1. Shay · March 2, 2018

    Wait a minute… Is that a couple of Loth-bats I see in your collection of Lothalite animals??

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  2. Audrey · February 27, 2018

    I think my head kind of exploded after those two episodes… During everything that happened with Ahsoka, especially getting to see the rest of that fight, and seeing the very end of ToTA in it, I was being really excited, and my brothers were very weirded out by it. XD I canโ€™t believe Mr.Dave found a way to give us some answers to Ahsoka, but still open up a whole bunch more. Itโ€™s so much like him. Both the way Ahsoka and Ezra handled themselves in it made me so happy. Oh and Cowboy and Co is the perfect name for the production crew! ๐Ÿ™ƒ
    (And I hope you donโ€™t mind me cutting in on you guyโ€™s conversation)

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    • TheFeltedKitten · February 28, 2018

      Yeeee, me tooo! The whole thing was just a completely new thing for SW, and they did it so WELL MY GOODNESS!!! It’s gonna be hard to wrap all this up methinks. . .
      I knowww!!! And then that bit where she walked back into the temple actually happened years later, and that Vader escaped, and that Mori (I think that’s how it’s spelled, yay for more critters getting names!) followed her in and was literally from another place and it all I JUST AIIIII!!!!! He had this in mind the entire time but HOW? My goodness, you people are masters at your art. I no longer doubt your skill in handling a character (assuming Kanan was a mistake xP).
      Ezzy was perfect this time around. All this dark-sider stuff that he was supposed to have but never really embraced came back this one time, and helped even out his normal attitude. And Ahsoka stepping in for Hera as SpaceMom there! And especially on a subject that Hera and Ezra shared feelings on. . . Kanan. I think having Ahsoka out of it for a while kind of helped her there to help him. . . I mean, she really didn’t see how close everyone had become and all that, so she could I guess feel okay with telling him to let go, but then she’s always been like that and I SOUND CRAZY I’M SORRY
      It suits them xD
      (You’re cool! I don’t mind at all!)

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      • Audrey · March 3, 2018

        Wait wait when she jumped back in, she was in in the future?! (Future from ToTA that is, Iโ€™ll just say 1 BBY, thatโ€™s less confusing.) I just assumed that she was back at the same time, but a few minutes later! That makes so much more sense, because I was wondering how it would work for her to know things about the future. And also because Ezra didnโ€™t come out the same moment he went in. Ouch my head hurts again. ๐Ÿ˜†

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      • TheFeltedKitten · March 6, 2018

        Ehr, I suppose so. . . the whole concept is a bit confusing xD I wonder if before she really did die and then we were *shown* the bit with her walking into the temple as a sort of what-could-have-been. But then Ezra saved her and it became real and so that’s why we saw it. . . *flop* time travel is so confuzzling. . .

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  3. Audrey · February 27, 2018

    Aw! I definitely want to buy a loth Wolf at some point! ๐Ÿบ
    This week Iโ€™m writing a Rebels tribute post, I was wondering if you want to answer a few questions for it? (Like favorite episode, character,..) ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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    • TheFeltedKitten · February 27, 2018

      If I ever get him done to my likings and list them xD I hate the face shape that Dume ended up with. . . hopefully, I can find a better pattern for future lothies B’CUZ THEY’RE SO CUWTE :3

      Sure! If you’d comment on any of my earlier posts, I can answer ’em there (lol, might be a bit long-winded though. . . I honestly don’t have a favorite episode but there’s a few that are up there. . .)

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      • Audrey · February 27, 2018

        Okie-day! ๐Ÿ˜„ And thatโ€™s completely fine, thatโ€™s one of the best parts about fangirling! (Not having to restrain all your feelings and thoughts.)

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 28, 2018

        Just did em! Thankies!

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  4. Shay · February 22, 2018

    ahhhhh… this both super adorable and for some reason making me feel very sad at the same time… :/
    (Did you cry over the new episodes??)

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    • TheFeltedKitten · February 22, 2018

      Thankies. . . oh dear. . . :T :3

      Erh. . . if I was a more emotional person, YUS I would have. I cried inside. . . and then laughed at how comical woozy Hera was the entire time. And simply stared in awe at his eyes, just before that. . . happened. . .
      Meep. . . Hera, I think, was what almost made me cry. What you said before, about how she’d react. . . aii, poor girl, she’s so sad now. . . but Chopper, oi, Chopper, that was so sweet and precious. I’m drawing that for sure.
      (Loving the ellipses points about right now ;D)

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      • Shay · February 24, 2018

        Oh yeah, totally agree!!!! I actually didn’t cry either, just because I’m not actually a super emotional person about this stuff when I’m actually watching it (reading books is kinda a different story), but when I was laying in bed that night and couldn’t get to sleep because of everything, I listened to “I Found Love” by Owl City, and it made me get tears in my eyes. It fits them really well now. :”(
        Ug, yesss, that too…. It’s so hard to see her so broken like that, because even though we’ve seen her get upset or a little emotional before (a little bit in “Hera’s Heroes”), we’ve never actually seen her *broken* like that… I think Vanessa Marshall said it perfectly in the Rebels Recon for those episodes…
        And yes again, I love how sweet Chopper is in those moments when he knows what the crew is going through. He’s been with her through so much now, and he’s just so loyal. You know he must be so sad about Kanan too (ya know, however droids feel sadness, at least), but all he really cared about was comforting Hera.

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 25, 2018

        I was spared the weight of it mostly. . . because of the late airings (and the strange lack of reruns :T) I had to watch the online version, which, let’s face it, isn’t as dramtic as a full tv screen. I think it literally JUST hit me that he’s not gonna be in the show Monday. . . (btw, I’m not trying to keep spoiler-free here, I get barely any visits anywho and besides, any fans who bother to read fan posts have already seen the episodes lol. . . I’m being purposefully vague tho. So it’s not like a *total* spoiler)
        AAIIIIAKKKK MY GRACIOUS THAT’S THEIR SONG NOW NOTHING ELSE OH MY GOODNESS IT’S LITERALLY THE MOST PERFECT THING FOR THOSE TWO IN ALL TIME!!! AKK! It’s perfectness!!!! (and WOOT Owl City!!! Usually I’m not a *huge* fan (but my family says otherwise ;P) but heh, I was listening to Cinimatic a little bit ago. . . “House Wren” sent me into my first official musical fangirl moment — even though it was over a SW reference *in* the song XD)

        Oh. I forgot about those other times (does that make me bad Hera fan???) . . . but this was something different. I’m honestly wondering how long the gap between “DUME” and “Wolves and a Door” is because she seemed perfectly happy in the two previews (SO FAR). Happy, and perhaps even slightly excited too. And amused at her kids (that line from Kanan where he called Sab and Ez the kids AI!) being sweet ๐Ÿ˜€

        He’s growing on me. . . I mostly just don’t like him b’cuz he’s close to impossible to draw, but I remember that bit in “Rebel Resolve” (I think) where he was hiding in Kanan’s room. . . hehe, I *almost* want to see him do something like Hera did in “Double Agent Droid” and totally slam the Imps for a brief second xD
        Heh, oh he’s loyal alright. . . to all you folks who say cats ain’t loyal, SW has pretty much offically deemed Chop the cat of the crew. . . therefore, cats *are* loyal XP

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      • Shay · February 26, 2018

        Yesss, I still can’t totally let go of thinking he’ll still be around somehow when the new episodes air tonight… Ug, we won’t get anymore of his and Ezra’s awesome fighting duo, or him and Zeb being buddies, or him and Sabine having Jedi vs. Mando arguments, or him messing with Hera and their amazing relationship!!! This is just so hard to try to get used to!!

        I KNOW that song is just so perfect for them!!!! So sad, but it fits them so stinkin’ perfectly!!! I wanna make a tribute video from it so bad now, I wish I had the skills to actually do it!! (Oh yeah, I had the same reaction to seeing the title “House Wren” too, lol!! ๐Ÿ˜)

        Yeah, I do agree with you that she seems better now, but if you notice, she doesn’t actually say anything in those clips. She actually seems rather reserved, to me. Like a lot of her fire has kinda gone out. She’s still going, but she’s following Ezra’s lead and is letting the kids take control, because she’s not ready to yet. It reminds me of that one FoD episode with her and Han; for some reason when I first saw it, even though she acts ok in it, she does seem a little more quiet and… ah, I don’t know quite how to describe it, but maybe older? Just like she’s seen an awful lot in her life, and she’s a different person that she was before. Which is sad to me when you think about that short, because she and Han are about the same age. (And yesss, that part!! They ARE their kids!!)

        I definitely wanna see Chop attacking some Imps in payback for taking Kanan away from them and hurting Hera so bad!!! That might make me feel a *little* but better about where this is all going if I get to see him going all crazy on some Imps. ๐Ÿ˜

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      • Shay · February 27, 2018

        AHH AND WHAT ABOUT THE NEW EPISODES????? I have no clue what to think about anything anymore!!

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      • TheFeltedKitten · February 27, 2018

        Well, you was right about that!!! It was almost creepy. . . he was young Kanan in old Kanan’s clothes. . .

        Videos are something far beyond my skill set. . . those who can do them have my respect (I’m still convinced there’s gonna be SOME sort of reference. . . grr, I’m holding onto that one until June. . . just long enough to survive this finale)

        Yeah, now that I’ve seen the new ones, she does seem a little more quiet than normal. Heh, she let the *kids* lead, and stayed hiding in the corner with the Lasat and the droid ;P Oh, wow, I don’t think I noticed that (._. I bad fan. . .) they were the same age. . . I guess I kinda think of them all as sort of ageless. I mean, Sabine has been the same height this whole time (I think. . . ?) while Ezra’s grown, but other than that they’ve all stayed pretty much the same, agewise. But yeah, thinking now, it seemed like that smile was rare, and the incident a welcome oppertunity to laugh.

        Hehe, he sure got that opportunity. . . seeing him with that drill thing-y was priceless xD

        I KNOW!!! NOW WHAT HAPPENS?!?!? That clip from the recon helped almost none to establish a point!!! AND AHSOKA LIVES I TOLD EVERYONE SO BUT ONLY THE SLIMMEST OF MARGINS BELIEVED ME I AM NOT INSANE AFTER ALL but really, you gotta be half mad to introduce time travel to Star Wars and let it work right — but Cowboy and Co did it PERFECTLY. By far, the most AMAZING episodes we’ve gotten so far (although, I confess I didn’t see the episodes until after I read the galleries and I panicked when I saw the audio cue “Sabine Arrested.” Heh, thought that the *reunion* in “Family Reunion — and Farewell” was the reunion of Sab and the crew. Plus, it’d make sense. . . btw, I’d still advise to avoid those spoiler-y audio cues. The main bad one was the one Starwars.com used in the “A World Between Worlds” episode guide, “Kanan’s End Credits,” but the other two are still out there. If not spoiler-y, they at least look like a plotline for this last one. Honestly, I’m mad I saw them now. . . oh yeah, and Tua was right about Lothal. . . and the writers got the space-time thing down with saying that the controller of Lothal controlled the galaxy. . . what ever happened to the days where Lothal was rural??? I miss it. . .

        (Also, I’m totally gonna paint my nails blue xD Probably won’t get around to posting it, but I’ll definitely do it!)

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      • Shay · February 28, 2018

        Ahh, it’s so great to be right on a GOOD thing for once!! XD lol!
        Really, though, that scene with him was both amazing and heartbreaking at the same time… do you think that was *actually* his “ghost”, or just a symbolic representation of his presence that Hera felt? I kinda want to think it actually was a ghost, at least in some way, because he put his hand on her shoulder to help her know it was alright to let Sabine and Ezra go, and then she put her hand there, too. So… yeah, I wanna believe it really was him. ๐Ÿ™‚ Still kinda sad, though… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

        I feel so bad for Hera now, knowing that she’ll probably never fully get back that spark and bounce in her step that she had way back in the beginning, like we saw in s1, and even in A New Dawn… poor girl… I was thinking about this the other day, and everyone in this crew except Zeb (well, and Chopper), is just so *young*!! They’re so young to have gone through all the things they have and experienced all the things they’ve seen so far. Ezra is younger than I am now in “Spark of Rebellion” (though not by much). It just makes me so sad for them to have had to go through all this stuff…. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

        YES I ALWAYS BELIEVED SHE’D BE BACK AGAIN!!!! I didn’t totally know if she’d be back in her actual living breathing form, but I knew she’d be back somehow, and I’m so excited now!!!!!
        Those episodes were so amazing, and you’re right, I never would have thought they could pull something like THAT off, but they did and man, was it AMAZING!!

        I, uh, may have actually seen most of them… I already knew about “Kanan’s End Credits” (which was absolutely *beautiful*, btw), and I’m pretty sure one of the other ones has already happened too, but they re-named it. I don’t really know what’s up with that last title, but I’m definitely intrigued!! (I actually got Audrey to tell me the names of them AFTER last week’s episodes, since I didn’t think there would be any HUGE spoilers in them at that point…)

        Oh yay!! Yeah, definitely do it, even if you can’t post the picture, I’d love to have you participate!! =D


      • TheFeltedKitten · February 28, 2018

        His force-ghost. I, uh, never even thought about that other thing you said. . . :T

        Hehe, she kinda reminds me of where Sabine is now when she was younger. Just less mando-y. Did you see that sketch that Mr Cowboy Hat Guy did of her dragging Kanan along, of before the series started? It’s been awhile back. But anyway, every time I see her now I just bite my lip and hope that one day, *one day* (preferably next Monday) we’ll get to see her laugh again.

        I know, it’s so weird now, because when the series started he was a year older than me. Now, I’m a year older and still thinking “wow, that *was* a pretty gutsy move.” And Sabine, ai! I’m not sixteen, but I know sixteen-year-olds and she has just never seemed like them! She and Ezra both are so much older than they look (and then I remember from “Iron Squadron” when they were persuading Hera to let them go aboard and he punches her arm, and those ridiculous smiles they have, and how indignant Sabine was when Ez tried to sneak a hug. Not all that old, actually xD).

        I just so happy to see her. . . now, get her off Malachor and into the finale. Because really. Who lives on Malachor? There’s not even roast porg there!

        Sneaky. . . well then, which ones did you see? It’s specifically one of them, the one that implies Ezra’s departure of sorts, that I’m getting to be worried about. It’s not on the SW site just yet. Which one did you think had been renamed? I haven’t heard any similarities yet (this is fun. Like a spy game “who knows what about this subject that has not been revealed” xD)

        Who knows though, it might show up in my next cosplay update! I’ve been working on Sab’s helmet pretty much non-stop lately!

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      • Shay · March 1, 2018

        YES I did see that picture of her and Kanan!! Agh, I know, but I’m so afraid that she’s got so much more pain and loss to go through before this whole story is finished… I want her to be happy again, but I know she’ll never be quite like she was in the beginning of Rebels, because that was how she was when she was with Kanan and the rest of her family.

        Well, we know Maul survived on Malachor for quite a long time, so there must be *something* to eat around there!! XD

        I did see one title that mentioned Ezra by name… it also mentioned Sabine…
        And I’m thinking the one that was called “Hera at the Wall” was cut down and re-named and is actually the same/an extended version of the track SW official site released for “DUME”, “No One More than Kanan” (remember, it was the one that played during that scene where she was at the wall and had the kalikori and was grieving over Kanan).

        Oh, and speaking of cosplay! I finally got some of that amazing fur fabric to use on my Loth-wolf outfit!! (I don’t think I’ve already told you about this… ug, my brain can’t keep track anymore!!) Anyway, we went shopping yesterday because I’ve got Spring Break this week, and we’ve been stuck in the house for what feels like forever, and I got to run into the fabric store. Conveniently, JoAnn had already sold out of the stuff I was planning to get. Which was very annoying. BUT! I got to run over to Hobby Lobby, because it was only a few stores down from JoAnn, and they had something exactly like what I originally wanted and for a great price!! So I got a yard-and-a-half of that (hoping that’ll be enough!!) and I want to try to get started on that part of the dress as soon as I get a break from schoolwork. I’ve also managed to lose my original sketch for the costume, but I still have it all stuck in my head, so I want to try to re-draw that out again before I actually get started on the sewing part.
        I also got some nice, heavy-ish fabric with a great drape to it that I’m going to make the cape for my femKrennic outfit from, and I’m hoping to wear that one to a Comic Con I’m getting to attend next weekend. =D

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      • TheFeltedKitten · March 1, 2018

        I love that one. And the Christmas one. And the lothcat Chopper and Ezra one. And just — okay, he’s as good an artist as a story-teller.

        Lol, reminding me now of that “join the dark side, we have cookies” thing. Malachor be like Sith cookie stash then XP

        Ahhh, there we are! That’s the one I’m worried about. See, the only reason that would make Sabine seeing Ezra important enough to have a score of it (plus it was one of the earliest scores released heh heh) implies that something pretty bad has happened to Ezra (at first, I thought he left or something, but now I’m thinking more along the lines of the Chimera crashing. . . great thought, right? ;P). I mean, it’d still be pretty heavy even if it was called “Zeb Sees Ezra” or something, but using Sabine here almosts makes it something bad sounding. Because they’ve been a pretty good team throughout this season, and. . . and. . . I don’t know, maybe I’m biased because she’s my favorite and anything with her in it is automatically more important. It’s all so confusing. I can’t wait — but then I can if I actually realize that IT’S THE LAST ONE. . .

        Oya, vod, I believe you’re right! Played side-by-side they’re the same. Both 2:08 too. I guess they just renamed ’em. Huh.

        I’ve been meaning to ask how that was coming!!! I think my love for Lothwolves just jumped with this last one. . . they’re even nice to Chopper :3 Hehe, I’ll be out this weekend for like the first time in forever. . . I feel ya. Oh my goodness, they were SOLD OUT of fur??? The Hobby Lobby I go to has had the exact same bolts for as long as it’s been open xO Lol, losing references is like the greatest problem I’ve had with custom things. Every time I draw it again it gets harder and harder to make. . . my latest OC (a Togorian mando/pirate) was pretty ordinary until I lost the first reference. Redrew her and now she has a chipped claw, earrings, blue fur/hair, *gold nail polish*. . . :T So what exactly is the fluffy for again? I think you said like a trim or something?

        Krennic cape! Yeee! What type was it??? I’ve got this gauze-y stuff that I ended up using for Rey that was okay for a cape, but I’m looking for better (it’s also in little shreds. Thanks Rey).

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      • Shay · March 2, 2018

        And have you SEEN his whiteboard drawings?? I can’t draw like that on paper, let alone on a whiteboard, with solid lines like that!!

        Lol, that’s actually really funny to think about!! XD

        Uggghh, I know… I’m sooo afraid for him!!! I can’t see Hera lose anymore of her family and be ok with it (not that Hera’s ok with it, I meant I won’t be ok with it; and not that I was actually *ok* with losing Kanan, but at this point I’ve determined to still trust Mr. Dave, which is going to be super hard to continue with if we lose the Blueberry in ADDITION to the SpaceDad).

        Ahh, I know!! And it’s so rare that it actually comes out of my head and looks right on paper!! So it’s even more frustrating when I lose my ref pictures. I’ve almost finished re-doing it, but I need some opinions before I finalize the design and actually start cutting the fabric… I’ve been informed by several people lately that it doesn’t look quite right…
        Yep, I’m planning to trim the hemline in the fur, and make the entire bodice out of it. It’s gonna be one think dress, but it’s gonna be so much fun to do!! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Actually I don’t know what the fabric is called, but it’s a pretty heavy cotton… I think it should be great for the cape, but since it’s all white, I’m kinda nervous about wearing it to a con all day… ๐Ÿ˜


      • Shay · March 2, 2018

        I just finished my first draft of my drawing for the Loth-wolf dress!! Here’s a link to it: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/bc/95/a1/bc95a120609aed02d720c761b5666990.jpg (hopefully that will work for you…) I need advice on it though!! Most people I’ve shown it to are saying that it doesn’t look “wolfish” enough, but more like a cat or a fox. And I really want it to be very obvious that it’s a wolf. Also I’m not positive what I should do about the ears (and tail)… should I leave them out completely and just make it look like a wolf as a human, or should I still put some in there?
        Ya know how the Daughter kinda looks very
        “birdish”?? That’s how I want this girl to look. Like the Daughter if she was on Lothal and based her appearance on the wolves instead of on the convor.

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      • TheFeltedKitten · March 6, 2018

        That’s what I’m aiming for with muh arts. . . the point where even a random scribble on a napkin looks like a perfection. . . XD

        AND THAT’S WHAT I SO ADORED ABOUT THIS FINALEEEEEE!!! Sabine took so good care of her and it was all so perfectness!!! I’m so glad they’re all okay. And seeing Bendu’s prediction for Thrawn coming true was perfectness. And then can we plz just talk about this little plot-twist with a stolen name??? I hate this idea. I’m sorry, but there were a few things in the characters finales that I just didn’t like at all. Jacen was one of those. Besides his existence itself, why in the galaxy did he get GREEN HAIR??? Twi’lek’s don’t even HAVE hair! Oh, I’ll probably be scribbling sketches of him everywhere in a week or so, but at the moment I’m determined to ignore this elf-Toy Story Alien person. Besides, he does not deserve that name. That name is Jacen Solo’s alone. But it is nice to see that they’re recognizing the names of these characters. Now Jaina and Mara need to be canon named. Hehe, I just thought — Ben and Jacen probably going to meet at some point. They’re really not *all* that far apart in age. Just ten or so years, I think. Now I’m curious on whether or not this little hybrid is force-sensitive. . .

        Oiiii, all fluffyyyss!!! Sorry, I’m all fangirly today from this finale stuff. But this looks amaziinnggg! I love the off-shoulder thing and the high-low hem. Gives it some flair ๐Ÿ˜€ And the stripe-y (bone?) things too. So the whole thing is off-white or white? I’ve found that getting different materials all in the same shade of white is really hard and it looks wrong with a blue-white next to a yellow-white. Creams and off-whites work a little better together, the different shades (as long as it’s not really drastic) can work together. I made a furry loth-cat keychain, and the fabric I used on the ears clashes with the fur of the body for that. Oii, I’ve seen like these here. . .
        Boot cuffs! That’d be neat, since you’ve already got the fluffy on the wrists. I think it’s mostly the ears that are making it look cat-like. If you do end up doing them they’ll probably have to be bigger. . . but not so big that they fall over and stuff. That’s the problem at the moment with my lothkitty hoodie. I think (this is a little crazy tho) that maybe doing like gloves with claws would help? I’m not sure how good that’d be, not like fursuit paws, but like normal gloves with maybe fleece or felt claws (many cons, I’ve heard, are strict on the no-weapon thing and hard claws might count. Not sure tho). Not sure about the tail. What you’ve drawn out has a bit more of an elegant feel than a cutesy look (to me. . .), so a tail might not work. Yeah, I can see that! It’s a lot in the hair and headress, honestly. Perhaps doing some sort of headband-thing with the cave painting designs or something? Oh, hehe, I learned that Daughter can turn into a Griffin too. That’s weird. But cool.

        Okie-day! I have heard that cotton makes for good capes. LOL I totally get that! There was a mando that brought their helmet (with a nice tall rangefinder) to a con, and the stalk of the rangefinder got knocked right off. Dangerous places, eh? xD

        Well, almost! They’re me Jedi, Sith and Gray Jedi bats. I’ve recently become obsessed with making little bat plushes (I may or may not have 14. . .) and I thought it’d be fun to a subtle reference with ’em. But I do plan to make Loth-bats. Oh yes. They’re cute!

        (And ughhh, I’ve been so bad about replies lately!!! I was gone all weekend, so I have a kind of excuse. But not really. I’m sorry.)

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      • Shay · March 10, 2018

        Yeah, I feel so bad for saying it, but I’m having trouble with Jacen too… I’ve done some reading of some interviews with Mr. Dave, and it seems that the whole idea of him came up while they were writing season 4 and not planned from the beginning, and I have to wonder if that’s why it feels so out of place and honestly a bit forced in there to me… I mean, I love Hera and Kanan, and if this was done in another sort of way I probably would have loved it, but for some reason, I feel like it was weirdly handled here and it bothers me… :/
        (I actually do like his name, though, because I think it’s neat how they’ve given “Han and Leia’s son that turned” the name of Luke’s son in EU, so maybe this could be a hint for this little hybrid’s future?)
        IDK, I’m sure I’ll figure out all my feelings at some point, but as of right now, I’m still really conflicted about it…

        I’m going to try my best to keep it all white, and mostly white-white. The fur I got is a bit creamy, I think I’ll just have to compare the rest of my fabrics to that one to make sure they match before buying.
        Yeah, I’m still trying to decide what to do with the ears…
        I’m actually planning to do something about the claws! It’ll be pretty subtle, but I found this really neat, simple thing you can do with your nail polish to make them look a little like claws (without being ridiculous), and I think that will work really well with this.
        Having it more elegant-looking is actually something I’m trying for to keep it from looking too cat-ish… I think the wolves have a bit more of an elegant, mystical feel to them, while the Loth-cats are a bit more cute, capricious, and playful. (If I did a white Loth-cat dress, I’d probably make pretty simple, and rag the edges a bit… that just gives the feel of that little guy, in my mind…)
        Oooh, that’s a great idea, I’m gonna see if I can figure out something like that! Maybe a circlet with those designs or something?
        (and yep, she does do that!! She’s really awesome-looking when she’s transforms, too; and her Brother turns into a gargoyle, which is pretty creepy, but also pretty cool in a decidedly eviler sort of way.)

        Aw, they’re super cool!! Those Loth-bats were a bit creepy, but I love the ones you’ve made!!

        It’s fine, I totally get it! I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you this time! I’ve been trying sooo hard to concentrate on schoolwork so I can get everything done before that con this weekend, but it’s been next to impossible to do anything since that finale, so I just haven’t really don’t anything with my site or twitter or podcast or anything else since Monday…

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      • Shay · March 10, 2018

        Oh yeah, and I saw where you liked my post about SWInsider looking for young artists for their upcoming issues… I definitely think you ought to send something in, if you feel so inclined!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · March 10, 2018

        Hehe, yeah, his name redeemed him. Jacen and Jaina and Tenel Ka and all those guys brought me into Star Wars. It’s great to see them again (lol, yeah. . . they kinda swapped everybody’s kids around xD I do wonder if Mara will appear somewhere tho!)
        Ai, and so what about Sabine staying on Lothal??? I still think that her fate should have involved a bit more of Mandalore in it (wait, aren’t those Night-Owl markings on her helmet now? ;D) but staying on Lothal seemed to work for her. And uh, I think I’m gonna be re-painting my armor, as soon as I finish that cosplay contest xD She’s reforged the chest plates to a more modern-mando look and added a belly plate OH GOODNESS SHE’S DISCARDED HER CLAN??? Suddenly I wonder what they’re doing here. . .
        But that painting she did!!! My goodness, the painting (I still laugh at when she taps the painted Ezra xD) is *stunning*! That’s gotta be her best work.

        I guess somebody swung by and picked up Ahsoka from Malachor. . . *shrug* though she was stuck. I guess she didn’t want any more cookies xP

        Now, I know it’s crazy, but. . . I has a theory for where Ezra is. And it’s not because of a former theory that’s been busted. I think. . .
        That the Chimera crashed on Jakku.
        I know, I’m crazy. But wouldn’t it blend in later, with the Jakku battle and all? I dunno. I actually wrote a totally off-canon meeting for little Rey and Sabine I *may* post. . .

        Oi, oki! I’ve been looking around for something for ears, and I found that somebody used a really light foam inside the ears *and* hood for it (I was looking at a hoodie, but if ya do the headdress it can work the same way). So would you do furry ears? Or just like a furry base and then a smoother fabric for the uppers? The fur can get heavy, so it may not stand up. Oh, heh, yeah, stuffing ears with fiberfill probably wont work. You’ll need like a whole bag of the stuff and it’ll still look lumpy.

        I’ll have to look up the claws! I’m at some point (very, *very* long form now, when I have a job that pays more than Etsy) wanting to do a Togorian Mando (I’ve dubbed her Myrahhak, something my cat says xD) for a while now, so maybe that’d be good to do just cuz until I can afford her!
        Which is highly ironic to me. . . cats are usually the dignified ones. LOL YUS like when that little stripe-y guy tried to eat Ezra back in “Empire Day” :3 The precious. . . he’d probably have left Ez with an even raggy-er jacket than before!

        (Aihai, they make a pretty good team, even with opposing forces. Probably could learn from that, Kitten. . .)

        Oh wow, I forgot that was this weekend!!! You’re gonna hafta tell me all about it!!! Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

        (Well, I thought about it, but I’m really not sure I will. My stuff isn’t that cohesive, and tends to vary in style and everything — it’s not very consistent. Plus my only stuff that looks anything good is digital, and it takes FOREVER to do. Literally, I have twenty or so projects that have gotten about two days of work each and are nowhere close to done XD I might try it, but would have to look into it some more. I’m sure they’ve gotten lots of applications from the fandom though!)


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