Wow, I’ve done more writing lately than art. That’s new. . .

This is a quick short (drabble, I’m told. . .) featuring Ezra and Sabine and CANDYYYY. I was inspired by Owl City’s “New York City” music video (link at bottom of page), and wrote this up real quick. It doesn’t really make much sense, it’s really just fluff. Fluffy space siblings. I’m thinking this is set somewhere around late season one, early season two. Back when Ezra’s teasing made Sabine mad (and/or before she learned to make a good comeback).

While I don’t often get spicy chocolate (cayenne caramel is EPIC), I LOVE 90% dark. . . needless to say, my siblings don’t eat it. So you could say this is inspired by my life too. Whatevs.

Ezra dumped his armload of candy onto the counter and motioned for Sabine to do the same. The cashier looked as if he couldn’t decide whether to faint or laugh at the two bright-eyed teens.

“It’s all his,” Sabine said quickly, pushing her load closer to Ezra’s. He arranged it into an even pile, dropped a stack of credits onto it, then glanced quickly at Sabine. “Sabine, aren’t you going to get anything?”
Sabine smirked and fished out a small package from underneath Ezra’s snacks. “I’m not like you, Ezra. I have sense. I eat a minimal amount of candy in order to not stunt my growth.”

“Since when do you care about being tall?” He grabbed at her chosen candy and studied the label. “Wha – chipotle chocolate?” Horror crossed his face. “That’s, like, against everything ever said! Chocolate is sweet!”

Sabine sighed and snatched her food back, smoothing the rumpled wrapper. “Mandalorians are known for their spicy cooking, Ezra! I love it. And it has way less sugar than normal chocolate.”

He frowned, taking in this contradictory information.

“Besides,” Sabine added, flashing him a wide grin, “how else will I keep you from eating my food?”

Ezra sighed in defeat and paid for his candy. As usual, Sabine was right.

You can find the official music video for “New York City” here. It made me laugh, but some of the implied ideas are not my favorite. I’m not advertising those choices, ya know?


Later, Ezra snuck into Sabine’s room and found the chipotle chocolate lying innocently on her table. Curiosity (his downfall) washed over him, and he reached for it. He took a bite.
Ezra Bridger never, never ate any of Sabine’s food ever again.



  1. christineeyre · April 17, 2018

    Also, apologies for hijacking your post with reeeeaaally long comments… 🙂

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  2. christineeyre · April 17, 2018

    Okay, so these mental pictures get funnier and funnier! I could definitely see Hera liking Sabine’s spicy cooking–headcanon that the Clone Wars created food shortages on Ryloth, and most of the food they had was bland/downright nasty. She’d jump at the chance for creative variety! And Kanan would eat it without complaining because he loves his kids, but yeah, Zeb’s food preference does fall on the sweet side rather than the spicy! (Hmm, Twi’lek cooking? I can’t find a whole lot of information about their culture, but spicy cooking does seem to fit!)
    Hehe, that’s true (although I’m getting better at drawing her lekku!), but it’s definitely a triumph to get her appearance correct! Her flight suit is so much fun to draw, though. 🙂 Ugh, yes, and that’s exactly why I haven’t drawn Zeb yet. *sighs*
    Maybe Sabine’s character layers didn’t show up until later seasons, but she *did* contribute to the story. She wasn’t just a tomboy female added for the sake of diversity (which really gets on my nerves!). Without her distractions, explosives, computer skills, etc., the crew couldn’t perform the missions they did. And Sabine tends to point out what could go wrong/where the plans might fail–which is a reasonable consideration when planning an op, but does make her come across as somewhat pessimistic. And you’re right; she’s tough, but really is sweet and compassionate to those she cares for! I think Kanan’s assessment of the situation is most accurate: “She’s so expressive, yet so closed off; so creative, yet so tightly-wound!” (Or something like that; haven’t watched “Trials of the Darksaber” in a while!)
    To be honest, I thought her points in “Out of Darkness” made sense, given her history. Wanting to be sure you’re not making another terrible mistake, not wanting trust to be shattered again…especially when you can’t see the big picture. Of course, she does have to remember that she can trust Kanan and Hera, even if they can’t give her all the information she wants. Something that’s a little hard to grasp when you’re a teenager, though…
    “Blood Sisters”, but also “The Protector of Concord Dawn” in S2…she shared the spotlight with Kanan in that last one, but she definitely drives much of the episode! And I thought it interesting that when she ran into Ketsu again, she’s cautious because of being betrayed, but she’s eventually able to forgive her. But when Fenn Rau hurts Hera, Sabine’s all like, “THAT’S IT YOU’RE GOING DOWN.” 🙂
    It is interesting that she’s so fiercely loyal and protective of those she loves, but never did mention her family to Ezra. Ooh, that’s a good thought, that it was out of concern for him–it would have stung to learn that Sabine had a family that she didn’t want to see again, when he wanted his family back, but couldn’t have that. Actually, he says as much in “Trials of the Darksaber”–“At least you have a family to go back to.” And now *he’s* encouraging her to face her past, just like she encouraged him all the way back in S1.
    On that note, my guess is that she was trying to keep Ezra from making the same mistakes she made. And one big difference between her family and Tseebo is that Tseebo seemed to regret abandoning the Bridgers. As far as she knew, her family was done with her–and in “Trials of the Darksaber”, she seems to have written them off entirely and accepted the Ghost crew as her family. ‘Course she could also have simply been afraid to face her past and pain.
    But that’s one of the great things about Rebels–how the characters are developed and layered. It’s so, so in-depth for “a kid’s show”, and half of its brilliance is what it implies as well as what it directly shows. And that’s before we get to discussing Kanan…
    *is rambling again* Haha, yes, definitely a fangirl thing! And it’s been great to chat with you about these characters!
    That fic/drabble sounds SO great! Any chance you’ll post it? (I can’t seem to find it on your blog–no pressure, though!!)
    It might depend on *which* girly things; make-up is bound to melt eventually and run into her eyes–but she clearly has no problem with hair flair. 🙂 Ooh, yes, she would be a graceful dancer! She’s so athletic, though, she might prefer a fast-paced dance to a slow waltz. HAHAHAH Ezra and Zeb would be terrible at dancing! And awkward. It would be hilarious to watch. I could see Kanan and Hera dancing together pretty well. Then again, I ship them so hard, I’m probably overly-biased… 🙂

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    • TheFeltedKitten · April 18, 2018

      Ahh, that makes so much sense!!! Clone Wars isn’t my era (I think I’ve watched, what, five episodes?), but I’ve been studying it for the sake of my SpaceFamily. I can see her now, rebelling in her own ship over Ezra’s insistance on having a full stock of yucky ration bars, “in case of *emergency,* Hera!” Kanan, hehe, he’s known by the “Kanan Goes Green Campaign;” where he eats as much vegatables as possible. Everyone teases him about his life being centered around green things. . .
      Yus, there’s almost no references for Twi’lek stuff (which drives me crazy — they’re so *off* from the rest of SW!); but ironically, there is SO MUCH on Mandalore’s lifestyle that one could begin an accurate mando’a culture!
      Aii, yes. . . it’s so simple to the eye, but there’s so many little details in it that are so fun! Like her rank badge — the old one, her captain’s one — that now belongs to a certain hybrid. . .
      Oh, I definitely agree, she always was needed, and she’s always been an integral part of the crew, I just feel like she and Zeb were not explored as much in those first two seasons. Heh, her best one-liners were all back then (“ugh, his plan gets worse *all the time*. . .” “I don’t get it. . . *snap* Oh, *now* I get it!”), and she kept the boys in line. OIMEGOODNESS, *yes* that is *excactly* what me and my bro have always said — there’s ALWAYS, in every tv show, movie, and cartoon, a girl who either is incredibly girly-girl, or is the roughest of the bunch. But then, it’s so common to see that that it’s no longer diversity, but just something that *has* to be done (ironically, Lego’s Ninjago is the first one that comes to mind that stepped a bit over the stereotype; Nya plays the little sister who wants to be accepted by her brother’s group, but at the same is a super-epic warrior who can confuse and fight better than all her friends put together). Hehe, I love her but she *did* make herself into a little grump back then. . . Call To Action, Ezra finally got fed up and goes “Sa-BINE, let’s be optimistic!” Of course, anyone looks like a nay-sayer next to him. . . but really, she’s been amazing the whole time, I just think they made their point of it in S3 (besides, she’s so *funny* in S1 and 2. . . always popping off at someone, teasing Ezra, or teaming up with her best bud Chopper :3) Yup, you’ve got it nearly perfect — and then Hera’s finishing thought; Sabine is a “Mandalorian.” That she is, that she is. I think Trials of the Darksaber might be my favorite. She’s so stand-offish and easily offended throughout the episode, but under the frustration, she’s really willing to learn. I’m almost certain that she wanted the opportunity, after she gets the idea into her head, but wanted to be as stubborn and grumpy about it as possible. Not that she’s inheriently meaning to be rude, she’s just trying to hide her fear. And obviously, that went really well. . . Kanan got defeated, but it was her that really was taken down. And then Fenn just egging on her anger — he’s so *annoying* sometimes!!! I know, I know, he’s another mandalorian and wants her to be like she was raised, but he doesn’t *know* that she’s being raised now by Jedi. . . a mando-jedi hybrid, and she uses them both to her full advantage by the finale.
      Yeah, they did, and I totally get where she’s coming from, but they just overdid the angst a bit — she whined about it, stomped around, and then her little face-off with Kanan. . . hehe, my fam calls the show the “dramatic Star Wars show” and Sabine is the main reason why. “I’m telling you. I’m coming on your run to meet Fulcrum.” She’s so snippy. . . hehe, well, I’m growing alongside her then! It’s funny to think that these characters think nothing of jumping over thousand-foot gaps and risking their lives daily when I’m afraid of something as trivial as a roller coaster. . . they seem so much older than they are!!!
      Ohhh. . . hehe. . . I may have forgotten about that one. . . it’s been awhile. . . yusss, that is weird, her forgiving Ketsu but absolutely hating Fenn! I guess it’s that Fenn insulted her pride AND hurt Hera, while Ketsu only abandoned her for dead and completely ruined any chance she had of getting a job with Black Sun AND insulted her pride. . . wow, lil Bean really has grown up!!!
      Oi, and that’s excactly where I was coming from — Darksaber really was painful for all three of them in turn! Sabine, of course, having her past basically dumped onto her head, Kanan having to work outside his comfort zone to account for Sabine’s. . . uh. . . non-Jediness. . . and then Ezra, who is finding out that his best friend never even told him about what he deems most important of all (back in Homecoming) — family! Akkk, this is why plushies were invented. . . cats can only be hugged so long!!! I actually saw a side-by-side comparison with that; both of the scenes at the same time, and the similarity is striking! Essentially, they have the same problem, only, for Ezra, he’s speaking from experience. . . Sabine, make it right. . . while you still can.
      Huh, I didn’t even account for Tseebo! I always forget him (he’s almost like a sub-plot; it’d seem like he’d come back for the finale!) since he disapeared, but he is pretty important there!
      Oimegoodness, I don’t know how many times I’ve ranted about the idea of a “kid’s show” by now. . . ever since Rise of the Old Masters (ugggg, was bringing Luminara back *like that* really necessary???) it’s been completely different from anything else I watch. I mean, it’s Star Wars and even the Lego things are graphic (well, if minifigures falling apart and chasing their legs is violent) at times, but Rebels can get pretty gritty. And then yeah, the depth of what they’re conveying is just far beyond something like Mickey Mouse or that! There’s just so much to learn from it — but then there’s also some other things I don’t agree with. . . the ultimate fates for the crew were not quite that on-spot for me. Hera’s and Zeb’s, specifically, were questionable, to say the least. . .
      *bows* And I shall say the same. . . oh, heh, sorry, it’s not here yet. Procrastination means it didn’t get posted by January (and the Thanksgiving one didn’t get started till February). I might — I’d have to type it, and probably fill in the many holes. See, I write whatever comes to me first, then connect the dots (fun, but often time-consuming!) so not much ever really gets finished ;3 There’s a whole load of holiday scribbles and stuff I could do at once though. . . hmmm. . .
      Aihai, I hadn’t thought about that!!! Yusss, I’ve heard it will do that and Sabine probably would NEVER let ANYTHING happen to her eyes — not when they let her see her color and arts. . . hehe, definitely not shy with her hair at all! I’m currently debating whether to get a wig for my cosplay, or to try getting muh hair cut like hers (little longer though) and doing a temporary dye. . . I bet between seasons she’s got like a new color every other day, trying to find something that *fits* her. I’m curious, her personality color seems like a nice, bright yellow-y gold, with some rich purple and orange and she’s got such a fiery spirit, but she’s never done much in the way of reds. Season 2 had a lot of orange, but after that she mellowed out to yellow.
      Here’s something I might try to draw: Sabine teaching her brothers a line dance. Ezra taught her the forms rather well, and they’re like a line dance. Only dancing doesn’t involve lightsabers or sticks, so he’s nervous and tripping and basically making a fool of himself. . . Tristan, I don’t know him well, but he seems smart enough, he can probably keep up with her (if only because he’s her blood brother and he wants to make himself look better than the friends she’s picked up :P), and Zeb. . . well, Zeb is Zeb and he probably won’t even try. Yup, they could probably *look* like it’s going well, but Hera would likely be nervous and slipping around! I’ve learned that waltzes are easy, and you can teach someone pretty quickly how (I had a dance class and loathed it, but hey, it was useful to some degree as a fangirl XD) to dance, and only they will know that they’re not doing very well. . . I’d love to see something like that in the predicted sequel series. . . Sab and Soki pick up a few extra buddies on their Ezra-quest, and have to infiltrate some high-fancy party. . . Sab will probably have to teach her new friends how to dance! (Oh wow, now I’ve begun to create OC’s for a show that doesn’t exist. . . *sigh* what has Star Wars done to me. . .)
      (I don’t mind at all — hehe, I’m pretty long-winded anywho!)

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      • christineeyre · April 21, 2018

        Oh, that’s funny! Ezra would definitely horde whatever food he could find! And Kanan has odd fashion sense, so it would make sense he would have odd food tastes as well! He does seem to have a preference for the color green…
        Yeah, I have a lot of headcanons about Hera’s family! (For instance, I also think that her youngest brother died during the Separatist occupation of Ryloth in the Clone Wars)–and I kinda have to, because there’s so little info on the Twi’leks and their culture! (I need to draw Hera in a native Ryloth outfit…that’d be cool.) Not surprised that fans are so interested in Mandalorians, though!
        That’s true, though I think Sabine got more character development overall than Zeb did…which is a shame because Zeb’s cool. I re-watched Out of Darkness recently, and I see what you mean about her complaining overmuch. She had some legitimate points/questions, but then…yeah, it crossed a line. 🙂 They all definitely seem much older than they are–Ezra and Sabine (well, everyone, really) has been through so much and had to grow up so fast—and then we get little moments like Sabine hopping over the table in the common room (in Rise of the Old Masters, I believe), and Ezra’s cheerfulness at random times! I can hardly believe Kanan was 28 at the beginning of the series; he’s cocky and dorky, but otherwise, he seems so much older.
        Gotcha–and my fics often start as random lines or drabbles that then need a solid plot and ending! So I totally understand.
        Ooh, a Sabine cosplay sounds cool!!! Have you decided on wig or haircut yet? Yeah, you’d think Sabine would go for the bright, fiery colors, but she seems to gravitate towards blues and purples…nearly every hair job she gets in the series have blue or purple in it!
        AWESOME ART IDEA!! I’d love to see it if you ever draw it!! I could see Zeb tripping over his feet right off the bat, and then going “lol, nope” and just watching the others attempt the dance. And making fun of Ezra, of course. 🙂 Ooh, ooh, ooh, that’s a great idea!…even though it requires nonexistent show OCs. 🙂 But that’s the beauty of Star Wars: the world and its characters!

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      • TheFeltedKitten · April 23, 2018

        Yusss, I mean, what it *with* him and those green shirts??? I love olive green, but he seems to prefer a more yellowy hue that’s just ughhhh. . . yucky!
        Wait — she had a brother??? I’ve seen that around but is it canon? Yeep! (Oii, that’d be so neat! I’m wondering what excactly her outfit in “The Occupation” was, as it wasn’t super Twi-lek-ish, but it called back to that sort of style. . .)
        It’s sad, I love Zeb and his grumpy-sweet self; in a way, he reminds me of what Kylo/Ben would be like if he hadn’t gone darkside (or if Rey turns him. . . holding out on that even if it’s cliche. . .) XD I LOVED THAT BIT!!! I rewatched the first season a few weeks ago, and I was utterly fangirling and pulling my brother over to see (he didn’t see what the big deal was. . . honestly I don’t blame him). And aiii, Ezra is just so sweet, despite all that he has gone through! They’re all perfect in their own sweet ways!
        Well, not quite. . . it’s either local wig-shopping or a hair job now, I’m too close to the event! Other than that, she’s coming along well; supposedly will be installing the helmet visor today! It’s been really fun to find all the little details that the amazing animaters put in — just this morning, I noticed that the corners of her shoulder and collar plates are weathered where they rub together when she leans forward!
        I’ll likely post it, even if it turns out terrible it’s too funny not to! Oiiii, and I can totally see Zebby doing that. . . being a good sport about most “Sabine things,” but when it comes to being the test-object for a hair dye, or DANCING, he’s already out XP I love those guys. . . ❤
        OCs get on my nerves sometimes. . . no one but oneself knows *excactly* who they are, so it can get confusing! Plus there's always the weird names to dream up so it's "swarzy" and fits in. . . (I love doing it; they're always exotic and odd, but not usually following any spelling rules. . . XD) It is! It's just amazing how they've taken those origanal four heroes and created so many more that have just as much depth and brightness. Ahsoka and Jar Jar are just as iconic as Leia and C-3P0 now — only with their own personalities, of course! And then these little spin-off series; they are just so STAR WARS, even though they focus on someone entirely different than the movies!!!

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      • christineeyre · April 27, 2018

        One of Kanan’s many quirks, I guess! It would have been funny if the show had hinted at some reason why he preferred *that* particular shade (though I don’t know where that information could be worked in!).
        Yes, it’s canon; Hera’s brother is mentioned in the episode Jedi Night–sorry if I accidentally spoiled something for you! Her top in “The Occupation” looks Ryloth-inspired (as does her headdress and those decorative bands around her lekku), but her pants/boots look like what most of the other Lothal women wear, so she has the appearance of a Twi’lek immigrant to the planet. It’s my headcanon that she has at least one outfit from Ryloth tucked in her drawers, though she rarely wears it except on undercover missions. (I can’t make head or tail of Zeb’s disguise in that episode, though–it looks kinda stupid, and maybe was just to hide the fact that he was a Lasat.)
        “Grumpy-sweet” is the perfect description of S1 Zeb; he’s easily riled, but more soft-hearted than he lets on. Ooh, never thought of comparing him to Kylo/Ben…though I know for sure that our dear Zeb will never turn to the dark side! (I have no idea where the Kylo/Rey storyline will go…to copy Vader’s redemption too closely WOULD be cliche, but I’m not sure how redemption for Kylo could grow organically out of what’s already been established about him. Guilt could do the trick, but that could also drive him deeper toward darkness.) And I LOVE those little moments that show just how young everybody in the crew is, what their lives *might* have been like if they weren’t constantly fighting the Empire. I kinda wish we could have gotten more family/fluff episodes, especially in S1…I’m not sure exactly how much time passes S1 covers, but it could be anywhere from just under a year, to a year-and-a-half. And I like thinking up what missions or mishaps might take place in between S1 episodes. For example, in “Out of Darkness”, Sabine says that Fulcrum’s hit-and-miss intel has “been happening a lot lately”…so there must have been missions and narrow escapes that happened BEFORE “Out of Darkness”, to the point where Sabine finally gets fed up with it. And then if an mission caused particular trouble to the Empire, the crew might have to lay low for a while, and there could be fluff/bonding during those times. It’s fun to imagine and write fanfic for!
        Yay! I hope the rest of your cosplay goes well! And wow–that’s some attention to detail!
        HAHAHA, yes Zeb is patient with his siblings–but that patience does have a limit! And Sabine has TOTALLY asked/offered to dye his fur…that’s a great headcanon! I KNOW–they’re all so precious! (And I wish they could have had happier endings…I get why the show ended the way it did, and the themes coming full circle and all that, but they’ve been through so much, they deserve some rest and happiness…)
        OCs in fanfic can be annoying…I guess it depends on how well they’re written, though you do have to establish a logical reason for this new character to be hanging out with the established cast! I myself tend to avoid SW OC fanfic just because I would rather get *more* of these characters I already know and love! And the universe I’ve come to love. 🙂

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      • TheFeltedKitten · April 30, 2018

        Oi, now I’m seeing thousands of different ways that so many ridiculous headcanons could have been worked in (one that IS canon I would have liked to see is Sabine’s fear of water — an underwater mission episode would have been EPIC. . .)
        Oh, yipe. . . I’ve seen that one — how in the GALAXY did I miss that??? Thank you for pointing that out, chances are I’d have never noticed it — I typically skip or skim over that part!!! Hmm, I wondered what she was going for there! Oi, that sounds awesome, I can see that! Makes me wonder tho if she has any nicer Ryloth outfits that she wears (after the series) when she goes to Ryloth. (Oiiii, me neither, it’s just goofy thing — and HOW did Zeb wear boots??? Think I agree with Chop on the whole disguise thing xP That whole episode had so much silliness in it. . .)
        Nah, Zeb would never go evil. . . he’s too in love with waffles, and we all know that the dark side only offers cookies X3 (Me neither, but they (the writers) have done it pretty well so far (always a few off things but mostly it’s alright) and hopefully they won’t try to make any more tie-ins to the originals! Please, we ALL know it’s Star Wars!!!)
        Yuussss, like one maybe in between Gathering Forces and Path of the Jedi — those two were so hard on Ezra, and it doesn’t really make sense for him to go through two hard things so close together. There’s GOT to have been some time in between those!!! Oi, there just could have been more “filler” stuff. . . yeah, like stealing TIE’s and goofing off with SpaceWhales. . . hehe, that’s a great idea for a fanfic, that there! I can see the kids complaining about being stuck in the ship and Kanan just quietly dealing with it for hours on end before EXPLODING on them and completely scaring them to death. . . and Hera just laughing her head off safely behind Kanan XP
        Sabine’s conclusion though. . . poor girl is all alone now!!! Bring Ezra back!!!
        Hehe, it’s alright (to some extent) for one that’s really popular and most people know of, if not really like that much (Mira Wren-Bridger comes to mind. . .), but when you get to something like “oh I drew this guy with the Rebels crew” and no backstory or anything, it’s kinda weird. . . but then again, I have Jada, and she’s impossible to place in that particular time period since she’s a Jedi too. . .

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  3. christineeyre · April 13, 2018

    This is a hoot! Very well-written, and my favorite bit is the bonus scene at the end! Poor Ezra, though… 🙂

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    • TheFeltedKitten · April 13, 2018

      Thank ye so much!!! I’ve been working on writing lately (fictional, that is. . . school doesn’t *really* count) so it made my day to hear that!!! Ah, poor Ezra, yes. . . he should have known better though!
      (By-the-by, I’ve been keeping an eye on your Rebels arts — I ADORE your faces!!! You always get their face shapes just right; something I, uh, am *working on*. . . but seriously, your Kanan is flat out AMAZING. And of course I must say that you do an excellent Sabine. . . I’m not all that biased. . . ;D)

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      • christineeyre · April 13, 2018

        Ooh, good for you! Hehe, yeah, school writing is good stuff, but not always what we’d rather be doing! (And methinks Ezra has learned his lesson quite thoroughly. 🙂 )

        That you so much–your encouragement made MY day! (I’m not always 100% happy with how Hera looks, though…) Heehee, I gathered you liked Sabine! But then, she’s awesome. 🙂

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      • TheFeltedKitten · April 14, 2018

        He probably has. . . and he probably won’t eat on Sabine-Cooks-Dinner night either XP
        Hera is such a terror to draw! I’m pretty sure it’s because she has lekku instead of hair. . . it’s a pity, because she’s so perfect she *needs* to be drawn! Yus, yus, I indeed am guilty, Sabine Wren is my all-time favorite fictional character (Ezra next, of course). She is so epic. . . that girl is why I started drawing again, no joke. She and Ezra both are my drawing life :3

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      • christineeyre · April 16, 2018

        Hehe, now I have a hilarious mental image of that idea! It’s the one time Ezra refuses food and for a *very* good reason…wonder if the rest of the crew can tolerate Sabine’s spicy cooking? 🙂
        Her lekku is part of the problem, but so is her face structure, I’ve found. If the angles in her face are too wide, too narrow, too slanted, too flat, too anything, it doesn’t look much like the Hera we know and love. *sighs* Well, that’s what practice is for!
        Nothing to feel guilty about there! One thing I love about Sabine is that she’s very smart and skilled, but not perfect. I’ve seen a few fans complain that she’s kind of a Mary Sue because she’s skilled at a lot and not really bad at anything…but she’s more complex than that. Like in the Empire Day episode, she encourages Ezra to make peace with his past, but we learn later that she never did the same thing herself. She’s rough-and-tumble, but seems to have a soft spot for Ezra, even though he annoys her a lot at first! Her go-to strategies seem to be blowing things up or knocking out/disabling communications…it’s what she’s good at, but it’s also pretty much all she resorts to when their plans are thrown off-course. She hesitates to trust–understandably–yet she’s fiercely loyal to the Ghost crew, even while hiding from them the pain in her past. Ah, I’m rambling now, but point being, Sabine is a *far* more complex character than people give her credit for!
        Also, I have a headcanon that she actually *likes* to dress up on occasion, and she can rock the battlefield and the ballroom. 🙂

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      • TheFeltedKitten · April 17, 2018

        Oh goodness, no. . . if anything, I think Hera could (don’t Twi’leks have a certain food style that involves spices too? I can’t remember. . .), but the others most definitely couldn’t take it. ‘Specially not Zeb, not with his precious space-waffles ;3
        Yuussss, she’s got such a angular face!!! If she had lekku OR the face it’d be easier but both is just so complicated but fun! Honestly, she reminds me of a Siamese cat compared to the others. Zeb is the greatest challenge for me though. . . Hera at least is a humanoid and ya can get by with softening the angles for a simple art, but Zeb. . . Zeb is hard. He looks like a cat/fox/bat and so many other weird creatures. . . but yeah, practice helps so much. So much.
        It’s funny, Hera was my favorite for the first two seasons *because* of that! Sabine WAS this perfect girl who had nothing wrong and was an epic artist who painted AND blew stuff up. . . perfection. . . right? After a while, her snarky self just seemed like another part of the show, not a major character but just *there*. Out of Darkness helped some, by making her seem a little more her age (after all, Sab and Ez *are* still teens!), but it exaggerated her complaining, and served more, methinks, to make Hera look more like a responsible big sister. And then season two she was barely even there! Only Blood Sisters spotlighted little Bean! But then season three happened. . . Imperial Supercommandos happened and the the Mandalore episodes too. . . showing that she’s not perfect after all, but she made up for it. And even after all of it, she *still* had the Ghost guys behind her. Although I wasn’t quite satisfied with her S4 story arc, I think they made her, over the series, into one of the most layered, intense characters I’ve ever met and that’s why she’s my precious!
        Hehe, I rewatched the earlier episodes and saw those bits in Empire Day and Gathering Forces. . . it made me laugh, now, because we know that she’s basically either being a hypocrite or trying to help Ezra NOT fall where she did (she’s a sweet girl, under that tough-girl facade). I just can’t help but laugh at Ezra later on when he’s tripping out over her family and he’s like “Sabine has a mom?” “Sabine’s dad — wha?” “SABINE HAS A BROTHER??? She never told me. . .” and he’s probably feeling a bit put-out and betrayed, cuz they’re supposed to be best friends, and yet she never bothered to tell him (but that’s probably because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings by telling him she *does* have what he wants most, but she doesn’t want it at all — again, she’s so sweet and compassionate to all of them). But then too, he’s so stinkin’ *curious* to find out more about them that he completely lays aside grudges and becomes what I call “dork side Ezra” and is ridiculous and awkward but still the little blueberry all along. . . but wait, that’s Ezra now, not Sabine. . . hehe, you’re good on rambling, I think it must be a fangirl thing ;D
        Now that’s something I hadn’t thought of much, that there! Sabine, dressed up? Huh. I actually did a short (drabble?) thing for New Year’s where Hera had them dressed up to infiltrate Canto Bight and disrupt a Imperial New Year’s celebration there, and Sab’s dress and shoes were giving her severe angst xD I don’t think she technically *dislikes* all the girly things, but I think she doesn’t *love* them. But dancing — I’ve seen a few headcanons about that out there, and I totally agree! She’s so acrabatic and graceful that there’s no way she can’t at least be an excellent dancer. And Kanan too, methinks, but Ezra and Hera (not even going to mention Zeb) are, well, not *quite* talented in the dancing field ;3 Those two seem like singing would be more their thing. . .

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