I used to think chibi was hard.

I don’t anymore.

Chibi (AKA a stylized “chubby” drawing form in which the head is drawn larger than the body), is pretty complicated when ya look at it. I mean, to do a specific character, you have to make the best use of space in order to keep their signature look, because you can’t rely on facial recognition.

Drawing Sabine was what I particularly wanted to do. There’s so many precious keychains and stickers out there of other characters, but not really many of my Mandalorian. Hopefully, I’m going to change that.

My drawing skills have greatly improved since January of last year. I’ve been doing daily sketches (not organized things at all, just random bursts that happen to be done daily), and it’s paid off. Where I formerly called my Ezra sketches “monkey blueberries” because his ears stuck out so far. . . now, he seems to look a bit more like himself than a space monkey. Plus I finally managed to get his nose right (shout out to y’all who can place that quote)! But for some reason, I’ve been afraid to try this style. I did once, back when The Last Jedi first came out, and it was awful. Ughhh. It looked horrible. So I haven’t tried since then. Who knows, maybe working in semi-realistic art has helped me get ready for unrealistic art!

Now, how I got over this fear. . . basically, I sat down and grabbed a handful of chibi drawings that I thought were cute and started sketching. First, I drew exactly what I saw. Same poses, same character, same expressions. Then I did one Sabine in the same style as my reference, only in my own pose. Next, a couple of eye, mouth and (in the case of critters) nose styles were explored. After that I chose my favorite eye (a tear-drop shape for female eyes, and a rounder one for males. Both get two white highlights and are all the same color as the particular character’s eye color). After I got comfortable with my chosen style, I did two pages of studies, where I mixed limb positions and head angles to make my own bases. Finally, I did my favorite characters — Sabine and Ezra. The result?


This! It was the first thing I did that I was actually satisfied with. Even though Sabine’s face turned out kinda odd, I think it’s cute.

Some others. . .


Confident Bean



Ezra never misses his target!






Best tag-team in the galaxy! Space siblings forever!


These are pretty much just the penciled highlights. . . I’m working on some colors, hopefully those’ll be up soon! I’m so glad I got over my (unnecessary) fear of chibi, because I LOVE these guys now!

I’m also diving back into my Sabine cosplay as the competition is only a month away! Be looking out for an update soon!

That’s all for now, Kitten out!

(Star Wars Rebels fanart by Kitten. No stealing! Posting elsewhere is okay with me, but please ask first! And please know that I don’t own Star Wars!)


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  2. Shay · March 23, 2018

    Love iiiit!!! Especially the first and last ones!! (Yeah, go Space Siblings!!!!) 😀😀 (is it ok if I share some of these on TEP’s twitter?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · March 23, 2018

      Yeee, thankies! Fine by me!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Shay · March 23, 2018

      Oh yeah, and I just remembered… You said something about a lot of Broccoli Boy (ahem, apparently that’s the fandom name for Jacen as of right now) sketches you had done… Any chances we might see some of those soon? *wink* *hint* *wink* 😂

      Liked by 2 people

      • TheFeltedKitten · March 23, 2018

        Oh gracious, Broccoli??? *sigh* That’s the best you people could do? My goodness. . . but yes, perhaps, yes, those are coming methinks. . . but he’s gonna get his own post. I’ve got some headcanons too for him. . . ;D

        Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · March 23, 2018

        I’ve seen some people tossing around some other names, but it seems they didn’t stick as well as “Broccoli” .
        Yay, I’m excited now!! I have mine own thoughts and theories about him and little Poe being buddies, stealing their mothers’ helmets to pretend like they are pilots and such… 😁
        Also, I think he would probably look adorable in chibi style!! 😁

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · March 23, 2018

        I’m just gonna go with Han and call him Little Green Guy (luv me Padawan Menace!)
        OH THAT’S PERFECT! I DIDN’T REALIZE THAT OIIIII that’s soooo precious!!! AK! Taking after big brother!
        Oh, heh heh heh, he does. . . now if I took the time to do him as I do Sabine, he’d be perfect. . .

        Liked by 1 person

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