1. Audrey · March 3, 2018

    Thanks 😸! I never thought about wanting to talk to Thrawn, that would actually be really facintaing, ya know as long you’re sure you’re safe, like you said.

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  2. Audrey · February 27, 2018

    Here are the questions:
    1. Who is your favorite character and why?
    2. If you could meet three of the characters, who would you choose?
    3. What are some of your favorite episodes?
    4. What is your favorite creature?
    5. Why do you love Rebels?
    6. What will you miss the most?
    Thanks so much Kitten! 😄 And you don’t have to answer them right away if you’re busy.

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    • TheFeltedKitten · February 28, 2018

      Here we are! Thank you so so so much for letting me do this! And hopefully I haven’t misspelled *that* many things. . . if you want to edit anything feel free to do that. My grammar is terrible but my punctuation is generally fine.

      Favorite character? Heh heh, easy. Sabine Wren, of course! But this was not always so. . . at the beginning of the series I favored Hera. Sabine was this epic mandalorian who blew stuff up for the crew and painted her room. Awesome, but not really that great of a character. Hera, on the other hand, was open, she cared about others and she DID NOT TEASE EZRA. My goodness, they were all teasing him at first.
      But Sabine. I’ve seen that a lot of people say this, and I totally agree: Sabine became a great character in season three. Seriously. This girl went through so much, but for the longest time all we saw was that she didn’t like her past. Imperial Supercommandos brought in a whole new side of her. Sure, she’s still a little sassy, and she’s always gonna tease her brothers (oh, and Tristan too) but she gained a heart in season three. We got to see her face her past, overcome it, and nearly end up ruling Mandalore for it. I still think she should have kept that Darksaber.

      Any three characters. . . hmm. . . definitely Sabine and Ezra. They’re my favorites, and I’d love to get to actually meet them and talk to them. Because fangirl. They’d probably think I was crazy. . . I wouldn’t blame em either. For the third. . . I’m not really sure. If I could be guarenteed safety, then I suppose I’d like to talk to Thrawn. Discuss art (b’cause he’s a really big art nerd, kind of like me), ask him why he believes in the Empire, where he learned to answer questions without giving answers because Hera does the same thing (ask Sabine). . . he’s really cool, but I’m almost afraid it’d be a bit dangerous. He’s quite unpredictable at times.

      I’m joking, just playing! Honestly, all the Sabine-centric ones are amazing (there’s some camera angles and musical cues that are never in other episodes that make them simply amazing), but I’d have to say, the most well-written and perfect episode (as of yet) would be “A World Between Worlds.” Seeing Ahsoka back, and the end of their fight (I was always curious about that) was awesome. Plus, that answers — in a way — the question about the convor. I’m so drawing him. . . also, can’t forget the characters! I think Ezra shone this time around (heh, he has to though – he *is* the main character!), the dark side aspect of him surfaced but was fought back, and he really handled himself well. Great performances by all the actors and actresses too, I might add! The one downside is Sabine’s little arc, while she’s always a smart-mouth, I think that took away from the sinister aspect of Hyden they seemed to be going for. But she did show him up like a mando is supposed to. That’s my girl. Another great episode would be “Trials of the Darksaber.” Not only because it’s a Sabine episode (though that is great!), but because of the music. The music. . . I love it so much. The Star Wars site provided a shortened form of the audio cue, which I fell in love with. Shortly after, I discovered the whole piece. “Sabine Suite,” along with “It’s Over Now,” and “Journey Into the Star Cluster”, is one of the most gorgeous musical works I have ever heard. Plus, seeing Mando Girl totally rule Kanan was great. And the Official Ending to the Mando/Jedi War. Jedi won. I don’t care though. I’m a mandalorian all the way. How bout you?

      THE FLUFFY PRECIOUS LOTH-CATS!!! They are the BEST! Proof? Watch the first few seond of “Flight of the Defender on repeat. I’ve done it for ten minutes in a row. . . life of a fangirl, eh? No, seriously, these little guys are precious. Though they look like a cross between a chicken, an Exotic (shorthaired Persian), and a rabbit, these critters are by far the cutest that Star Wars has ever been. Hang Porg. We’ve got Loth-cats.
      And of course, I can’t leave out the honorable mention. Sure, they’re abrupt, and they can be grumpy and tend to disappear and/or put your best friends to sleep, but Loth-wolves are simply amazing. The designs for all the creatures are wonderful (Convoree are epic!) but the Lothal critters take my cake. And my heart.

      Why do I love Rebels? Hmm, that’s a serious question there! Well, to say it simply. . . it’s awesome. That’s all, next question. No, really, Rebels has become a major reason why I love Star Wars. I first learned about this whole “fangirl” thing through Rebels. There was a name for my #1 skill all this time. Huh. Plus, my drawing skills have improved SO MUCH since I started drawing humanoids rather than four-legged creatures. Now, I can capture a resemblance of a character. Before, well, let’s just say my humans were better off being ponies. My musical love has also grown. I find myself purchasing sheet music that I would have thought far too hard before. I have learned faster and harder songs, as well as gained an appreciation for slower, more beautiful scoring too.

      My Blueberry and his friends. . . Space Family forever. . . right? We’ve got to keep them going! I mean, they’ve confirmed Hera and Chopper to live, and Sabine’s been almost as much, but we need the *whole* family! I know that I will keep drawing and crafting these guys. I challenge all of you to do the same. Long live the rebels!

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