It’s been over 3 months now since the finale. . . and I miss them. . . and I really want Ezra to come home to Lothal NOW. . . I dunno fangirls, how bout we all get together and make our own portal into the World Between Worlds and SAVE THE BLUEBERRY, eh? But in the meantime, enjoy the epic SpaceSiblings as Loth-kitties. . .

(Star Wars Rebels fan art by Kitten. NO stealing; do please repost with permission! I don’t own Star Wars. . . or there’d be an ANNOUNCED spinoff series in the works now XD Love you guys. . .)


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  2. christineeyre · June 4, 2018

    I had to laugh at myself as well, but thankfully, the power didn’t cut in the middle of the finale! And oh yeah, we weren’t flattened by a tornado either. 🙂

    Whoa. I’m thinking it would be the most epic AND dangerous job in the galaxy. Duchess Satine was trying to do a good thing, to put a stop the the violence and the Mandalorian tendency to pick fights. But to totally erase their cultural values by becoming a pacifist…was taking her intentions too far. Ooh, yeah, and Sabine caught in the middle…based on how she behaves in S1, plus the details of her backstory, I’d say she started out on the side of the blaster-blazing Mandos. She seemed to have no qualms about making a super weapon, and she named it “the Duchess” ironically; and she was initially ready to tear off Fenn Rau’s head for hurting Hera. And it was turning points in her growth when she spared Fenn Rau and Gar Saxon (in S3–I *think* that was his name)–all of which seems to point to her siding more with the warrior Mandos than the pacifist Mandos. Even then, she found her own balance between the extremes.

    Ooh, that would be a cool show! And I’d say it’s relevant, given that they’re cleaning up part of the mess left over from the Clone Wars and the Empire. Ezra’s so empathetic and good at connecting that I’d be *really* curious to see how he’d handle diplomacy between Mandalorians and families of Jedi.

    Hehe, yeah poor Ezra. Of course, he does solve several problems as well, without creating new ones (or huge new ones, at least). I’ve seen fanfics and headcanons that Thrawn and Ezra have to team up (along with the rest of the Imperials on that stardestroyer. Which is definitely interesting. And boy, Chiss Jedi would be a force to be reckoned with. MART GOING ALONG WITH THEM–I LOVE THAT HEADCANON!!!!

    Oh, your description of Ezra and his rag-tag gang made me smile!!!! It is now a firmly fixed headcanon that Ezra returns home with a string of Padawans/adopted orphans and pets. Loth-cats are definitely among them. I totally have to draw that–and how cool would it be if we BOTH drew it and compared drawings? (And maybe the first thing Ezra says to Hera is “I don’t know how you did it” [meaning raising him and Sabine]!) XD

    I like the idea of non-Force sensitive Jacen too…it would be an interesting journey for him to learn about his father and understand his philosophy/past/job–without being able to personally connect to it. And family Force-sensitivity has been done so often in the Star Wars universe that we could stand a little variation. Sometimes you just miss out on a gene or two. 🙂 And Jacen LOOKS so much like Kanan already that it would kinda give him more of a distinct personality if he wasn’t Force-sensitive. He would have to grow in different ways than his father did.

    Boy, I wish Kanan could have seen his son…I think he would have loved to be a father. And I could see him secretly thinking, “Yeah, I got this” about raising a baby…after all, he raised a Mandalorian girl who had trust issues and a traumatized teenager who had abandonment issues. And then Jacen actually comes, and Kanan’s like, “Wait, what is this?!?!?” ’cause it’s a completely different dynamic having a baby to care for 24/7. And Ezra and Sabine and Zeb would be fighting over who gets to teach the kid what, ’cause Sabine would want to teach him to paint, and Ezra would teach him to climb around and maybe even use a lightsaber (don’t tell Hera!), while Zeb would teach the kid to knock somebody out with a good left hook…man, I wish the whole crew had survived and stayed together. I get why the show ended the way it did. But these characters have been through so much…I wish they could have gotten a happier ending!

    HAHAHA I totally see Kanan saying that! 🙂

    Absolutely! I’ll look forward to seeing your answers! The “newest favorite song” means a song you found recently that you call a favorite. Or more than one song. Believe me, I have quite a list too. 🙂

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    • TheFeltedKitten · June 9, 2018

      Lol, yes, being NOT FLATTENED is a very good thing! A very good thing indeed!

      Poor Bean — say, that does make me wonder. . . it’s obvious her mom is Death Watch material, but what is Alrich? He seems a bit more New Mandalorian, and perhaps those two different viewpoints throughout her childhood are another reason she just seems so confused and lost at the beginning of the series. . .

      Lol, yeah, Sabine would probably only bring him along because of his people skills, as her own are, well, lacking, to say the least. *laughs* She’s rather like him in a lot of ways, but Ezra is far more trusting of others and has a knack for speaking to people without making them feel bad — which, sadly, Sabine either does not possess or chooses not to use.

      That’d be epic and very much fun! I’ve actually started a variation of that (because I discovered I have not the skills to plan posters and that was more of a poster-style drawing :T) and I hope to get it up onto the computer to digitally color at some point in the near future!

      (Aihai, that so sounds like him XD And Jacen be the confuzzled little guy who has no idea what’s going the entire time!)

      Ooooo, yusss, it would!!! I’ve actually started thinking/writing/drawing him as a pirate/smuggler (the pilot of his little Iron-Squadron-inspired group, of course!), who probably hangs around Han too often for his own good.

      Oh my goodness — I laughed at all of your “teach Jacen” headcanons, but Zeb teaching him to punch is for some reason incredibly hilarious to me! It seems likely that Zeb might underestimate the kid, and let him test the punch on *Zeb himself. . .*

      Okay, thank yous for the clarification! Sounds good, I’ll be working on that! The hard part will be finding enough people to tag XD

      By-the-by, your story in your tag — about the grocery shopping — gave me a much-needed laugh — I can totally relate to the distracting items in the store; that’s probably why I don’t get to go to Hobby Lobby more than I do XD And sorry about the so-so-so-late reply, I’ve had camp this week and it’s exhausting!

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      • christineeyre · June 9, 2018

        Yep! We survived both the storm and the last half of the season! (I can’t tell you how badly Jedi Night tore my heart up! 😦 )

        Oooh, good question. I’d have to watch Heroes of Mandalore again to be sure, but Sabine made a comment, “My father fights with his art”…meaning he wasn’t a warrior in the traditional sense, yet he still had things he wanted to fight for. So yeah, maybe more New Mandalorian than otherwise, but not totally pacifist.

        Okay, I re-watched Heroes of Mandalore, and Hera says that Alrich Wren is important to his people…something tells me that if he were totally pacifist, he probably wouldn’t be. He is also proud of his people and his heritage (he explains to Ezra that the armor makes Mandalorians who they are, even though he doesn’t wear it himself.) But he is definitely less trigger happy than his wife! So now I’m wondering how Ms. Death Watch ended up with Mr. Artist–maybe the different personalities are what attracted them to each other? Or maybe Alrich started out more traditional Mandalorian and then veered into a less violent way of fighting later. Or maybe it was an arranged marriage, or a marriage for political reasons.

        Haha, now I have an image of Sabine and Ezra playing “good cop, bad cop” while Asohka facepalms in the background! Sabine might also be able to talk down the more trigger-happy of her people because she understands the Mandaorian viewpoint…it would be REALLY interesting to see how they handled Jedi-Mandalorian diplomacy. Hehe, yeah, Sabine has many skills and strengths, but she’s not diplomatic, at least not verbally.

        Ooh, awesome!!! I can’t wait to see it! And I need to get started on my drawing…the image of Ezra with a string of adopted kids and pets is just too perfect! I can see him marching through the streets with his mini entourage like it’s perfectly normal, ignoring all the looks he gets from everyone else….oh, Ezra. And I could see him teasing Hera by calling them all “her grand kids”. Which would probably confuse poor little Jacen all the more!

        What do you think adult Ezra would look llke? I’ve seen fan art of him with a small Kanan-style beard and ponytail, which is a nice idea. I kinda imagined him growing his hair out a little, but not as long as Kanan’s.

        OH MY GOODNESS I just noticed!–Sabine wears the Darksaber strapped to the back of her belt–which I think is where Kanan wore one piece of his lightsaber in S1. Maybe Sabine strapped hers there for convenience’s sake, because she’s got her blasters and equipment and stuff elsewhere on her belt, but it’s cool to see little influences from SpaceDad in her habits! (Heh, still watching Heroes of Mandalore.)

        I have a feeling that Jacen’s Iron Squadron would be a little more successful than Mart’s….cause he’s the son of a Jedi and master pilot after all. 🙂 Wonder what Hera would think of Jacen turning to a smuggler/pirate sort of trade? (That’s a cool headcanon, by the way!)

        Oh, you know Zeb would teach Jacen to fight fist and cuffs…and yeah, probably underestimate the kid’s strength! I could see him rubbing his shoulder and complaining to Hera that for a kid without Force-sensitivity, he still packs quite a punch!

        I’m so glad you got a laugh out of my post! And boy, Hobby Lobby is always so tempting!! (I walk through the aisles mumbling “Stay on target! Stay on target!” 🙂 )

        Looking forward to seeing your tag! (And I had the same problem when I started blogging. *sympathy*)

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      • TheFeltedKitten · June 9, 2018

        Ayuh, I knooowww. . . Jedi Knight was so beautiful, but then so AWFUL! I mean, we got that gorgous fly-off-into-the-sunset moment, but then it flipped around and fell on its head and everything flew out the window after Hera saw Kanan (literally). And then poor Hera, having her last moments with him all blurry and confuzzled and broken — honestly, I think it was supposed to be a sort of scraped-together attempt to lighten the mood, but it really made it so much more doom and gloom. . . .

        That makes sense. Mandos only seem to like each other when they all agree, so having him be important *and* pacifist doesn’t quite check out. Thanks for that! I’m not quite sure about the arranged marriage idea though; since he changed his last name to hers, I’m thinking it was more of a stable boy and princess story. Which is weird, cause this is Star Wars, but eh. That’d be a cool comic series, ay?

        *laughs* Oh gracious, oh, I can so totally see that. . . oh my goodness, that needs to be drawn or written or *something,* but it NEEDS TO BE DONE. I’m thinking The Lego Movie now — Sabine would *totally* slam that glass of water her nice Jedi friend handed the person right across the room XD (Oh yeah, it hasn’t made big news yet, but The Lego Movie 2 has been announced, and the trailer is out now! It promises to be good, if not quite epic! Are you “into” the Lego films of late?)

        *shakes head* Ezra, you’re a dork. I’m sorry. *laughs* They need to hire some fangirls to write this next show out, don’t they?

        Awww! Yes I did see where she had started doing that, but I don’t think I’ve ever connected it! Imma keep that XD That’s where she got the idea, now officially unofficial in muh head. . . (it’s a great one, ain’t it? ;P)

        Oh it totally would. It totally would. And Hera would hate every second that he spent in it. I get the feeling that she’s gonna be waaayyyy overprotective of him, and letting him bounce around with a bunch of shady critters is *not* gonna be her idea of fun.

        It was beautiful, the whole thing! You really have a way with writing humor — and I think I might borrow your use of “merrily” at some times XD I think it’s pretty much done, next to finding peeps to tag of coure 😛 Should have it up pretty soon!

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      • christineeyre · June 11, 2018

        I’m just sad that Kanan never got to see the family he wanted so badly (as per his conversation with Hera in S4…he clearly wants to settle down with her after the war). Then again, he sacrificed himself to save the family he had…ugh, yes, beautiful but heartbreaking. What I don’t understand is why he couldn’t tell the others something around the lines of, “The wolves have shown me several paths, and on the one that’s the best option for everyone, there’s a chance I might not make it out. So Ezra, take the lead so you can get everyone out of there should the worst happen.” On the other hand, if he said that, everyone would probably try to figure out some way to plan the mission so that they all got out of there alive…and the crew really didn’t have time to plan for all scenarios. Still, I wish Kanan had said SOMETHING to alert his crew that he might not make it out; I thought Ezra was justified in saying later, “You didn’t prepare me for this.” *sigh*

        I actually have a lot of mixed feelings about the last half of S4…I completely get why it ended the way it did. It tested the characters, brought everything full circle, stayed focused on the themes of hope and sacrifice and family…yet it felt unsatisfying because of the crew, Kanan and Ezra have probably lost the most and been through the most. Not to downplay the others’ suffering, but Hera got back on good terms with her father, and Sabine reunited with ALL her family, and Zeb found more of his people and led them to their new home…and Kanan and Ezra will NEVER have that kind of reuniting or closure with the families/friends they lost. And Ezra never got to see his homeworld liberated. Real life works that way sometimes, but it just felt super depressing that these two characters never got SOME form of the peace and happiness they wanted/needed.

        A lot of fans are mad that Asohka was brought back at the expense of Kanan…what do you think? Asohka’s a cool character, but it was hinted even at the end of S2 that she somehow survived, and she could have come back that way, I guess, if she absolutely had to. Rather than telling Ezra in the world portal that he can’t save his master as he has to watch him–AGAIN–die right before his eyes. *sighs again*

        Alrich changed his surname name to Ursa’s? Hmm, I must have missed that. Yeah, either stable boy and princess story, or else Alrich’s family wasn’t *as* important as Ursa’s…especially if they married after the pacifist rule fell (though I may be messing up the history timeline here!) Now I wonder what Alrich was doing during the Clone Wars. Filoni (or someone on the storyboarding team) confirmed that Ursa Wren was in the throne room when Maul killed the leader of Death Watch (forgot his name!), but there’s been no word on Alrich. Maybe he was fighting with his art, as Sabine said. Yes, a comic series about those two would be REALLY cool!

        HAHAHA and Ezra would look at her like, “Sabine, *please*, I’m trying to fix this!” And then the person being interrogated delivers some alibi, and Ezra says, “I believe you,” and Sabine says at the same moment, “I ‘believe’ you too!” Oh, those two…

        Oh, and speaking of the Lego Movie–I could totally see Kanan trying to train Ezra (sometime in S1), and saying, “Trust your instincts,” and then Ezra utterly fails at the exercise and falls flat on his face, and Sabine remarks from the background, “Unless your instincts are terrible.” Totally sounds like something she’d say! Yes, I love The Lego Movie, but I haven’t seen the trailer for the new one yet! And I saw the Lego Ninjago movie…and the TV series! I binge-watched it with my younger brother recently. 🙂

        He’s totally a dork…but that’s why his family (and fans!) love him so much! Hehe, yeah, the fandom has come up with some pretty good ideas!

        Yeah, I kinda wish the show had explored the father-daughter dynamic between Kanan and Sabine (“The Protector of Concord Dawn” and “Trials of the Darksaber” devote time to it, definitely), but when you pay attention, you notice several details…she clearly painted his S3 mask, and gave it the Mandalorian Jaig eyes, which says a lot about her opinion of him right there.

        Nope, that would not be Hera’s idea of fun, and not her idea of a good use of his time. I could see her being careful not to make the same mistakes her father made, but also making it clear that Jacen is free to do something a little more culturally uplifting whenever he wanted to. 🙂 And maybe Ezra is the one counseling her to eventually back off and let Jacen be his own man (he’d know Hera wouldn’t wanted to lose her child and her last memento of Kanan, so to speak), but she can’t mother him forever, any more than she could mother him or Sabine. OOH, and what if one of Ezra’s padawans ended up joining Jacen’s iron squadron? Maybe a female one, and Ezra is very amused that it’s like the reverse of Hera and Kanan. 🙂

        Speaking of Ezra and Sabine, do you ship them? They’re not *technically* brother and sister, but at the same time, they were kinda raised like that, a lot of their interactions seem more sibling-like than future-romance like. Your thoughts?

        Aw, thanks! Go for it–and I think I borrowed the use of “merrily” from another humor writer! 🙂 Yay, sounds good!

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      • TheFeltedKitten · June 11, 2018

        Yeah, that makes sense; he couldn’t really do *too* much foreshadowing — partially for us, as viewers, too, since they want a major character death to be a surprise, not something like “oh, he said earlier he might die so that means he will.” Since we got so many rational explanations for his death, it makes sense for me that there wouldn’t be any large “hey he’s gonna die” moments in the episode before that, at least not before the rescue itself. But then again, I’m probably missing some big stick-out thing that I forgot about :T Awwww, yessss, poor Ezzy *was* right that time. . . 😥

        But. . . I hate to say this, but really there wasn’t much they *could* do with them — Kanan especially — in the area of giving back what they lost. Ezra had his chance to regain his world, and he chose his crew. And Kanan. . . there, well, isn’t much that he could get back. Unless I’m wrong, all the people he was close (using that loosely) to before he met Hera are dead. I honestly don’t know how they could have given them what they needed while keeping the loose structure of how things went (of course, if Kanan didn’t die and Ezra didn’t leave, everything would have been fine. . .). Maybe that’s what they were trying to do then; make it as “real” as possible. But then, having the Empire never come back to Lothal is pretty weird. And Sabine — did it *really* take you five stinkin’ years to realize EZRA WANTS YOU TO COME FIND HIM. . . *laughs* I’ve seen so many things where she like slaps him and is like “that’s for leaving” and then hugs him — but really, he’s got a good right to be mad at *her*! She’s always been the smart one (I guess) and then it takes her that long to figure out that he needs finding. . .

        I don’t think I’ve really thought about it, to be honest! I was mostly just enormously excited because I could FINALLY prove that Ahsoka, indeed, lives. But I didn’t think of it as sacrificing one for another, really. She was like a voice of reason for Ezra. Her explanation made sense for me. BUT YUSSSSS — I really hated having to watch Ezra REWATCH his master’s death. . . that was overkill, imo. . .

        Oh, if CW was when the pacifist rule fell, then they would have been married either right after or at the end of it. Cuz Sabine is only a little bit older than Ezra, so if the rule fell around the beginning of the Empire, Sabine would have been born right around then. Hehe, I think I remember seeing an official thing that said he was an art professor. So maybe he’s just hangin’ around the local schools, painting his way up the ranks. . . XD

        *GASP* And yet — Ezra/Good Cop was “erased”/taken away for a period of time, but later on he came back!!! Only, when he came back, Bad Cop was gone forever. . . oinoes. . . never mind that, that’s too dangerous for Sabines! XP

        Aihai, that’s purely those three XP That’d go nicely in Rise of the Old Masters when Ezra faceplanted into Sabine’s window as he tumbled through the skies of Lothal. . . *laughs* The Ninjago movie was cute. Not like the show at all, and kinda weird, but really cute. Zane was a highlight, as was Jay’s complete attitude flip-flop. Surprise, but I thought of him as *gasp* Ezra the entire time. Especially the hair. Now what do you think of the series? I’ve watched most of the season with Skylor, but not much else. Heard good things about it though!

        And jaig eyes are like *not* typically given out!!! I get the feeling Rex had a hand in it too, since the Mandos that trained him gave him his own. (Headcanon that it was Rex, under Sabine’s strict supervision, that painted the jaig eyes onto the mask.) It would have been nice to see more of Hera’s relationship with any of them, as Out of Darkness was about the only time we got any of that. More Space Family in general ;3

        Hera’s totally that one who gets Jacen a leash. Just sayin’ XP Oimegoodness, that’s adorable — I do have a few vague concepts for his buddy group drawn up, one *is* a girl! She’s a Miralin child, which would make a great padawan for Ezra specifically, as Miralins believe that both master and apprentice must be Miralin. Obviously Ezra is an out-of-the-box Jedi, and would care less about that rule. And the girl wouldn’t care either, based on the personality she has so far. She still needs a name. . .

        Well, there’s a lot of stuff (like the way they constantly do that stare-thing at each other in like every episode — ESPECIALLY in Heroes of Mandalore XP) that I kinda interpret as maybe being more like that, but I mostly think of them as siblings. I mean, I don’t technically “ship” Kanan and Hera, but they’re together and yeah. . . I guess I kinda just think of them all as how the show is portraying them from episode to episode. So I’m really just waiting to see what they’ll do with their relationship in any spinoffs. There’s something Mr. Cowboy Hat Guy said in one of the recons, about them being an example of a boy-girl relationship that wasn’t romantic, that I mostly see them through, but that I think was talking about the series itself, not the future. . . *shrug*

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      • christineeyre · June 22, 2018

        Yeah, a major character death is not something you want to announce with a bullhorn 9 episodes prior! On the other hand, many fans were *convinced* Kanan was going to die in the S1 finale…and the S2 finale…and the S3 finale…so I guess it felt like the writers were going to turn the “mentor has to die” trope on its head–and then they play it straight. Again, I get why they wrote it that way, but still…

        And I was thinking along the lines of “Kanan and Ezra get to live happily with their found family” cause you’re right, they can’t get back what they’ve lost. (OH and then Ezra having to say good-bye to his parents ALL OVER AGAIN in the finale…*clutches heart*) But they COULD have had a peaceful future after the Empire fell, if they’d both stayed alive. And I love thinking out what Kanan would be like as a dad to Jacen.

        Hahaha, good point about taking so long to figure out what Ezra really meant there! Then again, they’d fought so long and hard to free his home, it makes sense that he’d want to KEEP it free, and since he couldn’t be around to do it, Sabine guessed she was the next candidate. But yeah, a whole five years?!?

        So I did a little research about Sabine’s family…turns out she was born during the Clone Wars, and would have been maybe two years old when Maul killed Satine and took over Mandalore. Which meant that Ursa (as a member of Death Watch) must have left baby Sabine with Alrich. (Possibly Tristan as well, though I don’t know how far apart the two siblings are.) Which, in turn, means Ursa and Alrich must have married before the Clone Wars (like, right before). Another interesting thing: Ursa is the ruler of Clan Wren in Rebels, but if she’s with the exiled Death Watch during the Clone Wars, I wonder if some other member of her family, a father, mother, or uncle or someone, was ruling Clan Wren. And then when that relative died or was killed, she became the ruler of the clan. And I wonder about her motives: did she join Death Watch because she agreed with their philosophy? Or was she more opposed to Satine’s pacifist rule than Death Watch’s violence, and saw them as a means to an end of restoring Mandalorian traditions? It’s interesting to consider, and now I’d be REALLY curious to see a comic about the Wren family during those early years!

        Oh, and I’ll bet Ursa and Alrich fell in love over similar principles. Ursa has pride in her people and sticks to their philosophies, and Alrich is definitely proud of his people’s accomplishments and heritage and fights, but with his art…so they have more in common than I at first thought.

        Yeah, I thought the Ninjago movie just felt different from the show, y’know what I mean? Same characters, similar situations, but a completely different focus, I guess. I love the Lego Ninjago show…I’ve watched up to Season 4 (and S4 was my favorite!). It’s funny, but it also gets you to care about the characters. I disagree with some of the philosophies in the show, but it’s stuff pretty easily skipped over. 🙂

        Ooh, good point! Rex would definitely want to do something like that for Kanan. Yes, and I wish we’d gotten episodes focusing more on Hera’s and Ezra’s relationship! It’s hinted that he views her as a mother-figure, and Hera is very warm and understanding and ready to help out (even if this requires tough love). Headcanon that she comforts him sometime after “Legacy” because she knows what it’s like to lose a parent. 😦

        Bahahaha, now I have a hilarious mental image in my head! And what do you want to bet she calls him at least once a week, if not more, and sometimes an inopportune times…like when they’re running away from pirates or something. And Jacen has to blurt into the comm, “Now’s really not a good time, Mom, we’re running for our lives here!” XD

        OH THAT’S AN AMAZING HEADCANON!!! And a super-cool OC idea too!

        Gotcha. I always saw them as siblings, too, but they’re very close siblings! I wonder if Ezra ever reminded Sabine of Tristan from time to time.

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      • TheFeltedKitten · June 23, 2018

        *laughs* Well, those fans were certainly none of my siblings, or myself! We always kinda thought Kanan would stick around, but when the final season was confirmed to be the last, that’s when we decided this was bad business and that Kanan had a target on his back. In other words, we were Kanan-negative. XP Oh yeah, forgot about the ol’ teacher-dies thing! But y’know, by now, it’s gotten so common to NOT follow the rulebook that *following* it is sometimes considered odd. Maybe that’s what they were hoping to accomplish. . . ?
        Gahhhh, we need a post-Rebels short series now — preferably in the same animation style — that gives a glimpse into each character’s new lives. . . or better yet, a “what could have been” episode in which Kanan doesn’t die, and Lothal is liberated some other way. That’d be great. . . but incredibly unlikely. . . *sigh*
        Oh my goodness, I didn’t know that!!! (I’ve never been such a bad Sabine fan before 😥 so sad ;P) Thank you for that little tidbit!! I’m not sure, but I wish I did. Their height difference isn’t much to go by, now is it? Ohhh, now I really want that comic XD I wonder what the age limit to be hired to do that is. . .
        Hmm, that’s a really neat thought! They *do* have a lot more than meets the eye to both of them — again, we need a better fleshing-out of the Rebels-era Mando’ade.
        It’s funny, cuz the few episodes of the show that I’ve watched, the “team” (what do they call themselves?) seem to thrive on teasing each other, whereas in the movie, they encouraged and were a lot more supportive of each other — especially Nya — but that’s probably since it was in the theater. Season 4. . . now which one is that again? Rebooted, right?
        I still love the end of “Visions of Hope” for that very reason X3 That was about the best we got between them in the first season, that there! Aww, I can totally see her doing that!!! Especially since the others don’t really know what it’s like (or just aren’t very good with their people skills!), she’d definitely step in. . . that’d be a sweet art, or maybe even a little fic.
        Oiiiimegoodness, l’d bet the Falcon on that XP And Jacen would totally have a running tally-mark score next to his control yoke of the times she’s called in the middle of a mission and they managed to make it safely anyway XP
        Ohhh, yeah, I’m almost completely sure he does remind her of her blood brother — that might even be some of that weird staring thing they do XP

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      • christineeyre · July 8, 2018

        Wow, sorry for another late reply!

        I forget what I thought MIGHT happen in the last season–I just desperately HOPED that SpaceFam would find some kind of peace and and closure from all that had happened to them, even if they continue to fight with the rebellion. In fact, I have this fun headcanon alternate universe in which the Ghost crew and the Rogue One crew somehow survive and make it back to the Rebel base, and end up fighting the Empire along with the OT trio! It’s fun to imagine who would get along well and who would clash, e.g. Asohka and Baze get along well, maybe because they’re close friends with reckless Jedi/Jedi-esque folks. And Luke is the person who bonds with literally anyone, and Ezra gets a kick out of the fact that he was on Luke’s home planet and they never crossed paths; and Kanan lowkey adopts Jyn; and Kanan and Hera compare notes over whether Ezra, Sabine, Leia or Jyn is more stubborn (current consensus has Ezra and Leia tied)…I could go on and on. 🙂

        Hmm, interesting thought about following/not following the rule book. Though Star Wars tends to follow that pattern: Obi-Wan dies in the OT, Qui-Gon dies in the prequels, Luke dies in the sequels…so killing off another mentor character feels cliche for this universe at least. And with the show focused so heavily on the positive influence of family, that would have been a good excuse to leave Kanan alive! But it’s Filoni’s story, and he does get to end it how he wants. 🙂

        Oh, yes, a short series like that would be great! I’d love to see how Jacen interacts with the various members of the crew! And it would be interesting to learn what Asohka thinks of that whole situation…while she left the Jedi Order, she did grow up surrounded by its rules and followed them most of the time, and she doesn’t seem to have formed any attachments herself (though she does care for people!). And I noticed that in “The Future of the Force,” she calls one of the kids “the youngling”–probably out of habit, while Kanan simply calls them “the kids” or “the little one”. So I wonder what Asohka would think about Kanan fathering a child…

        Haha, well, I was insatiably curious about the Wren family! It felt like doing detective work. 🙂

        Ooh, I hadn’t noticed that. Ninjago S4 is the one where Master Chen has all the ninjas and elemental masters trapped on his island…though I forgot the name of the season!

        Here’s a fun idea for a fanfic: what if the Wrens (all of them) and the Ghost crew had to work together for an extended period of time? I could picture Sabine trying to keep peace and finally get fed up, and Ezra laughing because the girl who loves to blow stuff up is suddenly a diplomat; and Ezra and Tristan kinda keep an eye on each other (“I’ve been her brother-figure for the last four years!” “No, *I’m* her real brother”) only they gang up on an Imperial officer who tries to capture Sabine; and Ursa initially gets mad at Alrich because he’s a little more interested in these folks than she; and Ursa and Hera have similar objectives, but completely different leadership/parenting styles, and so there’s some friction there…

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · July 10, 2018

        Uggg, I hate when that happens!!! Like when ya come up with a really amazing theory or AU idea, but not long afterwards it’s just GONE. . . OIMEGOODNESS YASSSS! I absolutely adore that idea. Ghost crew and Rouges would be totally best friends (after a period of working out trust and all, but that’s a given I guess) if that ever happened. A wonderful AU — *applauds* (But I might have to disagree on the stubborn part — little Jyn might very well be the most headstrong being SW has ever had imho)
        Yup, it’s Cowboy Hat & Co’s story, which is why us fangirls make our own AUs I guess. We forget who’s telling it? Idk, that sounds weird. . . but it’s nice to think at least, that they’ve got professional writers and stuff. *shrug* (Good grief, that sounds *realllllly* weird!!)
        Oiiii, how on earth did it slip my mind that Ahsoka would know about Jacen’s existence?!?! *facdesk* Aiiii, and speaking of “Future of the Force,” baby Jacen never got to see Ezra in calm-a-baby mode!!! *laughs* He made such a goof outta himself, what with all those silly faces. . .
        Hehe, that one is my favorite one. Skylor. Skylor, and the fact that Jay is actually a LOT like Ezra when Ezra was smol and acting like a overconfident dork. *le sigh*
        AHHHAIIIII — that would be, hands down, the funniest thing EVER to happen to the Wrens OR the Speteres. Ohhiii, I reaaaaalllly want to draw that now. . . in all honesty, I’d LOVE to see you write it!!!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • christineeyre · July 27, 2018

        Yep, and on that note, I’ll be curious to see how this new season of The Clone Wars turns out–did you hear it’s getting one final season?!?!?! I posted a list of scenes/stuff I’d love to see, and it’ll be interesting to find out what the season actually contains! *crosses fingers for a Depa Billaba and Caleb Dume reference* And I hope Ursa Wren will be a background character, or at least mentioned. She was a part of Death Watch when Maul took over. (Ooh, sudden thought: I wonder what Alrich thought about his wife being a member of Death Watch? I could see him opposing the pacifist regime, since it erases his people’s culture and history, but maybe not wanting to go *quite* that far!)

        Oh, it’s such a fun AU! And it soothes my soul after what happened to all those precious people in canon. *sighs* Eh, you maybe right about Jyn! (I really need to watch Rogue One again…)

        I think I get what you’re saying: we don’t own the characters, but the story is so great, we want to contribute somehow. 🙂 Especially if those characters don’t get the happy endings we all hoped. From what I’ve heard, the Lucasfilm story group takes their job seriously and really cares about writing a good story and keeping it consistent with the established Star Wars universe. So that’s good to know.

        Well, Sabine probably told her. I’m not sure Hera would go around publicizing the fact that Jacen was the son of a powerful Jedi while the Empire was still in power. I read one fanfic in which Hera specifies that she gave her son her own surname so that the Empire wouldn’t be able to trace the kid to Kanan. Because that would put a target on his back. Which makes a lot of sense. And with Kanan and Ezra both gone, the crew wouldn’t stand a chance against any new Inquisitors…gracious, that took a dark turn! Anyway, I’m betting Sabine filled Asohka in on what happened to everybody. (And the first thing Asohka would want to know was whether Rex survived the war. #feels.)

        Ohmygoodness, Ezra entertaining baby Jacen would be the cutest thing EVER!!! Ezra needs to come home SOON and meet his little brother! I read somewhere (maybe on Tumblr) that the first 7 years Ezra was alone, it traumatized him; but he’ll handle these next 7 years of being alone better because of what the Ghost crew taught him. It’s not been confirmed that Ezra would be on his own for another 7 years, but…come on, *seven years*?!?!??! That’s too mean. And why put so much emphasis on the benefits of a loving, supportive family if you’re just going to keep Ezra away from them for almost a decade?!? (Urgh, I have very mixed feelings about that finale!)

        *snickers* That would be definitely funny and quite the learning experience for everybody! Ooh, and hey, it could set up for your idea of Ezra and Sabine eventually smoothing things over between Clone Wars survivors and Jedi. And I’ll see what I can do about writing it! (But I’m kinda busy now with editing a friends novel and writing one of my own. 🙂 )

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · August 6, 2018

        YUSSSSSSS I did!!!!! That’s like the BEST SW NEWS since Resistance — and funny thing is, I never even really cared for CW before XP AND YAS if we don’t get at least the slightest reference to the Rebels guys, imma be one mad Mando-kitty. (Oi, that’s purty cool, yeah I can see where that could be an issue of sorts! And hey, a realllyyyy good topic for an episode, hey guys? *wink wink*)
        *grins* And there we go, that’s exactly it XD Though an official Lead Fangirl position would be great ;P
        Ooo, yeah, Sabine was probably it then. Sabine’s the culprit. *grins* In a good way. And yessss, good point about Hera! I think I’ve mentioned before how protective I think she’d be of Jacen, but I totally forgot about that! *GASP* YES IT DID AND I REALLY DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT. . . re-read the Servants of the Empire series recently, and just re-meeting the Grand Inquisitor through those was just awful. . . even Mango at her best would be no match for them. Meep.
        I see much fluff in that topic. Much ;3 Awwww, that’s heartbreaking now. . . and wow, that’s right! Poor Ezra, I’m sure he never *wanted* to be preparing for another long wait alone. . . what was it they said, by the finale epilogue it’d been five years? AND AMEN TO THAT — why break down everything they worked to build through this series??? That is an incredibly good point. (Yeah, me too — it was cool and obviously really well-written, but maybe it kinda seems like someone else’s finale? Idk, but still. Seeing the purgil come in was pretty cool. . . XD)
        Oih, and that 😀 I miss my Mango and Blueberry buddies. . . :’) (Oh, I completely understand!!! Please don’t feel like you *have* to do it or anything!!! I’d hate to stress you or anything. . .)

        Liked by 1 person

      • christineeyre · August 20, 2018

        XD Now I’m bouncing on my heels, waiting for the announcement of the release date! I was the same way; I wasn’t interested in The Clone Wars until after I watched Rebels. A lot of fans are also hoping for a Depa & Caleb reference, but they’re not expecting it; with 12 episodes, there’s not a whole lot of time for them to make an appearance. On the other hand–this is the perfect opportunity to show how Maul learned that Kanan’s real name was Caleb Dume. Rebels kinda left that question open-ended, didn’t they?

        But I’ll be really surprised if the show doesn’t at least *mention* Ursa Wren and whether she splits from Death Watch or not at that point. I’m REALLY interested to see how the Siege of Mandalore goes!! Anyway this must be a dream come true for Mr. Dave as well as for the fans!

        Hehe, a “Lead Fangirl” position would be great!

        Hera might have told a few trusted friends whose son Jacen is (Mon Mothma, maybe, and something tells me Bail Organa would figure it out), but I could definitely see her keeping quiet about it. Probably after the Empire was overthrown as well; there would be enough leftover Imperials and sympathetic systems that it could still be *really* dangerous for him.

        Jacen would wrap Ezra around his little finger, no question! On the flip side, I could see Ezra wanting to be something of a father-figure to Jacen, especially as Ezra was so close to Kanan himself. *is sad again* Five years sounds about right, but I don’t remember for sure. But then, that doesn’t factor in the time Sabine and Asohka took to find him, so yeah, probably seven years total at least. *is definitely sad again* In some ways, the finale brings the story of Rebels full circle; in others, it does seem to undermine some key themes! I bought S4 recently, but haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it yet…

        Oh, don’t worry; I’m not feeling pressured. I do want to write that fic at some point! 🙂 Thing is, I’ve actually written about a dozen *short* fics and drabbles for Rebels–but this project would be a multi-chapter project and would take more time. But someday, yes!!

        I’ve been playing around with ideas for adult Ezra’s appearance and adventures, and do you mind if I stick a Mirialan child in his kid-entourage? I think you came up with that idea, so I wanted to ask permission before using it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · August 23, 2018

        Hey yeah, how *did* he learn that? That’d be a good tale, that there (and it’d have to include at least the *slightest* of Rebels references)! There can’t possibly be no references at all, can there? Even TFA and TLJ had some, I think, and I’ve heard about Solo’s “Big Reference” too. . . so there will *have* to be some very slight ones! Personally, I’m hoping to see how Ahsoka became Fulcrum, and the continuation of her story in general. After all, the gap between her walking away from the Jedi and her last meeting with Anakin is pretty big!
        Ai, I’m actually playing with a post-RotJ fic thingamajig about Sabine, and those stubborn leftover Imps are a major factor in it! Hehe, she’s protective of Jacen, but I can see Sabine and especially Zeb being concerned about her overworking herself. I’m sure Sabine tries to spend as much time as she can with her, taking care of work so Hera can spend time with Jacen, and babysitting when needed. (Headcanon that while she tries to visit her crew often, she feels guilty about leaving Lothal since she believes staying and protecting it was what Ezra’s parting words to her meant.)
        That’s a really great headcanon — Ezra Bridger, Space Dad V.2.0! Chaos, fluff, and laughter promised with every babysitting job! XD It actually fits really well with something I’ve been meaning to draw of Kanan, Ezra, and Jacen. . . “blue” (I don’t like calling him “ghost” yet) Kanan, grown Ezra, and a slightly bigger Jacen all lined up, practicing lightsaber forms. I’ll have to find some snapshots from Trials of the Darksaber before I draw tho, since I want to get the poses right ;3
        Ooohhwwww, we need that sequel soon! Resistance and CW look epic. . . but REBELS. . . meep :’)
        Ai, I’d forgotten that was already out!!! (Grrr, thank you school. . .) Hoping for the S3 and 4 soundtracks soon — really wanna listen to Sabine’s Suite in the car!
        Hehe, I don’t mind at all, have at it!


  3. christineeyre · May 21, 2018

    Yes, it was fun! And we got to watch the S4 finale on our parents’ flat screen TV! (they were out of town for the week.)
    What do you want to bet that when Ezra *does* come back, Zeb punches him and says that was for scaring them, and then hugs him?! Actually, that sounds more like Sabine’s behavior…
    A LONG TIME that’s for sure! Hehe, Ezra’s good at many things, but art crit is not among them. Partly because he’s just not *that* interested in the subtitles of perspective and symbolism and all that, but partly because he does genuinely think all Sabine’s stuff is pretty. But I’ll bet that mural she painted of the crew would get more of a reaction out of him.
    OOH THAT’S A COOL IDEA!! Only that makes me wonder what sort of threat would be so drastic, yet so unseen, that even the Empire and Darth Sidious didn’t pick up on it… OH AND WHAT IF EZRA CAME BACK WITH A PADAWAN?!?!? Or two, or several, because, y’know, he probably wouldn’t know or wouldn’t care about the old Jedi rules that a master gets only one. Plus, he couldn’t ignore the needs of abandoned or lonely children.
    Hehe, yep, the serenity of self-confidence! They really do, and maybe Kanan and Hera have made just that comparison at some point. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · May 22, 2018

      Akkkk. . . luckiessss. . . *flop* all these new smaller technologies just can’t compare, can they?
      Lol, yeah, that’s a little Sabine-ish XP I can see Zeb maybe shaking him a bit, whacking him on the back, something like that. . .
      Which is probably why he decided it would be worth the risk of letting Sabine into the ring of his “force problems” in Wolves and a Door. Normally, I think, he’d push the others away, since they can’t understand the force very well and he’d be scared something would go wrong. But he seemed to trust Sabine not to do anything “mandalorian,” and she (mostly) didn’t (which is just another factor of their relationship that amazes me, that a Mando and a Jedi could be best friends. Kanan is likely looser in that way because Fenn saved him back in CW, but Ezra doesn’t really have a mandalorian in his list of acquaintances before Sabine. . .) Goodness I’m rambling today. . . sorry. . .
      Something that only Ezra would know about — or *giggle* something HE CAUSED. . . X3 I wouldn’t put it past him to have crashed the Chimera somewhere TOTALLY NOT COOL and disrupted an entire planet of galaxy-threatening warriors. . . who are totally not mandalorians. . . oimegoodness though, would that not be so funny — Sabine and Ahsoka finally find Ezra. . . and he’s like the honored guest of a mandalorian sub-culture. . . XD
      A PADAWAN WOULD BE SO PERFECT AKKKK oimegoodness and more than one yuussss he’d never follow that. . . and maybe one be like Jacen’s age and they become best buddies. . . and then the confusion of “wait, I’m Ezra’s brother and your brother but Ezra’s your dad?” “No, he’s my *master*, Jacen!” and all that XP
      I can see that being one of their conversation topics in Fighter Flight XD And then Sabine poking in and being the perfect older child “but you’re not talking about me, it’s all THEM, right?” ;D

      Liked by 1 person

      • christineeyre · June 1, 2018

        Yeah, it was fun! And there was a big thunderstorm headed our way that night, and my prayer was “God, please don’t let the power go out in the middle of the finale!! Oh, yeah, and no tornadoes either, please.” But I was more concerned about losing power…priorities, no? 🙂
        Ooh, good point–Jedi and Mandalorian weren’t best buds, to put it diplomatically. There was Obi-Wan and Satine back in the Clone Wars…but then, she wasn’t a traditional Mandalorian. I like the way they had Bo-Katan mellowing out from her Death Watch days; even Ursa Wren seemed to go the politics route in Rebels rather than adhering to Death Watch philosophies. It’s interesting to consider.
        HAHAHA, yeah, it would definitely be in character for Ezra to accidentally create another problem while solving the first! Or, ooh, what if they all ended up on the Chiss homeworld? Like the Purgill decided, “Okay, that’s far enough,” and deposited them on Thrawn’s home planet before taking to hyperspace again. And Ezra has to somehow prevent Thrawn from saddling up and heading right back to the Empire (maybe also with two or three skilled Chiss warriors). Or else sabotaging his efforts to get back to the Empire…
        But I just reeeeeallly want Ezra to come home SOON…he’s on his own again, and though I think he’ll handle it better than he did the first time, it’s still got to be hard. And I love the idea of Ezra coming back with a string of Padawans!!! Or rather, a string of kids–only two of them are strictly Padawans, and the rest are orphans he picked up because you know he can’t turn a blind eye to that sort of thing. And pets. He also has a string of pets. I’m convinced this is/will be canon. 🙂
        Haha, the family dynamics WOULD get confusing!! There’s been a lot of fan debate over whether Jacen is force-sensitive or not…what do you think? Obviously, Filoni would have to confirm, but I think it would be neat if Jacen WASN’T force-sensitive, just for a change of pace…and it would be a neat AU if Kanan remained alive, continued to train Ezra, but then had to deal with a non-force-sensitive kid as well. (I really miss Kanan…)
        “But you’re not talking about me, it’s all THEM, right?”…as she merrily paints on their wall a mural of both boys making idiots out of themselves. XD
        Oh, and I tagged you for the Sunshine Blogger tag, if you’re interested in doing it! The tag is over on my blog. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · June 3, 2018

        Oh gracious, gracious, that’s so funny. . . indeed, priorities! (And hey, that could be the defining trait of a fangirl, could it not? XD)

        A Mando-Jedi ambassador would be either the galaxy’s most epic or the galaxy’s most dangerous job in the Clone War, but yeah, by Rebels, I think the New Mandalore ideals had pretty much tamed the relevant groups of mando’ade left. Which is kinda sad; they’re losing the culture they fought so hard and long to maintain. . . poor Sabine, she’s living in the middle, with the pacifist mandos on one side, and the run-into-war-with-all-blasters-blazing mandos on the other. Which side would you say she tends towards? It seems like she isn’t that comfortable with Ezra’s occasional dark side brushes with violence, but then she was perfectly alright with zappy zapping Tiber Saxon, or at least until Bo said something (which surprised me; it was a good thing to say, but I didn’t quite see her saying it. She really has done some calming down!). Say, that’s what we need — we need a post Ezra-found era show or book where the kids team up with Ahsoka and maybe a couple of Ezra’s tag-alongs and help restore relationships with mandalorians and the family/friends of Jedi who fought each other in the CWs. That’d be not very relevant, but pretty cool XD

        He’s such a dork, he’d totally do that XD Aihai, yusss, that’s perfectness!!! And then he’s just like staring at them all and being like “wut they all is blue and has red eyes SABINE HURRY UP GET ME OUTTA HEREEEEEE!!!!!!!” I’ve seen a lot of the theories that he and Thrawn have to make some sort of alliance/friendship with each other, and I really like that. Maybe could be like on the verge of leaving and Ezra grabs his sleeve and is like “hey bro, you’ve got a few force-sensitive kids around here. If you stay here and DON’T GO BACK TO THE EMPIRE. EVER. I’ll train ‘em for you!” That would be neat. . . but when Sabine and Ahsoka (and headcanon: Mart comes with them) stumble upon them, they’d probably flip out, nonono Ezra, what are you doing. . . XP

        That is SUCH a hysterical mental picture. . . oh my goodness. . . Ezra’s marching down the street, cowboy style with the sun behind his back, in a billowing cloak and a Kanan-inspired ponytail and goatee (hey, he could very well think all masters had to have that! Obi had a beard!), trailed on one side by a group of raggedy kids (human and other), and a menagerie of various critters on the other — with a baby in one arm, and a loth-cat in the other. Oh, I HAVE to seen that drawn now. . .

        I’m holding out for a non-force-sensitive Jacen. It’s really just not sensible to me to think that while Luke is being told it’s just him (and his capable-but-not-interested sister) left, we have one, two, three or more Jedi sitting around the galaxy. Awww, that’s a perfect AU!!! Hehe, it might even inspire some arts! (I knowwww. . . 😥 I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs a whole crew of Ghost loth-cat plushies to squeeeeeeze. . .)

        Yaaaasssss — and then Kanan waves blindly behind him (that sounds cliche now) and announces loudly to Hera; “You know, Sabine can be an an accomplished hypocrite at times.”
        Oh my goodness — thank you so so much!!! I’ve never done anything like that before. . . but I shall try me best; it looks incredibly fun!!! But (lol, I sound ridiculous saying this) does “newest favorite song” mean a new (date released) song, or one that I found recently that I now call a favorite? If it’s the latter that could be quite a list. . . XP

        Liked by 1 person

  4. christineeyre · May 16, 2018

    Ugh, I know! I miss the show…miss racing to finish dinner and evening chores on air dates so we could park ourselves in front of the TV for half-an-hour and relish this part of the Star Wars saga…

    But Ezra…he’s alone again, poor guy! And he chose that path, believed it was best, and trusted his friends to fight the Empire and free his home in his absence, but man… He’s been through so much, he needs some chill time with his family.

    Anyway, beautiful Loth-kitty siblings! It’s cute and funny that the Ezra kitty looks ready to fight! And I love the colors on the Sabine kitty. 🙂 Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · May 17, 2018

      Oii. . . lucky you, getting to see it on premiere night! We usually ended up watching the fuzzy mirror image versions with high or low pitched sounds. . . looking back, I kinda wish we’d waited to see everything on screen XD There’s just *something* about seeing something on a TV screen, versus a little computer. . .
      He does, the sweet little blueberry — after all, he’s got a brother to meet and five years and counting of catching up to do! Ooo, here’s a thought: how long will it take him to go through all the arts Sabine has done since he left (because he totally gets to see most of her stuff, even if “sweet picture, Sabine” is all she gets by way of critcism. . . )
      Say, that just made me think — what if his departure was not just a way to get Thrawn and the destroyer off the planet, but instead to go and accomplish some goal elsewhere, perhaps one the Purgill were a part of? Some quiet galactic threat, conquered by the Jedi-in-exile? That’d be a neat twist. . .
      Thank ya thank ya thank ya! Hehe, that’s not something I specifically planned, but hey, artistic interpretation is great! Oi, but then Sabine would look so calm because she knows she could so totally kill his fluffy self at any type of contest :3 Y’know, those Space Kids act a whole lot like half-wild Loth-cats sometimes!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Audrey · May 16, 2018

    Sign me up for the “Make a portal to rescue Bluberry” team! And lovely Loth-cats, I love the way the colors for the Sabine one look together.

    Liked by 2 people

    • TheFeltedKitten · May 16, 2018

      That’d be a really fun organization tho, wouldn’t it? XD Thank yous! (Sabi took the longest BECAUSE of the colors ;3 she’s had so many I couldn’t decide what ones to use for her!)

      Liked by 2 people

      • Shay · May 17, 2018

        Add me to that group, too, I’ll even volunteer to break down the wall of the temple if the need arises! (Though I think I should start working out now if I’m hoping to have any muscles at all by then… XD)

        And I second Audrey’s statement, your loth-cats are so pretty! I love how you even included the detail of Ezra’s scar into his loth-cat’s coloration. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · May 17, 2018

        NUU NUU NUUUU WE DON’T WANT TO DO THAT — THINK OF THE PRECIOUS ART!!! A baby loth-cat design could get *gulp* smushed! AK! Hehe, and I’ll work on my art skills to help interpret any art we’d come by — studying the work of Lady Wren, of course XP We still need some portal-skilled people though. . . *wonders if those people exist*
        Thankies! And lol, that scar got re-done several times. . . still not sure if it looks right. . . but he’s still pretty cute X3

        Liked by 1 person

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