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Hello, me friendlies. . . long time no see! I’ve got something new to try today — Christine Eyre of Overflowing Mind and Pen has tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger tag, which is something that sounds super exciting, but I’d never tried! Christine, thank you so very much for tagging me; it’s been a blast to answer all these questions (I really liked the first one; great thought there!), hopefully I’m doing this right!

Okay, so here we go!

  1. What’s something simple and mundane that you get excited about?

Watching ants. Seriously, if you’ve never sat down next to an ant bed and fed them a small piece of food, you’re missing out! I’m blessed to have four different types in my yard: fire ants, yellow meadow ants, these small, hard, matte black ants, and large, shiny black ants. It’s so cool to see how different each type is! The yellow meadow ants are my favorite, because they physically cannot bite me. Honestly, they can’t.

     2. What’s your newest favorite song?

OWL CITY’S NEWEST SONG CALLED CINEMATIC — IT CAME OUT JUST A FEW DAYS AGO!!! Or maybe that’s because it’s got Star Wars references. Um, but my newest favorite probably is Owl City. Or Sky Sailing. Or Port Blue. . . or Adam Young. . . or. . .wait, that’s all of them. Hehe, I’m not sure, really. There’s so many songs that I love, and so many that I call my favorite, but let’s see about maybe a list. . .

“Shadows,” by Red;

“You Will Be Found,” from Dear Evan Hansen;

“Love is on Our Side,” by Capital Kings;

“Young Skywalker (May the Fourth),” by Matthew Parker;

“No Filter,” by Britt Nicole;

“Something Wild,” by Lindsey Stirling;

“Light It Up,” by For King and Country;

“Bird With a Broken Wing,” by Owl City;

and “Never Giving Up on You,” by Matthew Parker.

And most other Lindsey Stirling instrumentals. Dubstep and violin together is pure epicness.


     3. Favorite cake flavor?

Chocolate :3 Always has been, always will be. Especially chocolate cakes shaped like BB-8. Because I am a fangirl, and I will be stubborn enough to make myself try new things, like cake decorating. Thankfully, the BB-8 scheme turned out well (and delicious)!

     4. What inspired your blog name?  (Borrowing this one from Chelsea because it’s a good question!)

My obsession with needle felting. It’s probably my most uncommon ability (that sounds weird), and I’ve been lucky enough to teach some of my friends how to do it! Hehe, it’s something I picked up when I was looking for a My Little Pony plush pattern, and never really quit doing. Essentially, needle felting is done by stabbing wool roving (or almost any other fiber — there’s even rose and banana fibers!) over and over again. Soon, it begins to condense, forming a thick mass that can be coaxed into a shape. You can make flowers, beads, even figures out of it! There’s a Loth-cat I did a while back named Ca’tra, who’s probably my favorite of my own needle felted creations (you can find her for sale in my Etsy shop, CatshineCraft). She has a rotating head made from a Lego turntable, which is the most functional (and funnest!) thing I’ve ever done with any of my creations. And then of course “kitten” because I love love love cats!

     5. What blogger has inspired you the most?  (Also borrowing from Chelsea.)

Ummm. . . well. . . sheesh. . . there’s three: Shay, Audrey, and Christine Eyre. And they’ve all inspired me! Shay, from The Elven Padawan, was the first person I met here, and she’s the one who basically got me to stick around. She’s such an outgoing and friendly person who is so welcoming to be around! Without her fangirly self, you’d probably not be seeing much activity from this kitten. Audrey is also from TEP, and she writes the literally most amazing things about her fandoms — Middle Earth and Star Wars! The way she applies her characters to her faith is awesome, and I wish I could write like she does. Plus, both Shay and Audrey have Rey cosplays, I have a Rey cosplay, we all three love cosplay. . . you get it XD And Christine Eyre does the most incredible REALISTIC art of the Star Wars Rebels crew, crossovers included! Her writing style and general good spirit never fails to make me want to draw or write — or hey, why not try both at once? I’m kidding; unless you’re an octopus, don’t try. But that’s what I feel like doing! All three of these wonderful girls are such a bright light, and it’s so nice to get a break from the messed-up ideas that dominate so many fandoms today and see their sweet writings and art. I love you guys :3

     6. Favorite Middle-Earth race?  (Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Men, Ents, etc.)

Ohhh, yeesh, is this a trick question? Nah, really they’re all amazing, but for the very present moment, I kinda want to say men. Sure, they fall a LOT MORE than the other races, and tend on the evil side, but they’ve always got a good head on their shoulders, and loyalty seems to be a commonly found trait in them. Sure, they all seem a little greedy (and reckless), but it’s understandable. But before I read LotR (I started with The Hobbit), I’d have said Elves. Because who doesn’t want to be immortal, and have like an entire synchronized army to fight for you, and be a great singer, and live in trees? In The Hobbit, they sang a lot; teasing and laughter were the norm. But as I learned more about them, I found that, though they are undeniably epic, they seemed in the LotR trilogy to be isolated, cold, distant; as if they believed they were better than the rest of the races. And that there is a lot more than I’d like to dissect. I’m only beginning to step into the realm of Middle-Earth, so my knowledge is probably flawed, and you guys can probably step right through holes in my logic. But that’s what I’m seeing as of now.

     7. What is an art medium or hobby you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t yet?

Oh gracious. . . gracious. . . wood carving comes to mind, as does leatherwork. I have tried those, but never seriously, and they definitely did not turn out very well! The wood carving probably went wrong because I never started it. Usually I’d just collect wood and junk to “eventually” work with, but nothing ever got done. *sigh*

     8. What’s an aesthetic that really moves your heart? (E.g. starry skies, or a stack of books with a cup of tea, or a lamppost in a wood.  )


Ayuh, ayuh, most definitely either galaxies or sunsets over water. Galaxies and nebulas and all that are just so epic — the thought that these things are even further away than the farthest of our planets is so mind boggling, yet they were still made by the same Creator, in the same way our galaxy was formed. Plus I’m minorly obsessed with stars at the moment (it started by learning about the binary stars Mira and Mira 2) so anything with a galaxy design makes me stop and stare. It’s almost as if it were a firefly. . . which I should probably not mention. *laughs* I love water, and when the light hits it, it gains the most stunning and ethereal colors. . . it’s beautiful, and I could stare at it forever!

     9. Favorite color combination?

ANYTHING WITH BLUE — except for orange, that’s . Kidding really, it’s hard to say! There’s so many pretties. . . again with the water thing, the color of a sunset on water is stunning. I like the coral and blue and orange look, all swirled together but not quite mixed. . . that’s what I love, that there! Well, at least for today.

     10. What’s an obscure topic you know a lot about?

Old canon Star Wars. Basically I‘ve accumulated a freakishly large amount of old Star Wars knowledge. Comes from reading a lot of old Legends books. But everyone who bothers to look at my art knows that I am a fangirl for everything from the galaxy far, far away. So something NOT Star Wars would be. . . *drumroll*. . . needle felting! Wet felting is pretty common, but needle felting (or dry felting) is one of my trades that makes everyone stop and ask a million questions. But since I am known for asking so many (sometimes dumb) questions that I completely don’t mind others asking what in the galaxy am I doing.

     11. Do you have any relics from your childhood that you’re never throw out?  (E.g. plastic horses, an old Winnie-the-Pooh bear, or your first pair of glasses [and yes, these are items I’ve hung on to through the years. ])

Ohhh. . . so many (Kitten is maybe a bit of a packrat). . . um, there’s a balloon I was given when I turned twelve. It was a foil My Little Pony balloon. It was very crinkly. Plus my cat really liked it. Hehe, it’s happily residing in a drawer of stuff I like to call the “special things drawer,” despite that the occupants of the drawer that have to other home. I also have a REALLY REALLY REALLY old plush cat that my adult cousin gave to me when I was five or so. Her name is Callie. Technically speaking, she’s a TY beanie baby, the calico named Chip, but I’ve NEVER called a plush by its given name. ;3 She had gotten it when she was quite young, and passed it down to me when she was perhaps 17. Callie is around 20 years old now, I’d say. Fun fact: she has a twin sister, the same version of herself, that I found in an antique shop a few years ago for $7 — plus a smaller version of the same cat, the miniature one, too! Callie, Patches, and Sunbeam are their names. I love them X3

Callie & Patches

Okay, so apparently I must needs to tag five people. Goodness, that’s hard. . . but let me see. . .

Shay (of TEP)

Audrey (of TEP)

Olivia.eirene (of The Olive Branch)

Now, for your questions. . .

  1. What is the most interesting pet you’ve ever had? (Box turtles you kept for a few hours most certainly do count!)
  2. What object in your preferred surroundings (i.e. where you like to be the most) inspires you the most?
  3. How many words per minute do you think you type? How many do you actually type?
  4. What was your first fandom?
  5. How does that fandom affect the ones you have today?
  6. What is your favorite color, and how is it relevant to your personality?
  7. Your favorite movie (or TV show or musical or whatevs) — what was the biggest pet peeve you had when you first watched it?
  8. What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you in the last week?
  9. Your favorite song suddenly comes on while you’re at the store. What song is it, and how do you react?
  10. Stars are pretty and all, sure. . . do you have a favorite one, besides our own Sun?
  11. Quick — there’s a giant angry Wookiee coming your way!!! You have a wooden spoon and an oven mitt (food isn’t gonna cook itself) — what do you do?

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post! Since I only have the three tagged peoples, if you’d like to be tagged, just say so, hey? I’ll update the post with your name and site in it. Ciao for now!
~ Kitten


  1. Shay · June 16, 2018

    I loved reading this!! And thanks so much for tagging me, I can’t wait to get my answers together!! 😀 😀

    Oooh oh oh!! So… um, I may have been snooping through your comments with others on there, but now I REALLY want to know what songs are on that playlist you mentioned!!! Maybe a future blog post topic…? *hint hint* *wink* XD I have a list of songs that remind me of favorite characters and such, but it’s not super long at this point. But every now and then I’ll hear a song that has absolutely nothing to do with a certain movie/book/show, but somehow manages to fit a character, plotline, or theme in them PERFECTLY! And of course, I have to go shouting about it somewhere online, lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · June 18, 2018

      Yeeeey, I’m glad you liked it! You’re welcome — I hope you have as much fun answering as I did!

      *laughs* Ah, that XD I plan to post it at some point, but first I gotta find some more songs for Zeb, Kanan, and Chopper. Zeb and Chopper are the comic relief songs, for the most part (“Don’t Wanna Wake Up” by Capital Kings for Zeb, and FXB’s “Fearless” for Chopper are pretty much all I have XD). Of course, Sabine and Ezra have lists a mile long. . .
      Lol, yesssss — I love finding songs like that!!! Some of them, I think, are like legit Earth AU songs for SW characters. Totally written to be character songs. Yeah.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · June 18, 2018

        Completely!! I know I’ve seen tribute videos for Kanan with Owl City’s “Silhouette”… Wow, now that I think of it, I don’t know of that many songs for him… Which is a serious shame, because he’s our amazing SpaceDad!! Guess I should start getting on my fangirl-looking-for-connections-where-they-were-never-intended-to-be goggles, huh?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · June 18, 2018

        Oh hey, I just remembered!! “Ceasefire” by FK&C works perfectly for Zeb, especially he and Kallus in “The Honorable Ones.” It could work really well for Kanan, like in “The Protector of Concord Dawn,” too.

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · June 19, 2018

        Hmm, I’m not sure whether “Silhouette” fits Kanan really well, perhaps a pre-Rebels (pre-Hera?) Kanan? I’d never heard that one before tho, and I do love the song itself :3 Just don’t think it’s SpaceDad-y XD Yeah, a lot of the songs I have are from tribute videos, but my favorite match-up (at the moment XD) is “Something Wild,” from Pete’s Dragon for Ezra. Partly because it fits him, and partly because I wanted more Lindsey Stirling in there XD (I loved Pete’s Dragon and I totally call Pete “little Ezra” and the white wolf “Elliot” now XD It’s a modern AU to me!) LOL where do you get those goggles? ARE THEY THE ONES HERA HAS??? Cuz I really need a new pair XP
        Ooooo, yesss, I’d forgotten that one!!! Just added it in!


  2. The Story Sponge · June 14, 2018

    I decided to listen to “Shadows” by Red whilst reading this post and I ended up hearing “There’s hate inside of me like some Jedi Master” at first and I didn’t even question it. After the chorus came around again I realized my error. It’s a cool song! I really like “Hold Me Now” by Red, but I hadn’t heard “Shadows” until today.
    Those plush cats are adorable! I wouldn’t dream of getting rid of them either. I am a bit of a pack rat myself to be honest. Getting rid of things doesn’t bear thinking of.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · June 15, 2018

      Oimegoodness, that’s so perfect!!! When I first heard the song, I heard “‘Cause I hear you say to me like some kind of master” and thought nothing of it until curiosity forced me to the lyrics page. I actually heard both songs fairly recently in Star Wars Rebels tribute videos (both for Ezra Bridger — I suppose Red does songs that correspond with a young misfit Jedi rather well!), and I love both! And. . . I still sing it as my interpretation XD Because it just made so much sense in light of the characters and their dynamic as it was being shown in the video!
      *laughs* Those are the oldest (and likely rarest) I have; actually, I think there’s around fifteen to twenty plushies still hanging out in my room. It’s weird; yes, but all the best people are a little weird.
      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you decided to drop in!

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Story Sponge · June 15, 2018

        I love attaching songs to stories that I love! I used to watch a bunch of LOTR videos like that. I am constantly linking songs to my favorite stories in my head. “Hold Me Now” by Red is really important for one of my own characters. It helps with the characters and it makes me like the songs that much better!
        15 to 20? That’s awesome. Indeed, the best people are a little weird. I wholeheartedly agree with that.

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · June 15, 2018

        Saaaame!!! It’s so fun to be able to connect song lyrics to characters, especially when one finds a song that is like SPOT ON for a fandom. . . There’s a whole playlist I have written out on my phone for my Star Wars Rebels crew — “Shadows” and “Gone” are both in it, as well as what is likely an obsessive number of Britt Nicole and Owl City songs. . . ;D Hehe, I’m thinking about making that my blog’s tagline now!

        Liked by 2 people

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  4. christineeyre · June 13, 2018

    This post was so fun to read! (I may or may not have squealed when I saw it!) And I love the in-depth details you provided with each answer.

    Wow–I never thought much about watching ants, but you make it sound fascinating! And I’d never heard of yellow meadow ants before! Not being able to bite makes them sound more interesting. 🙂

    Isn’t Lindsey Stirling awesome! Her music sounds effortless and often ethereal.

    Ooh, a BB8 cake sounds fun. And delicious!

    I’d never heard of needle felting before–what a cool hobby! And oh, Ca’tra is SO CUTE!!! Great work!

    Aw, thank you so much for your kind words! Seriously, your praise made my day! And I laughed at the octopus comment. 🙂

    Ooh, great points about the loyalty of the Middle Earth men. They also usually mean well, even if they take the wrong method to reach their goals (thinking of Boromir here).

    Oh, wow, those are cool hobbies to try! I’m interested in leather working myself.

    THOSE PICTURES ARE BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely gorgeous aesthetics.

    Hehe, I never cared for the orange/blue combination myself. They’re complimentary colors on the color wheel, but still..

    That’s a very good obscure topic to know a lot about! 🙂 My sister refuses to acknowledge that the Heir to the Empire books aren’t canon anymore (I *think* that’s the name of the series), and she sticks to calling it the extended universe instead of legends.

    D’awww, those are such cute beanie babies! It’s so interesting to learn what other people hang onto through the years, and why.

    This was an awesome post! And your questions are very creative!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · June 14, 2018

      Thank yous for tagging me! That was epic XD (*laughs* it’s a fangirl thing!)
      Hehe, it really is neat to see them scuttle around, and how they all have personalities! Yup, the light orange ants that build small orange-y mounds in clear spaces can’t bite at all. They’re also easily frightened and run away very quickly when they are scared. Which is. . . rather frequently.
      Ahhh, I just found her music like a week ago and I already have begun searching out a way to get myself a violin ;D “Roundtable Rival” and “Shadows” are probably my favorites, but that’s only for the very present moment! I really really want to try to do some kind of animatic thing some day with her music. . . it begs to be interpreted and drawn.
      Indeed, it’s super awesome! The only danger of it is the occasional moment of spearing pain that comes from a mislead poke of the needle. . . which is why I draw in the car and felt in the house. But otherwise, it’s a great, mostly inexpensive craft that I think doesn’t quite get the amount of attention it deserves. *grins* Thankiessss. . . I love that little lothie. Still not quite sure if I honestly do want to sell her!
      You’re very welcome, my friend! I’m so glad to have met you and see your beautimus arts! :3
      It’s a complicated relationship. *laughs* I only like blue and orange together when they’re in a sunset. As in, say, a team logo, I hate it. #Dawgsfan XD
      Heir to the Empire is the way I remember it. I haven’t read them in like seven years so I really shouldn’t say anything about them XD Just that I really wish Mara had been brought in. Still wondering what will happen to all those lost characters now. . . and poor writers and artists! They worked so hard on all that and then poof, it’s gone. Gone. *sigh*
      Thank you so much — ah, good, you like the questions. . . *sigh of relief* I wasn’t sure what to put so I went kinda randomy XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • christineeyre · June 19, 2018

        Gah, sorry for the late reply! Been kinda busy and draggy, heh. 🙂 You’re welcome, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the tag as well!

        I never thought of ants having personalities! That’s a cool perspective. We get only microscopic black ants and fire ants in our backyard; the black ants tend to mind their own business and stay out of our way, but the fire-ants scamper in all directions like they’re late for an appointment or something!

        Oooh, cool! If you get one and start taking lessons, I’d love to hear how your progress goes! I’ve never heard “Shadows” (going to listen to it soon!), but my favorite Lindsey Stirling songs are “Shatter Me” (which kinda reminds me of Sabine’s backstory, actually); “Lost Girls”; “and Elements (Orchestra version). OH AN ANIMATIC MUSIC VIDEO WOULD BE COOL!

        Gotcha–sounds like a good system! I know!–you want to share your creations, but you don’t necessarily want to SELL them! I’ve faced that dilemma myself…

        Blue and orange are beautiful together in a sunset, definitely. Some blue-and-orange flower combinations are also pretty, but I’m right with you on team logos. Especially if they pick a neon blue that just looks garish. Dawgs…as in…Mississippi Bulldogs or Georgia Bulldogs? (We tend to watch the Mississippi Dawg games, so I was just curious!)

        Well, since Thrawn has been reintroduced into canon, maybe Mara Jade will be too…like, in an anthology movie between Episodes 6 and 7? I know–poor guys! If you think about it, it was 40+ years of contribution to the Star Wars world that was suddenly de-canonized…now I’m sad. Still, those artists and writers can be proud of their work, even though it’s no longer canon.

        Random questions are a lot of fun! You’ve given a nice combination of thought-provoking AND random questions here!

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · June 19, 2018

        It’s cool, I totally understand! I’m actually getting ready for overnight camp next week, so I won’t have much computer time this week (and then none next week. . . survival challenge JK XD)
        When I’m outside the house, I’ll find sugar ants and pick them up. They’re so skittish! But cute — they’re tiny!
        “Shadows” is gorgeous X3 Ooooo, there’s a orchestra version for “Elements???” Oohhhhh I just listened and aiiiii like it so so so much better than the original. . . hehe, without knowing it, I heard “Lost Girls” a long time ago and liked it. Heh, and now that I know *what* it was, I love it. And totally want to draw it XD OIII it does sound like Sabine!!!!
        The Georgia Bulldogs, of course! XD I also cheer for Boise State (their field *heart* it’s so pretty! But they’re also orange and blue *sigh*) and then a few smaller teams, then also the high school teams too (which others find crazy sometimes; they think homeschoolers can’t *be* so-and-so fans BECAUSE they’re homeschooled. Which is absolutely ridiculous to me).
        Oooii, that’d be really cool! But. . . I don’t know if they could bring her back, because of her future relationship with Luke. It’d be awesome if they did, but I can see why they wouldn’t 😦 Same for Jacen and Jaina, but Tenel Ka could maybe come in somewhere. . . say, we haven’t seen much of the Dathomir crowd since CW (and “Visions and Voices,” but that doesn’t really count), not even in books or comics. Maybe she could come in some comic or somethin’. Oi, yeah, I didn’t think of that!!! Yeah, they still have bragging rights — “I wrote a Star Wars books AND it was canon until Disney came along!” XD
        *laughs* Random is fun. I like random very much. That’s why I yell PORG, PIZZA, and PURPLE TRUCK at odd and usually awkward moments. XD

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Audrey · June 12, 2018

    Watching ants is super fascinating, especially when they grab something bigger than themselves to carry back into their home. I have these itty bitty yellow-ish clear sugar ants that come into my room, and I don’t mind them, (I guess they’re kind of cute in a really weird way.) and like you said, there is no way they could possibly bite me at all. But I could do without the fire ants in our yard. 🐜 (The more from wordpress box is now suggesting I read something called “Ant-head: A Love story by Budgie Bigelow.” Hmm I think I shall pass.)

    Chocolate is definitely my favorite too, my mom likes vanilla, but to me it doesn’t really have a flavor.? I bet your BB-8 cake was delicious!

    Aww thank you so much! I was really nervous when I started writing, because I tend to overthink things that I do, and worry I’m saying something weird, but you and Shay and lots of other people have been SO encouraging, it’s really helped quiet all the things that pop into my head that I know aren’t true, and are being put there to discourage me. I love reading your posts because they’re so happy, they always make me smile! And your beautiful art has been inspiring me to try and practice more and improve my own art skills. I 💜 you too Kitten! (As a Sister in Christ and fangirl friend.)

    Your cat stuffies are cute! They would be good friends with my old dogs who have almost no fluff left because they’ve been washed so many times. XD

    While I was giggled about the Wookiee question, I leaned back and set off my Chewie plush that makes Wookiee nosies, and thought “Uh oh, the angry Wookiee is already here.” XD

    Thanks for nominating me! Those questions sound super fun! Sorry this comment is really long, I love talking about fandom things the most, but I like talking about random things with awesome peoples too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · June 14, 2018

      I know, right??? I’ve watched those meadow ants drag a bit of food twice their size ten feet from where they picked it up, dodging fire ants as they go. It’s funny because they’re really jumpy, so when they get scared they drop everything and then have to go back for it. Yeah, they’re no good for stepping on, eh? They’re good when it’s just a few, but aii, lots is a ow-pain situation! (Lol indeed XP)
      Ai, the very same here!!! My dad and all my sibs love chocolate, but my mom prefers vanilla. *laughs* Someone has to like it, right?
      Girl. The stuff you write is in no way weird. I mean really — like your opinion of Rose; that is amazing and just aiii. . . ^.^ Rose is the very first canon fangirl, and that’s just so epic XD Thankyousomuch oiii thank yousss. . . 🙂
      Aihai, my brother has two old toys’r’us dogs who have that very problem (most of my siblings and I have pairs of ancient plushies and their newer counterparts, must be a family thing XP)! Lol, now I’m thinking someone needs to do a PlushieCon where all the plush critters get together XP
      *laughs* That’s priceless XD
      You’re so welcome!!! It was so fun to do these; hopefully, my questions will be fun too! (It’s totally okay! I know, right? Fangirling is great, but ants is too XP)

      Liked by 1 person

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