Maneki Neko Loth-Cat!

I saw a sweet little loth-cat pin awhile back, and thought this would be cute. . .

Maneki Neko Loth-CatThe figures are traditionally modeled after the Japanese Bobtail, which (as the name states) has a lil bitty bunny tail. So it can’t be seen from the front. Anywho, this is extremely simple art. Literally just coloring in the lines. No shading, no nuthin. But it turned out pretty cute.
The positioning of the paws and choice of colors represent various things. I gave my loth-cat the tri-color Bobtail coloration, which generally signifies luck. Ezra’s either gotten very lucky with his connection to these critters, or the force wanted them to help him, so I figured that’d be a cute color to do her. The bib and bell signify protection for the cat, and the tablet in the left paw (Loth-cat’s left) invites people, rather than wealth. These kitties took care of Ezra (literally risking their furry lives at times) without any hope of reward beyond a pat on the head. Such wonderful beings. . . The tablet traditionally has a Japanese phrase written on it inviting wealth into the building it “protects.” On mine, I’ve written “Oh, credits” in Aurebesh. Sounds like something Hondo would say, eh?

I’d recommend checking out this post for lots more helpful information on Lucky Cats!

Star Wars Rebels fanart by Kitten. No stealing; please ask before reposting elsewhere! I don’t own Star Wars or the entire budget would go to animating thousands of loth-cats!

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