A New Friend

Remember that Loth-wolf plush I did? I said I’d give a reference page for him. . . as well as give him a name. Hehe, well that took a bit, eh? Here he is. . . the spotted Loth-wolf, Dave! Since he’s not a humanoid, I place him in different eras throughout the Star Wars timeline; but for the moment, he’s living on Lothal while Sabine keeps watch over the planet.




Some Loth-facts:

He’s named after Cowboy Hat Guy himself (duh).

He’s a special lil guy, being slightly smaller than the average Lothie (don’t count Dume, he’s much too big to be a normal wolf. I’m still wishing they wrapped up his arc). While a normal wolf is around one Ezra-height at the shoulder, Dave is probably short enough to fit through an ordinary doorway. I’d say about 4′ at the shoulder or so.

That spot pattern is a unique thing to him alone. Normal loth-wolves (heh, I say normal but what about these guys is normal?) do not have any markings beyond the raised ridges on their face, legs, and back, but Dave has these varying spots and ticks like a German Shorthaired Pointer (albeit an odd one xD).

The eyes were the best part to draw. They’re yellow, if you want to call it a single color, but have a heavy shade of orange on them too. If you looked very closely at him in person (or, well, in wolf), you’d notice little hazel and brown flecks too. They’re really small, and don’t show up in drawings of him.

Unlike his loth-wolf kin, he has an insatiable sense of curiosity. Now, he’s not goofy like a loth-cat, nor is he an air-head. Like the normal wolves, he can appear/disappear, but instead of doing this to threaten, or add mystery, he will sneak up on, say, a shiny object (more on shiny objects next). This works, in a way, like Bilbo Baggins’ ring, only I think that Dave has always been adventurous.

The things that capture his attention most are #1: Shiny Objects; #2: People who Throw Things*; and #3: Anything that is Dangerous*. Oh, and loth-kittens.

For the most part, Dave is easy to be friends with. Though other wolves view him as a sort of Jar Jar in their midst, humanoids see him as a connection between the species. He serves in much the same place as the white wolf Ezra Bridger met, back in the Rebellion Era.

So that’s my loth-pet. I’m drawing him everywhere. But please, PLEASE note that very little to none of this is canon. I’d hate for someone to watch the show just to see the non-existent spotted loth-wolf. . .

*Both of these, of course, reference Sabine and her feisty temperament.



  1. Shay · March 16, 2018

    I can’t wait to see all the adventures of Dave the Wolf-wolf!!! 😂
    Honestly though, that is the best name for him. (Oh yeah, and I couldn’t help but lol at your “none of this is canon!” disclaimer. 😁 )

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    • TheFeltedKitten · March 17, 2018

      Hehehe. . . he’s getting some friends too. . . 😉
      (Really? Yayz it was funny to somebody! :D)

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      • Shay · March 18, 2018

        Ooh, I’m intrigued!! 😀

        Hey, just curious, but have you thought about entering the Galactic Academy once you finish your Sabine? I was on a podcast yesterday with a bunch of Sabine cosplayers, and some of them are in Galactic Academy until they turn 18. I’m considering joining, because I really want to be an “official” cosplayer, but since I’m not 18, I can’t enter Rebel Legion or 501st.


      • TheFeltedKitten · March 18, 2018

        Meep! I’ve never heard of Galactic Academy, but it sounds like it’s the Rebel Legion version of Verd’ika Corps! It’s the under-18 for Mandalorian Mercs (which I totally aim to get into, got three kits in design phase xD not that far from 18!), so about the same thing. The requirements are also broader, so the fact that I have FAR too much weathering is OKAY! ;D
        Oi, which cosplay would ya enter with??? You seem to have a lot. . . 😀
        WAIT MORE SABINES??? LITTLE SABI LIKE ME SABINE??? AI! xDxDxD I didn’t know there were any other (besides the girl who won Celebration, of course)!

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      • Shay · March 18, 2018

        Yep, I stumbled across it completely by accident a while back when I was first researching clubs and such for cosplayers, and trying to find something that would allow me to join until I’m old enough for Rebel Legion.
        And I actually did enter the other night (with my Rey cosplay), and it’s now approved and I’m an official “cadet”!! 😀
        I’ve still got a little work I want to do on that one, though (finishing up the boots, probably getting a better shirt soon, and hopefully exchanging my upholstery-fabric-belt for a real leather one at some point).

        Oh yeah, there’s actually quite a few young Sabines out there!! Zoe and Lizzy are the two hosts for the podcast and they’re about my age (a few months older, actually) (here’s their site: https://starwarsgeekgirl.com/), and there was one other young Sabine on there, and the other two were grown women who also do it. They actually had a small panel/live podcast that they did at Celebration last time!! 😀 (just a quick note though: if you do listen to their podcast, just know that I don’t agree with *everything* they say on there… :))

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      • TheFeltedKitten · March 21, 2018

        Well congratzzz!!! You’ve definitely got a great one, more accurate than mine at the very least! And your staff. . . ai, it sounds simply amazing. . . a metal one would be awesome. Hehe, boots are where I think most people kind of compromise on. They’re such a banal part, but it’s the details that really matter, right? xD

        Yeeee! I actually know who they are (surprise ;D)! I guess I didn’t realize they were younger, but yeah, I saw where they did that for Celebration (and maybe listened, don’t remember). And OI. ME. GOODNESS. Aliya has like the BEST S4 Sabine EVER (plus the first one, I think, but that’s beside the point)! Oh, and the civilian Sab too (I’m totally going to do one, as soon as this armor-Bean gets done)! I think I listened to like the first half-hour. Sounds like y’all had a lot of fun XD

        And thankies for the mention!!! I’m so gonna do Dave a little hat. Complete with the little wolf pin (if I can do it small enough. . .)! There’s already a hat pattern in muh pattern box, so that’ll just be a matter of sizing.

        By the way, this is totally random (the hat reminded me) but one way to get a really good pattern for 3D objects is a 3D paper craft. I’ve found they’re more common than some patterns. Some are really complicated (like a BB one I had that was like 200 tabs xO), but simpler ones work really well. I used an Applejack paper craft and got the hat from it. All that’s needed is seam allowance!

        Ah, that’s where I just kinda step back and say “love *you*, but I don’t love what you *believe in or do,*” ya know? I think there’s some things that fandoms as a whole seem to represent, and it’s the certain few negative things that make people automatically think “oh, fangirl, that means they’re crazy,” and while yes, we are crazy, they’ll be thinking of the negative bits. But that’s a whole post in and of itself, hey?

        And oh my goodness, I saw where you’re gonna be a special guest at a con!!! I bet that’s gonna be epic!!! Now how’d ya get there?

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      • Shay · March 21, 2018

        I have a rather complicated relationship with that staff… on one hand, I really love that I chose to go with the metal core, because it gives it this awesome weight and really feels like I think Rey’s staff does! On the other, I’m a little annoyed at my shortsightedness in doing that, because it means that I can’t really take it to cons or anywhere else when I cosplay as Rey unless wherever it is is totally outside and there aren’t a ton of people standing nearby me. I really do think I could knock someone out with that thing.
        Oh yeah, I really want to get those boots right!! I don’t have an extra $300 to spend on actual Po-Zu ones that they used in the movie, but I found a great tutorial on YouTube, plus a good thread on a Rebel Legion forum, and I think I can use those to make some great, screen-accurate Rey Scavenger boots for less than $20. I already had some short, “ugg” type boots that had a bit of a cowgirl look to them (grabbed them from Walmart specifically for this project a little while back; they were something like $10, I think?) The other night I finally got around to using my tutorials to remove the zippers and start wrapping the whole shoe up in masking tape so I can get a pattern for the cloth covers I’ll put over the existing shoe. I really do think that having the boots look good helps make the whole outfit, because as you said, a lot of people just let that bit go, but it really does contribute to her “look”.

        I didn’t even get to see Aliya’s Sabine until just now!! (Because you mentioned it, I just googled it and found her twitter and Rebel Legion stuff) Wow, it is really good! And I love that she did the civilian one, too!! 😀

        You’re totally welcome, it was something that needed to be shared! XD Oh, awesome!! Yesss, that would be so epic!! XD

        I totally get what you’re saying. That’s one of the biggest problems I’ve had to face getting into this fandom: how to balance between those two. It’s honestly kinda tough, and something I’m still working on figuring out.
        Yeah, I’ve run into that quite a bit. There are a lot of “fangirl things” that seem to be accepted as just part of the style when you’re a fangirl that I don’t really agree with or have a desire to participate in, and it’s kinda weird sometimes when I tell people that I’m a fangirl, or they start to find out on their own, because a lot of times people are inclined to immediately assume I’m all in with some of those things.

        Oh yeah! I’m *super* excited about that, but also really nervous!! I’ve never done anything like that before (my turn to say ‘surprise’! lol! XD), and I don’t want to make a total goof-up out of the whole thing.
        Well, it all started when I was looking for some cons in my area and stumbled across that little one, and noticed that they had a thing on their site about how they were taking submissions for guests to come and present their stuff. So I thought, “Why not? I’ll fill out the form and maybe get a table to set up some merch and info about TEP – it would be a cool way to meet some fellow fans in the area and get the work out about us!” I sent the lady in charge an email to find out if they let podcasters do live shows there — and long story short, I filled out the form, got accepted, and now I’ve somehow turned out as a guest for them!! XD
        Basically, they’re going to give me a table for TEP, and I’m also going to record a live podcast from the exhibition floor there. I may also do a presentation with another podcaster who will be there, but we’ll have to see about that.

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      • TheFeltedKitten · March 22, 2018

        Oh yeah, forgot about that. . . *sigh* I can see *why* they’d ban stuff like that (because there are those people :T) but still, it can be annoying. I’ve heard of some of the Mercs who can’t bring their staffs and hunting knives (sticks and stabbies, as they’ve dubbed them!) because they look too realistic. Only foam and soft plastic seem to be allowed. . .

        But there are those times when a knock-outable staff would come in handy, no? xP Well I’ve been thinking about how I’m gonna do mine. I’m not sure excactly how the “traditional” method is, but I think I’m gonna do a hollow PVC pipe, and do twist-off caps on either end. Inside it will go like a metal rod thing I found, that way it’ll have some weight. There’ll be like foam pads inside so the rod doesn’t rattle around too. That way it can be con-friendly! All I’ll have to do is take out the rod! Now to actually make it work. . . ;D

        Hehe, but usually my staff is a gift-wrap tube, or (if I get lucky) a big stick. So I have the Force Band (which is totally epic!) and it has a Rey’s Staff feature in the armory, and so I use that. It goes “swwooossh — clung” xD It sounds perfect, but the timing’s just the tiniest bit off. I’m actually planning on using the DL-44 feature when I’m Sabine for the contest (we’re supposed to ‘act the part’ lol, but when I did Rey I forgot all the lines and just said “I’m Rey,” and “Come along, BB-8!” But they loved it!) even though it’s not a Westar. I love that thing, use it more than BB himself!

        Oh gracious, they acutally sell the excact ones??? \>.</ I do believe I've seen some on clearance locally that could work! AND YOU TOOK THE ZIPPERS OFF?!?! AK! So how does that work? Do ya sew the edges together or is it like a gap left? Ah, the fabric covers for the boots. . . that's fun there. Mando's call 'em "spats" so that's what I know them as. They look pretty simple, but fun too! And yeah, my Rey boots are literally just a pair I borrowed from my mom. They're not gonna get modified any, but I really need to get better ones!

        Eeee, she and the very first Sabine (Eitanya) are like my favorite two Sabi cosplays ever!!! Just watching the attention to detail and how many times things have to be redone (Sabi is finicky, no?) is just amazing.

        Honestly I don't think I'll ever figure it out. Probably why I'm okay with getting about a view a day, if that. Yus, like I think only one of the "Ghost Crew Fates" really went "well" for me, and of course that'd be Sabine (though I didn't think she was that thick-headed, did it really take her five years to realize HEY I NEED TO SAVE EZRA? xP). I mean, I think I've finally accepted Jacen (does three pages of sketches count?), but it's just I think they accepted what the general fandom wanted is what they gave (for the most part). I think the advantage of my Rebels-ignorant (meaning that not-negatively) community is kinda good, cuz they *don't* see me that way. At least I hope.

        I'm sure you're gonna do great! That's so so so awesome though! I mean, having the name on an official site and all is ai, so neat! Okay, so you'll be recording live as in live to the site, or live to people there and recorded to be posted later? Aiii, I'm so excited for ya!!!


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