1. christineeyre · May 12, 2018

    This is really good! I like how you captured his face shape–and that he’s letting his hair grow out again. 🙂 (No offense to his S3 look, but I really liked that mop top he had at first!) Are you going to color this at some point?

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    • TheFeltedKitten · May 13, 2018

      Thank yousss! Hehe, yus, I know I definitely liked his flop-top best X3 The short cut makes him look kinda like a monkey. . . a nice monkey. XD I plan to! The program I use now, Krita, lets me do layers at different opacities, so basically all I’ll have to do is put down the basic color and then do the shading layer that’s already there at half opacity — and then it’ll be done!

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