Sabine Cosplay, Part 8

Saw the Daily Prompt for today. . . it’s been long enough. Time to update this thing.


Ready to prime!


Here she is, my beautiful bucket from Zero Cool Prop Shop. Rubbed it down with a microfiber cloth and was ready to paint! A layer of black primer came first, then I discovered this, and got a new can of silver.

Here’s what I got after it dried and I got some toothpaste on for weathering! I’m just so loving this thing. . .

So I’m hoping to get around to the shoulder plates soon. They’ll be PVC pipe, but first they gotta get cut out. This, my friends, is no easy task, I fear. I’m waiting on a time that assistance can be provided for me as I attempt to wield a Dremel tool for the first time. Then, it’ll be loads of sanding, trimming, heartbreaking, then PAINTING! and then wearing!
I’ve lost focus on the flightsuit after the sleeve baffled me. I cut the shoulder wrong so my brain refuses to line it up correctly. . . will have to dig up the pattern so I can see what I’m supposed to do with it.

The armor is done. All done. All elastic and Velcro is on, ready to be stuck onto the flightsuit. I actually tried on the shnees and ankles on my boots, they really feel nice and I can’t wait to see the entire thing together!

This should be everything now. I have material for gloves, paint for weathering, and OH YEAH!



Forgot! Here’s muh paintsprayer, getting a coat of gray paint! It’s all painted and mostly weathered up now!

I still need to get a wig, blasters, and belt/holsters, things I can do myself but I’m too lazy but I lack the experience for the belt. I do have a question I’d be very grateful to get an answer for. . . what color is Sabine’s hair now? It looks like a navy blue in some lights, but in others a chocolate brown. Is this my eyes, or did she leave her hair a REAL color? :T

In the meantime, I’ve gotten myself into another cosplay-type thing. . . I’ve discovered a hoodie pattern. With ears. Now I’m trying to decided whether I want a Lothcat, a Lothwolf, or a Fathier. Not sure yet. Maybe even an Icefoxie.


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  2. Shay · February 15, 2018

    Wow, that helmet is beautiful!! I love the details, and the curves of the Nite Owl-stylizations on the front just really make it pop!!! Can’t wait to see it once you’re all done with the colors!! 😀
    You’re doing a later season 4 version Sabine, right? (Because in the premier she still has her season 3 style hair). If so, than yes it’s true, it actually is her natural color at the top!! It looks as though she’s let her hair grow out and just hasn’t gotten around to re-dying it yet, so it’s brown near her head and still a bit purpley father down. I’m sure you could find the character concept art on the SW official site just to make totally sure, but that’s the way I’ve always seen the colors, and that’s also the way she’s portrayed in the most recent emoji of her from the SW official app. 😀
    Ooooh, do a lothcat!!! Then we’ll be a pair once I finish my Lothwolf dress!!! 😁
    Ah, but a fathier would be soooo adorable too!! Those ears!!! 😁

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    • Shay · February 15, 2018

      Hey, wait a sec, I just remembered something!!
      Tracy Cannobbio from Lucasfilm posted the character concepts for all of the crew (plus Kallus) from The Occupation after several cosplayers kept asking for them, and that’s the first episode Sabine had her new hair in!! It’s not on the official site, but, luckily for you, I saved all of them to my computer!! I’ll see if I can find them here in a bit and somehow get that to you, or at least give you the link to where she posted it. 😀

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 17, 2018

        Eeee, I know!!! I luvs it 😀 It’s acutally a bit flatter than the pictures show, the surface just looks really curved for some reason. The cheeks are a little deeper than the canon helmet, but I likes it like that. Ai, I’ve actually gotten the gray coat over the silver now, so the basic weathering is done! I’m super happy with it so far. Now to get that odd magenta color for the mandibles. . .

        Yup yup yup! Oh goodness, really? I guess my eyes is bad then. . . I’ve been searching down navy wigs to dye for the past three months now for no reason then! It’s easier tho. . . and cheaper. Brown hair, like Tristan. Huh. If that’s what they did with the emoji, that’s probably right then. They’re not super accurate (just really really cute :3) but the colors are typically right.
        Lol, I actually did do lothiecat!!! I left for the store right after the post, and chose some white fleece! “Follow the white loth-cat!” xD
        Aww, yes, it would! I almost did, only there wasn’t any tan fabric in stock. . . solely because of the ears :3 they’re precious!
        Oi, that’d be great!!! I’ve been wanting to do that one too (yeah, another useless cosplay THAT’S FUN)! Do you happen to have the link? I’ve been lookin’ for those for a while now (lol, I wonder how many were begging for Kallus’ concepts xD I know I ain’t).

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      • Shay · February 18, 2018

        Here’s the link to the twitter post she made with all the crew in their “Civilian” costumes! Hehe, I’ve actually thought about making a female version of Kallus at some point… I think his Imp. version would be especially fun to do with the chest armor he has, and I wouldn’t have to dye my hair or get a wig! 😀
        Ok, link:

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 18, 2018

        Ai, thank you so much!!! I can see the
        brown *now*. . . it’s a little darker than Tristan’s. More like Alrich’s, but darker. . . she really is just like her daddy ;D
        And THANK YOU GUYS — you concept artists who kindly put the color block next to the image xD Such a help to us cosplayers. . .
        Erh, okaaay. . . lol. I’m kidding, that’d actually be really cool, and probably be almost as fun as a mando! Would you do the chest plate with the plastic, or like a vest-thingie? The little insignias and things would be so fun on hard armor. . . 😀
        Oimegoodness, thank goodness for season four. . . they’re finally giving us characters with NORMAL hair colors and styles!!! I like my hair short (ish. . . its always been to the shoulder at least. . .) so I’m wondering if I could bring myself to get Sab’s *actual* cut, since it’s so much longer now and then do a temporary dye job on the ends. . . erh, that might be a bit much tho. . . xD

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      • Shay · February 18, 2018

        I’m thinking I probably would make the armor out of craft foam, so it’s lightweight and easy to wear, and can still “breathe” so it won’t get too hot. I don’t know if you’ve seen my femThrawn outfit, but if I did a femKallus I would probably base it on the same design (plus the armor, of course), since both have pretty similar basic uniforms. Maybe I could even do “beat up” Kallus, so I can still be a good guy and have an excuse to practice my cosplay makeup skills… 😉 XD

        Hey, I think that would be a neat idea! I have really long hair, and while that’s nice if I’m doing something like Padme or Leia, it’s tough when I do my Rey, because I’ve still got enough hanging down underneath for a nice length braid after I’ve already done the triple buns. And I know a couple friends who are planning to use Kool-Aid to do the very tips of their hair purple in honor of Sabine. 😀
        I have been looking around for a wig to use for my Loth-Wolf thing, though, because I really will need to do white for that, and I really don’t want to bleach all the color out of my real hair. :/
        Anyway, I just did some super basic looking for wig not long ago because I’m working on character from The Hobbit who has super long, very red hair, and I found this site:
        It seems they have very good reviews, and their wigs look high-quality. The shorter styles aren’t *super* unreasonably priced; they have one that looks a lot like phase 1 Ezra that’s only about $30. They seem to look pretty realistic, too (not that weird, shiny plasticy stuff like a lot of the ones I’ve found at Walmart and such places…).
        I don’t know if they have Sabine’s style, but I think most of them are made so that they can be worked on and changed up a bit if needed.

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 18, 2018

        Ah, heh heh, that sounds far better than sintra, which is rather heavy.
        Yup! It looks so cool. . . though you must be pretty brave to paint yourself blue. I’d be scared it might not wash off. . . :T
        Lol, that’d be fun xD All the bruises without the pain. . . poor Kallus. I don’t even call him by his name, yet he suffered for the cause. . .
        Aiii, lucky you. . . mine’s gotten to 18″, but I’ve never had both the desire to do a SW style with it AND the length at one time. . . *sigh* Oi, that’s interesting! I haven’t heard of using that as dye, my cousin taught me how to do chalk dye, but never mentioned that! Perhaps that’d work better. . . I’ll have to research.
        EBay actually has pretty good deals on wigs. . . how good of a quality they are beats me tho. I’ve found several good ones (in the USA, make sure of that unless ya want to wait two months to have it shipped. . . not like I’ve ever had that problem. . .) on there that I was thinking about for Sabine. Well, that is, before I knew that her hair is brown, not navy. It’s the lighting!
        Arda??? xDxDxD
        My friend, you have found the home of the blue steele wig — something that, during Celebration season — was sold for an extremely long time. Apparently, it was the most quality, reasonable priced, Sabine-looking wig on the market, and the S3 cosplayers went mad to get it. One Sab cosplay that I really loved had to get hers from a friend because the stock was out so long.
        Oh dear. They have an Ezra wig? Oh boy. . . now I’m remembering a pattern that would make a great Ezra jacket. . . no, not another one. . . I can’t afford this. . . XD

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      • Shay · February 19, 2018

        Actually, I used this stuff called “Mehron Makeup: Paradise Face and Body paint” (there should be I direct link to it in those posts I did for my Thrawn cosplay). And it’s fantastic!! I had used it once before to tint my face green when I did a quick Merilian closet-cosplay, and it worked really well, so I got the green to do Thrawn with, and did all the detailing stuff with eyeshadow. It goes on really easy, and washes right off as well as you get in the shower. I really love that stuff. ;D

        Wait, you are doing a full season 4 version, right? Cuz her hair was navy/indigo in s1 and early s2, until she got bashed around in that fight with Vader and changed it.

        Yeah, it seems Sabine has become a pretty popular cosplay for people to do at Celebration!! But wow, I never knew about all that!
        Hehe, same thoughts I was having when I saw that wig!! XD I’m really into genderswapped costumes right now, like my Thrawn one. Since I made the should pauldrons on that one removable, I’m planning to also make a cape so I can switch it out for Krennic at some point. And my Loth-Wolf dress is something-swapped, species, I guess? lol! But anyway, I’ve gotten really into this “swap-something-in-your-cosplay” thing, and now that I’ve finally decided once and for all that I love Ezra Bridger so much, I wanna try a genderswapped something based on him!! Or at the very least, make a jacket based on his. I already have a leather jacket I found for a great price at the thrift store, and I’ve been wanting to make a Finn/Poe jacket from that forever, and I still want to make a Jyn-based jacket at some point, and I’ve thought about doing a Hera one, so now I guess I should Ezra to that list. XD (I did make a Sabine jacket for my sister’s bday a couple years back, cuz she’s her been fave from the start, so that’s some progress on my character jacket list!! XD)


      • TheFeltedKitten · February 22, 2018

        MIRILAN??? AK!!!
        Barriss is still my favorite CW character, despite her treachery. . .
        I’ll have to check that out. . . perhaps another cosplay will come to mind. . . say, Ahsoka’s montrals and lekku wouldn’t be *that* hard to make, heh heh. . . ;D
        Well, normally I don’t mind color being left on, I’ll actually leave gloves off when I tie-dye b’cuz the colors are so pretty. . . however, the camp I go to every year with my youth group does what we call “color war.” Basically we get color in every form other than paint and throw it EVERYWHERE. . . powdered paint is really hard to breathe, and doesn’t really wash off, we found out. Directly after this is our worship service, so we’re supposed to be cleaned up (i. e. NOT green, blue and red splotched). Hehe, each time we do it I do little Ezra scars across my cheek xD Not that I really mind at all. . . I love “art effects” — it just gets weird looks, looking like a hybrid Twi’lek xD
        Eyup! Oh, heh, I meant her color this season. Honestly, I probably saw it before but my mind refused to admit it. I’ve just seen navy all season. . . brown and purple don’t really go together in my mind.
        Heh heh heh, behind-the-scenes knowlege from a Mando Girl. . . ya know that girl who won the (I think) 13-and-under catagory for the Celebration cosplay contest? I had been watching the process of her build on the Mercs site. If I remember correctly, she’s Verd’ika status now!
        This cosplay business just gets so EXPENSIVE!!! I mean, before I did Sabine the most fabric I ever got at one time was two yards for a giant pony plush (which miserably failed). Now, I walk in and get $25 worth of jersey and don’t bat an eye (until later, when I realize I got too much and could have spent the money on leather for the holsters. . . oh well, I got a poncho like Jyn’s out of it. . .)
        Capes are so fun. . . all flowy and fun until you actually get one and see how much cat fur accumulates on it per square inch in five minutes. . .
        Don’t believe I said it before (and if I did it bears repeating) that Thrawn looks AWESOMEEEE!!! Ai, and it’s gonna be Krennic too??? A *swappable* cosplay. . . wow. . . you’re so talented!!! xD The only “swappable” part of Sabine is her boots. . . they’re my best boots. . . :T
        Lol, I guess a species-swap. . . wait — you’re doing a wig with it? (guess I missed that lol) Are you doing ears then??? Ears would be adorable!!! I did some prototype loth-cat ears for my hoodie, they’re entirely too big to stand up but super cute. And lothie wolves have FWUFFY ears!!! :3
        “Heh, was there ever any *doubt*?”
        He’s always been in my top five since the series aired, but never the favorite. That was always Sab and Hera. . .
        The jacket in leather would be, bar none, the most AMAZING Ezra thing ever. The detailing on the back too. . . and the fluffy rag edges. . . it’d be a challenge but a GREAT one!!! And the pleats on the sleeves of Jyn’s (she does have them. . . right? I always forget. . .)
        Oiiii, Sabi jacket!!! I’d love to do one of those. . . actually, my MLP (erh, it’s also an AU where Sab and Ez *are* kids) version from awhile back had Sabine in a little armor hoodie xP Pony hoodies are hard to draw. . .
        (I’m sorry bout the late replies lately. . . haven’t had much computer time. . . :T)


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