‘Lil update on Sabine. . . as I have said, my helmet is in. Absolutely gorgeous bucket. I’ve gotten the primer and silver coat on it now, and am now waiting on a non-humid day to do some more painting. In the meantime, I’m hunting down some steel wool to buff the rangefinder stalk with, as it’s a aluminum cold cast that will have a metal effect. . .

Also, a quick story about spray paints.

Make sure that you follow all of the recommended instructions and guidelines. Otherwaywise, you’ll find heartbreak. I met this first with the terrible incident of the yellow spray paint, which I. . . well. . . I’m, eh, not sure what went wrong there. All I’ve got is that the different paint brands reacted wrong, which did not happen anywhere else. Just recently, I discovered that your surface should be sanded VERY WELL. My rangefinder was very smooth when I received it, and I decided to sand it quickly. As I soon discovered, it did not get sanded enough. The paint LITERALLY slid off the surface. It was so fascinating it was creepy. Also, make sure your paints are not very old, and that you have a decent amount of paint in the can. The silver I have been using for all my kit so far is quite old (the can is somewhat rusty and the lid doesn’t go on — maybe that was part of the problem) and it gave out when I went to do the metal coat for the helmet. So first, the nozzle was blocked. After I cleaned it, the paint itself came out in a very rough, splattery kind of manner, something unacceptable for a canon mando. To add insult to injury, it reacted badly with the later coat of gray I used on Sab’s paint gun. So, moral: silver spray paint is very bad. Hah, no, not really. OLD silver spray paint is bad. There we go.

I got a Krylon (the color is Aluminum) can that’s both more metal-y looking, and works better with the rest of my paints. I’m actually using mostly Krylon for her, barring the Rust-oleum purple. Other than that, they’re all the same brand so I can’t blame chemical mixups for any more fails.

Hopefully, I’ll remember to update this (and take enough pictures to!) pretty soon, likely after I get another base coat onto this helmet. Well, that’s all for now, Kitten out!


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  2. Audrey · February 15, 2018

    I can’t wait to see it! All of that sounds really hard and complicated. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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