabine-ish. Who knows what it was that happened to her at the Academy (we know only that she designed weapons, and that she had bad experiences with water) but it must have been pretty bad. I’m sure it was a long time before she trusted the crew enough to remove that armor. Heh, now I’m off on a tangent bout how that trust might have become strained again when Ezra joined. . . new person, new responsiblities (you have to keep your new sibling safe, right?) and so on. Who knows, maybe that trust strain was part of her attitude in “Out of Darkness!”

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      • Shay · February 13, 2018

        I’m thinking the nap should go up and down, if that makes sense… (I’m not very well-versed in the techniques and details of the faux fur realm, which is probably yet another reason that I shouldn’t be attempting this costume, but eh. Something like complete ignorance has never stopped me before!! XD)

        I’m not sure if Freemaker has been *officially* cancelled for good yet, I know there are a ton of fans who would absolutely love for them to make another season set during the early New Republic era (including myself; just think how amazing that wold be!!!), but nothing has come out about it yet as far as I know.
        I knooow, after Solo, I’m afraid this year is gonna be really slow on the Star Warsiness… which, come to think of it, may actually be a good thing, as it seems that there will be a massive load of SW coming in the next couple of years, so a short break from it could make us that much hungrier for more by the time it does come back. Doesn’t mean it’s gonna make it any easier to go through this Christmas without a new SW movie, though… 😦

        Oh yeah, I think that one can definitely fit for the Ghost crew/Lothal Rebels too!! I really wish someone would make them a tribute video from that song, I really can’t believe that no one else has stumbled across how perfectly it fits the Rebellion yet!!

        I just listened to that one, and yeah, it could fit Hera and her Space Kids!! =D But it also made me need an Ezra-Hera hug even more. I neeeeed it!!! Do you hear me, Mr. Dave?!!! I NEED that Space Mom-Blueberry hug to happen before the end of this series!!!!!

        I’ve been wondering about that… she’s obviously in binders, and someone, Ryder I think, has a blaster held to her back, but you’re right that she doesn’t seem to be too upset in that moment. I’m pretty sure they’ve captured her, but I’m almost wondering if it was all a set up on her end as a way to secretly help the Rebellion. Not because she believes in their cause now or anything like that, but to bring Thrawn down. Because you know she can’t be happy at him at this point. She had thought all along that she brought him in to help her, but now he’s taken the whole thing over himself, and has more-or-less told her that she’s no good at her job and needs to be replaced. And if you know anything about Pryce’s backstory and everything she went through to become the governor of Lothal, you know she is not letting go of it without a MAJOR fight. But the Rebels still better watch out, because if I’m right with this theory, then the moment she takes out Thrawn she’ll stab them in the backs, too, and it’ll all be over with.

        Oooo-kay, thanks so much for the info!! I’ll definitely be avoiding those as much as possible!!

        That song actually does fit Sabine really well!! Tbh, it sounds kinda weird to me, as I don’t typically listen to that sort of music, but the words (the ones I could understand, at least, lol!) do fit her very well! 😀

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 13, 2018

        Ah, that makes sense. That one is side-to-side then. The other thing is this Etsy shop, they’ll frequently have really high-quality remnants of faux fur for dirt cheap. See, she does blankets and pillows almost exclusively, so there’s not itty bitty scraps, just long pieces that can be resold. This links to a listing from her, but you can still get to the shop from there.
        (Also, something you might find helpful, never EVER cut the pile when you cut the fabric. Ever. If you do, when sewing, there won’t be anything to cover the seam and it just looks scrappy. Heh, it took me a LONG time to discover this. . .

        MEEE TOOO!!! That’d be great to see that, an almost-canon idea of how they set up another government. Plus, hey, more Hera xD

        Meep. Yeah, maybe not having so much this year will be helpful. . . get ready for all this craziness next year. I’m wondering if it’s all going to be okay to watch tho. . . some of the stuff even in Rebels wouldn’t be that, er, yaaay in a live-action. . . *pointedly stares at Rise of the Old Masters* (btw, Old Masters and Path of the Jedi were removed from the season on the Disney site. Got a kick outta that xD) Aii, not having a SW to go see for Christmas is so 2014!!

        I’LL SECOND THAT! Also, maybe y’all add in something like from the end of Twin Suns, except let Sab in on the Space Family group hug!

        That and the wolf are probably what I remember most from the trailer (besides Kanan’s hair ;D). And you have SO got a point there! Yus, I’ve heard about that some, but I probably could stand to read Thrawn and find out the rest. Oh boy then, they’d better watch out. . .

        OIMEGOODNESS I JUST THOUGHT remember her scrap with Sab back in Extraction??? What if this is round two of that? What if. . . this is where. . . can’t say it. . . won’t say it. . . Beanie. . . 😥

        I’m really thinking you’ve got a seriously good plotline here. If they don’t go this way with it, I might just adopt it for an AU if ya don’t mind. . . she really seems like that type (lol, I can’t even pronunce her name tho. Neither her’s nor Holdo’s).

        But of course! (Heh, I discovered my hatred of spoilers in early December, when my brother found an article containing info on Rey’s parents. Looking back, I probably would have read it if I’d known what a letdown it would be. . .)

        Hehe, me neither. It’s not usually her style but it was in there. Honestly, I think that album was really just her trying out some new stuff. That’s. . . hip hop. . . right? Idk. :T Sabi needed her own song. . . actually, now I have something to do. Find a song for Chopper XD (LOL YUS! That’s probably my only excuse for not liking artists like KB and other rappers. . . can’t understand not a word they say XD)

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      • Shay · February 5, 2018


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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 6, 2018

        WOOT! I just saw it, and the bigger one too! Maybe even this Rebels gal is a bit excited. . . just a BIT though. . . (totally hoping for all the Rebels cameos xD)

        Liked by 1 person

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