Marker Time

When I went to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, I was in search of a new sketchbook. But when I saw sets of Prismacolor Premier Art Makers sitting innocently in the clearance section for around a dollar per marker, that sketchbook got sideswept.

I have art markers, people, and I am in love.

The first thing I did was fangirl. Because really. Awesome art supplies for super cheap is a perfect excuse for an artist to squeal. Then I tried to draw with them. After testing each color out (and happily informing my family that the flesh-colored marker would, indeed, be good for drawing Ezra), I drew a few OCs. Then I tried something bigger. That something bigger. . .


My first marker illustration that mattered. . . *heart*

. . . was one Ezra Bridger. Again, the first attempt, so do please excuse the quality of the strokes. Marker art means you have to work really fast.

After that, I was on cloud nine. This is a wonderful art form, my friends.

In case you haven’t noticed, I draw Ezra a lot. But the colors I have prevent me from drawing Sabine very well, and I tend to never have the right greens for Kanan and Hera. And then Zeb is. . . a nightmare. . .

But those are Prismacolor Premier art markers (fine and chisel double ended tips, for the curious ones). I have since aqquried three Copic brush-and-chisel tipped markers, as well as ten or eleven Winsor & Newtons. Personally, I like the Prismas best, in terms of color vividness and bendability. The Winsors are rather dull in comparison (though I did get neutral and dull color tones), and the Copics were okay. I probably need more of them to properly judge them, as I know they are supposed to be the high-quality markers of these three. But for Kitten’s art, she likes Prismas.

In related topics, I have done two step-by-step picture processes of my techniques in marker-drawing Ezra, which I plan to write words to and post as tutorials of sorts. But for the time present, enjoy these arts!
~ Kitten


  1. Shay · August 23, 2018

    Hiya again!! 😀
    I have recently realized that we have not talked in forrrreverrrrr… And I decided that I need to change that. XD
    So how’s it going? Have you started school yet? This is my first official week, so far it’s still as “bleh” as it ever was. I am pretty happy about a couple of the subjects I get to study this year, tho. One’s British lit (which means Narnia and other C. S. Lewis books, and The Hobbit!!) and the other is Art, which seems like it’s gonna be super neat. 😀

    Also, I’ve finally been able to get a bit of work in on my Sabine! *cheers and confetti* I was planning to really devote a lot of time to cosplay projects this summer, but then we were able to get our Celebration tickets, which meant that in reality, I ended up doing a ton of yardwork in order to pay off my debts to my Nana. But now that’s almost over, and I’m finally being able to get back into the cosplay work! I’ve finally got the primer on my blasters, and I found some cargo pants that I think will work fantastically for Sabine!! I think I may only be able to get them in black, though, so at this point, I’m really leaning towards her s4 look… I also cut my shoulder cup-thingies out of the PVC elbow (boy, dremels leave your hands sore! and I was so absolutely *covered* in plastic shavings by the time I was done!) and got the edges of those sanded down quite nicely. Also, the online store that I’m planning to order my bodysuit fabric from finally has the fabric I want back in stock, so I need to scrape together $30 to order that before it gets gone again.

    Whelp, I hope things are going well (and not too busy) for you!
    I noticed the new tagline on your site; it made me laugh! It reminded me of Zeb: “This is a good thing. It’s good when things get weird like this!” XD

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    • TheFeltedKitten · August 23, 2018

      Well hullo stranger! Long time no see!
      Yup, all’s well! I’ve been meaning to post something or another, but. . . school XD Been at it for a few weeks now. . . but thankfully, so far it’s actually been okay! Geometry is miles easier than algebra, y’know (I stink at algebra). ART!!!! Oimegoodness congratsssss!!! Lol how I wish that was a legitimate subject for me and my siblings. T’would give me a good reason to daydream and sketch the day away XD And British lit sounds epiccc!!! My “special” (“elective,” I think?) subject this semester is Music Appreciation, which promises to be fun!
      YEY FOR SABINE — yus yus yusssss, S4 Sab is best!!! Lol I wish I could come to Celebration too, but I was absent-minded and didn’t check the tickets for a month, not realizing how stinkin’ fast the things sold out!!! I heard something about applying for a podcast panel there, were you going to do that? Well, it sounds like she’s comin’ along nicely — have you decided on a helmet yet?
      Oh, hehe, it’s plenty busy, but busy is always good ;3
      Lol, I didn’t make that connection, but that’s perfect!!! Zeb has some really good one-liners, do he? XD It’s actually from a book series one of my friends introduced me to recently, Keeper of the Lost Cities. When I read the line and was like “if that’s not my new tagline I’m a dog.” And I’m a kitten ;3
      OH, YES — did you see Squadron Goals newest run of pins??? I fell in love with the Rey and baby porglet one, and now it’s on my desk, waiting to be stuck on a backpack or jacket X3 It’s so cute — and when she puts out the Ezra one I’m soooooo getting it too!!! Hehe, another way Rebels affected my life — it started my pin and stick collection! Also got the Sabine “Create” sticker for my sketchbook. . . because art reasons ;D Did you ever end up getting your Jyn pin (hey, that rhymes XD)?

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    • TheFeltedKitten · August 23, 2018

      And oimegoodness, RESISTANCE!!!! I’m so excited for that!!! Did you see Myrna (spelled?) and her SABINE SHOULDER PLATE??? EEP! And the animation is beautiful and the characters are. . . well they’re OUTSTANDING AND I’M SO HAPPY WITH IT XD And did you see Gooti there?? Oi it’s so good to see Rebels elsewhere!!!

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      • Shay · August 24, 2018

        Hey, that sounds cool!! I know we’re studying classical music a bit this year as well (I think it’s next semester… but I’m not 100% positive on that…), and it may be considered “Music Appreciation” as well (last year was music theory, which was… yuck…. 😛 )
        The first book for our Brit Lit is Beowulf, which actually had a lot of kids in my class groaning, but I think I’m gonna enjoy it. It’s old, and the writing style is kinda dry, but it was also a huge inspiration to Tolkien when it came to LOTR, so I’m excited to actually get to read it myself. And my first day of “class” (basically like a co-op that I go to once a week) was today; my friend and I spent almost all of lunch talking about cosplay and cons and all that wonderful nerdy girl stuff. She’s more of an amine fan, while I’m into the conventional sci-fi/fantasy, but we both understand each other when it comes to basic fangirling. XD

        Honestly, it was INSANE how fast tickets sold out this year!! They were out of 5-day tickets within a week of them going on sale, and they NEVER sell out that fast. And yeppo (lol, mah lil’ Freemakers ref for the day XD), I’m certainly planning to apply for a press badge when the application list for those opens up in February. I would’ve LOVED to try for a panel or live podcast stage, but it looks like they’ve put in some recent rules where the people involved have to be at least 18. Which is a serious bummer for us younger fans. 😦 I may still have a chance at something closer to the actual date, but at this point, I’m not really counting on it.
        The helmet that I found that is both Mercs-approved and seems to be the closest to my price range so far is from Draven’s Total Customs on Etsy. I haven’t ordered it yet, but that’s the one I have my eye on for when I finally build my cosplay fund back up.

        I have seen some of them… THAT EZRA IS SO CUUUUTE!!!! I MUST get it once it’s released!!! I just looked up the Rey-and-porglet one, somehow I had missed it until now; omgoodness, so much cuteness!!! 🙂 🙂
        Lol, saaaame! I never really cared very much about pins before, but Rebels got me on that train and I can’t jump off now!! I’d love to get that die-cut Sabine sticker they’ve got up now, there’s only a few left and I feel like it would be perfect considering my cosplay plans… ahh, the pains of fangirl life!! And nooo, and I still haven’t grabbed the Jyn one yet! There’s just so much I need to do and buy and make, and time goes by so fast!

        YES I SAW IT!!! I’m actually really excited to see more of this lil’ show, even though I’ve seen a lot of people already attacking it for the art style. It’s totally different from what we’ve gotten from SW animation so far, but I think it’s gonna be a fun show to mix things up a bit. It seems like it’ll be aimed for a much younger audience at this point, but with all the weight and darkness that’s so prevalent in the sequel-era stories so far, I’m fine with that. And all the bright colors just make me so happy!! 😀
        NOOO, I didn’t notice that!!! (I still haven absolutely no clue who’s-who with the characters that are original to this show, except for Kaz of course.) Tell me more, you’ve got me all curicited (curious+excited XD)
        Now I DID see a female Theelin that looked very similar to Gooti… but is it confirmed to be her yet??! I’m super excited at the possibility of her returning for this show, but I don’t wanna get my hopes up too much yet…. We all know how Mr. Filoni and those other evil Lucasfilm peeps are about teasing their fans….

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      • TheFeltedKitten · August 26, 2018

        *gasp* I am wounded — music theory is awesome! XD Nah, it is pretty boring sometimes. . . sometimes. . . ;P That’s like what a trumpet is, how loud and quiet are measured, that kinda stuff, right?

        Oiiii, do you know, there’s a Wishbone version of that called “Be a Wolf?” I so want to read it sometime XD Sounds like fun (mostly)! Lol, I have one friend who’s more of a Marvel/DC fan than SW, so I get ya there! She’s also my cosplay buddy cuz most of my friends think the art cool but weird XD

        Goodness, a week?? That’s ridiculous — and they’re what, pushing a thousand per 5-day, right? Yeesh! Oh, oki! Ugh. . . age restrictions again XD Maybe team up with some older podcasters? *shrug* (Hehe, which episode is that? Right over meh head :P)

        Oi, that one looks great! (And not-as-expensive XD I might get one to play around with at some point.)

        THERE’S ONE LEFT NOW — GRAB IT LIKE NOW!!!! I was so gonna get it but since stickers go on my sketchbook I thought that it’d just be neater to put the Create one on there. . . since I “create” art in it. . . (I think she’s keeping the Jyn one in stock now.) LOL YEAH — imma try and be in the first ten, just for bragging rights ;P I get the feeling it’ll be gone in a flash!

        Aiii, I can’t understand why people act like that. . . this show is beautiful! They ought to try cel animation and see if they think it’s easy XD But that’s a tangent. . .

        Hehe, she’s the one with the beautiful red-and-turquoise outfit and white chest and shoulder pauldrons (here’s a theory — by the time we get to this pre-TFA era, Mandalorian armor has changed again and this new method of strapping plates together is the “new modern” version!) Anyway, her right shoulder bell has Sabine’s aurebesh five painted on. Same colors, same size, same everything — except she’s not Sabine. I literally showed my brother and he goes “well there’s Sabine.” (Oh, they’re all on Wookiepedia if you want to check that out. . . I found the character names under the first episode page, which is linked to on the main Resistance page 😉 Hopefully that’s not confusing!)

        *cringe* Um, nooo, not *yet*. . . but it looks so much like her and it’d be about the right look for her age that it HAS to be!!! I can’t possibly think that this Resistance will have no Rebels references at all. . .

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      • Shay · August 29, 2018

        Yep, you’re on the right track… except that we had to go to the level where you’re matching what notes go together to make all these different types of chords, and memorizing scales, and all that stuff. It’s just not really my thing. 😛

        Actually, I think the 5-day tickets were only about $250… the VIP 5-day was about $700, but that definitely wasn’t an option for us. (Ah, I was just referencing Graballa’s little “sidekick” who’s always flying around saying “yyyyyep!” to everything XD)

        Ah, thank you for that info! I actually just recorded a trailer break-down podcast last night, and my guest and I were pretty much cluelessly going around in circles when it came to several of the character names. My crazy self happened to discover all that info was already written up on a blog over on The Wookiee Gunner AFTER we recorded!!
        Honestly, I wish they would just give us a basic cheat-sheet of all the characters’ names, affiliations, species, etc. It would make the life of a podcaster/blogger/fangirl so much easier. XD (Though I *have* just applied to see if I can get an account with the Disney Channe;/Disney XD press sites, so we’ll see how that goes…. 😉 )

        Can we just talk about her outfit, though??? I love those colors!! I’m seriously so tempted to start planning a dress based on her flightsuit already!! XD

        And the new Resistance poster that just dropped!! I love the tagline on it!! I’m totally going to set it as much laptop background right this second.

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      • Shay · August 29, 2018

        Ya know what, now that I give it some thought… I think I was wrong on something there. I think the price for the regular 5-day tickets was even lower than that… But I’m still not 100% sure, so don’t quote me or anything…

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      • TheFeltedKitten · August 30, 2018

        Noooo, that’s all fun stuff! Lol I get so excited about doing stuff like that. . . each to their own taste tho I suppose. . .
        Oh wow, that is a lot better than I thought! Well now I know to CHECK THE TICKET PRICES EARLIER. . . ;P (Ohhhhh, oki! Hehe how did I miss that?!?! Well I know what imma be doing after school now. . . XD)
        Hehehe, I’m so glad she has that there, now I can draw em! And hey, maybe even try to write em. . . (been doing that again lately ;P)
        Oimegoodness yes — that’d be so helpful. . . because it turns out that mando-girl is actually called Torra Doza 😛 and I totally mixed her name up with her actress’s XD Hey, and maybe like a very, very brief description of their personas? B’cuz as much as I like her, Torra is giving me. . . Naare vibes. . . :T I saw someone said that Kaz is the only trustworthy character yet and therefore it’d not be a good idea to get too attached to any of the others yet and was like YUS THANK YOU because I totally didn’t catch Naare until it was wayyyy too late XD
        Woah woah woah — back the t-rex up. What is an account with a Disney press site, and what does it do. Because that sounds epic. And so “official” XD
        Yeah, let’s talk about the outfit, not the conflicting data about the names XD Yehehehesssss, the colors magoodness!!! Honestly I NEVER put blue and red together AT ALL. . . but now imma try it some, they did so well with her colors! The whole palette for the show is just beautiful — “Team Fireball’s” crewmates all are so different in terms of color, but all kinda match.
        YEYS — it’s so beautiful!!! So many thoughts on that, like what is Neeku holding, why does Tam have such droid-looking boots, WHY IS TORRA ON THERE IS SHE REALLY RELATED TO SABI OR NOT?!?!?! Lol it’s too bad that I’ll miss the first airing (it’s like at 10pm eastern I think!!!) but you can bet that as soon as possible imma be watching it over and over and over again XD Heh, that didn’t occur to me somehow. Thank you!!! Now my brother can finally stop asking me to change it from the Epilogue Rebels painting XD

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      • Shay · September 2, 2018

        Torra seems so sweet, tho!! I have considered the possibility that she may be a traitor, or at least someone like Hondo or DJ, the “It’s just business” kinda person. But I really hope not… That would be sad, especially for poor Kaz….

        So IDK if it’ll actually work out or not, but basically getting an account like that would allow be to get the heads-up on news before everyone else does, if I understand correctly. Or at least, they’ll contact me with official news whenever it drops. That way I’m not just constantly scouting around the internet to try to find things to report that are *hopefully* official and not just a rumor somone overheard and is screaming around social media now. :/

        I just love how there are so many different colors and styles and everything, yet it all blends perfectly! It’s like a beautiful little explosion!! (Which is why I think “Team Fireball” is an absolutely perfect name choice XD)

        So I’ve got something that I thought you might be able to offer some advice on. I’ve been trying to take up a bit of drawing and artsy stuff lately. I’m good at crafts, and I love cosplay, but I can’t do conventional “art” to save my life. Stick-figures and smilely faces are the extent of my natural talent. But I have all these artistic IDEAS in my brain that are bursting to come out!! All kinds of designs that I really want to somehow depict and work with, but somehow there’s a disconnect between what I seem in my mind and the actual ability to get it out on paper. So I’ve been looking up some free art classes and such online, and trying to find some tips and exercises to get me started. I always just thought that it was something you had to be born with, if you had it you just had it and could do it without trying. And maybe it is, and I’m not gonna get anywhere. But I’m at least gonna give it a go and see what happens! 🙂
        So I was wondering if you had any tips on how to get going?? I don’t really wanna draw realistic portrates or anything, more like cartoonish/animated stuff, so I can do fanart and plot out my cosplays and “fandom inspired designs” and such. I saw a thing that said that just sketching basic things for at least half-an-hour each day for 30 days will really build your skills and help you figure out things like shading and such, so I’m gonna try that… But I didn’t know if there were any things I should try out to help me learn how to draw bodies and such without it having to be super realistic. 🙂

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      • TheFeltedKitten · September 3, 2018

        Oi, don’t get me wrong, I love her already and I think she’s gonna be my fav, but there’s just *something* about her. . . hehe, my brother saw her and immediately groans something along the lines of “oh no, I think he likes her.” To which I add no comment. . . 😛 But her little sideways wave!!! ❤ Oimegoodness why did they have to start the show putting suspicion on all of these beautiful beings?!?!? AI!
        Akkkk, that’s like the coolest thing EVER!!! I hope that works out for ya!! (LOL YUS — rumors are both the lifeblood and bane of being a fangirl, but the suspense is just more fun to meh XD)
        !OIMEGOODNESS! YOUS ASKING ME FOR ART HELP?!?!?! MEEP!!! Thou asketh of the lowliest of artists, fellow padawan, but I shalt try to help thou 😛 Nooooo, it’s nothing you have to be born with at all!!! Personally I believe that talent is grown, not inherent — my art is an example :3 Yup, I definitely agree with drawing every day, whether it’s “important” stuff or just random sketches of a mop-headed padawan and his cat. You’ll probably want to have multiple sketchbooks on hand. . . I have two I work with the most, a 9” x 12” book-bound one, and a smaller spiral-bound one that’s maybe 8” x 6” or something (it’s my favorite, found at walmart for like $2 or something wild!) Lol yussss, I totally get ya with the getting ideas OUT OF HEAD thing. . . it’s so frustrating sometimes because you know EXACTLY what you want the expression or clouds or pizza to look like (clouds are beasts!!!) but they just WON’T. . . but then, there’s always happy accidents XD
        A lot of people learn by doing the geometric base thing (like a rectangle for upper and lower body, circles for elbows and knees, and stick lines connecting em), which is good for proportions. Tracing helps too — trace and trace something that has the particular art style you like until you can draw it on your own, and then play around with proportions and shapes until you’ve got something you can easily draw all on your own without a reference! (Or just looking at a reference, that helps too!) But yeah, just drawing A LOT is really the best thing I can say. Just draw whatever, as long as it’s drawing, and it won’t be all that long till you’ll see you own style emerging! I’ve actually been meaning to post some drawing tutorials for a while now. . . would that help?

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      • Shay · September 3, 2018

        Lol, yep, we may have discussed that a bit in our Resistance trailer breakdown podcast (which should be out this weekend, btw)… 😉 I just don’t wanna see anyone turn out to be evil yet… I need fun and happiness and all the good feels after what Rebels did to me…

        I picked up a smaller spiral-bound sketch pad at the store last night, and a new tin of pencils and a good eraser (even I know that pink school erasers don’t do so well with the finer points of sketching 😛 ) I’d like to get a bigger sketch pad eventually, so that I can have more work room to practice shading and such.
        I’ve actually heard before that tracing is a good way to learn…. Hmmm… That just always felt wrong to me somehow, kinda like I was stealing someone else’s work because I was copying their art style. But I guess it does help with learning what styles you can actually pull off, and getting them cemented in your head… I’ve also been making a YouTube playlist of all the best drawing help videos that I’ve found so I can get back to them and rewatch them until I get the stuff stuck in my brain.
        Actually, I do think that would help a ton!! I’d totally love to see something like that! 😊

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      • TheFeltedKitten · September 3, 2018

        Somehow I don’t think that Resistance will be all sweetness and beauty. . . “I once had a pet named Lucky that reminded me of home. . . and then it died. . . and then I ate it!” How violent! XD (Oi yey — I’ll keep an eye out for dat then!!!) The Disney wiki page has some character info cards on their Resistance page. . . they’re not spoilery, but it was cool to see em. They also had a variant of the poster that had Kaz, Torra, Poe, BB, and Hype, along with an unnamed yellow dude. . . I’m not sure if it’s a poster of the racers, or a list of good characters who we can rely on to be nice peoples. . . say, is anyone else thinking Wreck It Ralph with all these race-centric vibes? XD
        Oiho yeah, they give me the hardest time XD But they erase better than my prismacolor ones, which I still don’t understand. . . a kneaded eraser is good too, especially if you want to draw ink over the top of a pencil sketch! Even if it does look like putty. . . and smell like garbage. . . XD Yeah, I guess it kinda is stealing (. . .from a certain point of view. . . *giggles*), but I’ve also heard that the best artists are the ones whose art people try to recreate ;3 I don’t trace anymore, but when I use other art as reference, I don’t usually do anything with it. It’s too fine a line for me to really say anything tho, since I don’t sell my art or anythin’. I just think it helps to have a base that one can draw over and over and get it into muscle memory, and then transfer into unique art. When I played tennis, my teacher (instructor? Coach? Idk anymore XD) would have us practice serves against the fence over and over and over and over again. . . 15 serves to warm up when we came in, and then more throughout the day. It was hard at first, but it’s also the only thing I remember how to do very well now ;D
        *facedesk* that is a really good idea. . . thankies XD Mark Crilley has some really good tutorials on anime and manga drawing (I honestly don’t know the dif yet :P); they can be very specific to a certain pose and outfit,, but it’s not too hard to get the jist of what he means. Plus, he’s super professional cuz he’s got a REAL LIVE BOOK THAT I’VE HELD IN A STORE XDXP
        I’m workin’ on that now, listenin’ to Tobymac, Imagine Dragons, and Owl City XP

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      • Shay · September 4, 2018

        I hadn’t seen that yet, thanks for the heads-up!! I’ll definitely have to go check it out! I had seen the databank profiles for the characters, and that was interesting, but didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know.
        What is the best sort of “ink” to use for that? I can’t figure out if I should just get an inkpen, or buy some actual legit drawing markers. I have a feeling it’s probably the second option…
        That makes sense… I’ve actually seen quite a few people at this point say that it’s good to find artwork in the style you like and copy it in order to develop your own style and get it in your head. I guess Pinterest is good for that…
        The only thing I know is that manga is like a comic book, and anime is like a cartoon. I’m pretty lost when it comes to that stuff, the closest thing I’ve seen to anime so far is Resistance, and that’s not even a ton like real anime (well, and the Big Hero 6 series… Though I think that’s pretty different as well. And I was into Voltron briefly, but haven’t watched any more since the new season… 😦 ) I looked up some drawing books from our elibrary last night; goodness, so they have a bunch on how to draw dragons!! Not that I’m complaining or anything, it just struck me as kinda funny… 😀

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      • TheFeltedKitten · September 4, 2018

        Hehehe, yup, second option ;D A regular pen either doesn’t have a thick enough layer of ink, or it smudges because it has too much ink. Micron pens are the best I know of for art, they generally run $15 to $20 for a good set of 8 I think. But they’re soooo worth it. So worth it. Like, I had no idea that a pen could make such a small line as the 005 one does.
        Pinterest is good for many things, methinks. . . many, many things. . . but I always get waaaaaaaaay too many art and craft ideas and end up with a creative block XD Too much of a good thing? 😛
        Ohiiimegoodness, do you watch the BH6 series too?!?!? Oimegoodness like no one I know has ever even heard of it! It’s so cute and Hiro reminds me so much of Ezra. . . and I really want to say Go-go is like Sabine but she’s just. . . not. . . and they’re all so sweet!!! Hehe when I saw the Resistance announcement it was the first thing I thought of — is it gonna be like that, or something different? But wow, Resistance looks even better!!!
        *grins* . . . well, at least you’ll know how to *draw* your dragon. . . XD

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      • Shay · September 5, 2018

        Coolness, coolness, thank ya for all this info!! 😀
        I feel so clueless about this, and honestly kinda sheepish that I’m even trying to get into it at this point. But I do think trying to get my mind into an “artsy” sort of mode is starting to work; I’ve been picking up on basic shapes in objects, and how the light falls on them and creates shadows and how that’s reflected in colors and such a lot lately. And while I was on the treadmill today, I watched a bit of both Freemakers and the BH6 show, and noticed myself paying extra attention to the details and shading in both of those as well. BH6 is especially great for that, because it’s 2D animation (I think…) so they have to take special care to make sure the artwork properaly portrays the depth and shape of things, and is consistent throughout all different sorts of lighting.
        Alrighty, so that was a little ranty, but I’ve been picking up on those things a lot more lately and it’s really cool to me. XD

        Ahh, I have the same problem!! I’m always seeing another cool craft idea or getting inspiration for a cosplay or other sort of project while I’m on there, and it’s just not even funny at this point. But it is so helpful for organizing ideas when I am working on a project, like getting up-close shorts of all those random things that I never noticed before about Sabine’s outfits… 😛

        To be honest, I’ve not been very diligent with that show… *bad-fangirl-and-she-knows-it cringe* We (meaning my sisters and I) all LOVE the movie, and we watched the pilot when it aired way back. But after that, we kinda dropped off with it for some inexplicable reason… I’ve been meaning to pick it back up for a while now, but just never really got around to it. So I’m working my way through it now, while I do my “workout” time on the treadmill. 😀
        I’m still close to the beginning, and even though it’s pretty basic and “kidsy” (ugh, I hate having to use that word though…) at this point, it’s fun to watch!! I’m just really hoping they won’t add anything in that’ll make me have to stop watching… Do you know if it’s going to get more seasons in the future, or will it just be the one?

        I thought the same when I first saw the Resistance announcement, though! It looks like Resistance may be a little more mature… Either way, I think I’m gonna enjoy both of them!! 😀

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      • Shay · September 5, 2018

        Oh! And one other thing!! I finally ordered my fabric for Sabine!! 😀 😀
        It was pretty expensive in all, but the place I ordered it from had a special Labor Day deal where you could get free shipping if your order was over $50, so I went ahead and bought fabric for Sabine and my loth-wolf dress I’m still planning. I also got some silver-grey dye from there, because they only had the fabric I wanted in black and white, so I’ll dye the white pieces the right color for those odd grey portions of the flightsuit. I’ll still planning to get some cheap (probably Walmart) fabric of the same sort and do a mock-up before I cut into my expensive fabric I wanna make the real thing from. I’m hoping the shade of grey I got will work… I may actually have to go back and re-order a slightly darker shade of dye, because I want to make sure it matches the on-screen version as much as possible.
        I’ve also been looking at wigs… I checked out the Blue Steel on Arda, and I’m thinking that’s what I’ll go with, probably in a dark brown color (I’ll have to try to find a way to dye the tips purple myself.) I’m just worried that I’m going to have to take a crash-course on wig cutting and styling… 😐

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · September 5, 2018

        Meep, you’re welcome!!! Nooo, it’s never too late for art, oimegoodness no! Like it’s never too late to start art! Yusssss that is great!!! That’s awesome, it’ll help ya a lot! And yus, I totally agree, it’s awesome. It is.
        LOL YES — I hold fast to this — only cosplaying fans will ever fully appreciate the extreme detail and precision that goes into animating these characters. Every time you turn around, there’s another detail to recreate, another line to paint, another rabbit trail to follow. . . it’s amazing, the work those guys do, those wonderful animators and character designers. . .
        Nah, you’re not a *bad* fangirl. . . it’s kinda like the first season of Rebels in way. It was cool, but not like HEY EVERYONE THIS IS LIKE TOTALLY EPIC right off. I actually don’t think I really started to enjoy it until “The Impatient Patient” or somewhere thereabouts because I think it’s there that the series plot begins to unfold. Hehe, but “Fan Friction” is above and beyond the best episode of the series XD Like every fangirl ever can relate!!! It’s got a second season announced, and supposedly 5 more episodes to be aired in this one. . . and then a few shorts coming later this month. . . and then some more shorts later on. . . hey, why does it get so many shorts? We only ever got the four Rebels ones. . . *shrug* but I digress. How far into it are ya?
        Yeyyyy!!! And hooray for free shipping XD That’s always a blessing. Oooo, dye jobs are fun! (Rabbit trailing now. . . but did ya know that avocado pits make a very nice pink dye? Imma be trying it some time. . . even if avocados are nasty :P) Hehehe, I feel ya on wanting a trial run before cutting into the oh-so-fancy fabric. . . I got this beautiful fur fabric to make a silver fox with and literally just stared at it for days before working up the courage to begin snipping the pattern out XD
        Hey, but a crash-course of anything is pretty fun, right? ;D ‘Fraid I can’t offer much help with that, but best of luck. . .

        Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · September 6, 2018

        Alright, cool! I’m looking forward to those episodes, then! 😀
        I think I’m on… episode 5? I watched several while I was on the treadmill again today (I believe I ended with the sushi chef one… or it may have been the crazy guy who hates robots and lives in the forest XD.)
        Oh cool! I didn’t know it would be continued; I’m really glad to hear that, though! 😀

        I’ve gotta say, I’m not really looking forward to this dying thing… I had to dye a bunch of stuff for my TFA Rey cosplay, which was trial and error with a whole lotta error… Everything kept coming out all splotchy, and the smell wasn’t so great, either. I’ve done some research since then so hopefully I’ll do better this time around.
        Coolness, I didn’t know that! I did know that walnuts can make… yellow, I think?

        Yesss, it’s always a battle to know when to start cutting!! And then there’s that horrible sinking feeling when you think you’ve gotten your pattern wrong, or the nap is going the wrong way… ugh, not fun. Not fun at all.

        The thing about cosplay, though, is that it’s so addicting! Just watching the BH6 show has me thinking about how much fun it would be to do a genderbent Hiro outfit… whyyy, creative mind?? I don’t need more projects to suck up all my money!!! Lol! X’D

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · September 7, 2018

        Aihai, “Muirahara Woods” right? That one made me laugh — Go-go isn’t much like Sabine sometimes (Sab is so much more compassionate!!!), but her sitting there, sketchin’ away was just so funny and Sabine-y, not to mention out of character. . . XD (Not to spoil nuthin or anything. . . but sushi girl is very important. . . ;D)
        Oew, splotches is no funs, no way. . . what type of dye are ya using? All I’ve ever done is watered down fabric paint or used my markers, which both end in sticky residue (yuck!) or clumping. . . is it like where ya have to boil the water, or just soak overnight?
        Huh, I thought I read that walnuts made brown. . . *shrug* it’d be prettier if they made yellow. . .
        YUS — and then recutting the pattern and then discovering that the first time you cut was right. . . and then the whole part of sewing it. . . I can only imagine that stitching a leg on upside-down is far worse with a machine than when hand-sewing. . .
        *laughs* It is indeed addicting!!! Every time a new character comes on the scene, it’s an epic new cosplay opportunity!!! Speak of, who would you say are the most recognizable SW girls? I’m starting to plan out my cosplay for next year’s local contest, and while Sabine got complements as being really cool, nobody except my cosplay buddy knew who she was. I was thinking about doing TLJ Rey. . . or maybe one of Padme’s many outfits. . . or maybe even *gulp* Ahsoka. . .
        Aiii, I love Hiro’s outfit. It’s so perfect for him, and plus — blue hoodie. Blue hoodies are awesome 😀 I saw this really epic BH6 jacket one time, it was black leather (probably faux) with a super awesome embroidered applique of the team on the back, with the Japanese writings and everything. However, I can’t find it any more. . . *le sigh*

        Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · September 9, 2018

        Yep, that did remind me a lot of Sabine!
        Ooh, you’ve got me intrigued!! I haven’t watched anymore yet, but I’ll probably start back with the treadmill Monday, so I’ll get some more episodes in then. 😀

        Let’s see… it’s called “iDye Poly,” in Silver Grey. I got it from the same company that I got the fabric from, and it’s specifically for synthetic fabrics (because the knit that I got is mostly polyester with a little spandex.) It’s the “boil the water and let it soak” kind. I think I’ll be fine and avoid the splotches as long as I’m able to find a pot big enough to make sure it doesn’t get bunched up. I might dye the pieces after I cut them out of the fabric, that way they’re already the exact size they need to be…
        OH, AND SPEAKING OF THIS!! My fabric came in yesterday while I was at class!! I didn’t expect it to get here until at least Monday! I’m hoping to start the mock-up soon so I can get some progress in on the real deal. I can’t wait, I love how soft but still firm the fabric is!

        Hmm, good question… I’d say Leia is THE SW girl, definitely. After her, Rey is pretty well-known, especially the TFA version, but I still think enough people would get it if you did the TLJ one. Padme is semi-recognizable (as in, to the general non-SW-fangirl public; I, on the other hand, would recognize any Padme in a heartbeat.) I would think if you did an OC Jedi or Rebel/Resistance pilot costume, most people would pick up on that, as well.
        Ahsoka would be AMAZING, especially with The Clone Wars finally coming back for that last season, but boy, would one would be epic to try to build!!

        YEsss, it’s so simple but still cool!! I think that cosplay would be pretty simple to put together, and not super expensive to buy or entensive to make myself. I’ve just gotta find a good wig… I feel like I should probably do a full-on genderbend, give him long hair and change it so it’s actually Hiro as a girl (the way I do with my Thrawn,) but I guess I could also try just doing it regular… I don’t know how I would fit all my real hair under a wig that short, though. XD
        Oh cool! Ah, yes, the trials of fandom… seeing a super awesome peice of merch, but not having the cash to get it, then never being able to find it again…

        Oh, and one question for you: have you been able to try getting approved for Mercs/Verd’ika Corps yet? I’m trying to build my Sabine as screen-accurate as possible so I can get it approved when it’s done, and I know you had been wanting to do the same.

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · September 10, 2018

        Oooo, I’ve seen that stuff before! There was some lilac and turquoise on clearance at hobby lobby — I knew I shoulda gotten it!! Oh, oki, so it’s like dying wool roving! Oki, that’s pretty cool — yeah, going ahead and cutting them sounds like it’d work best! Hope that goes well for ya ;3
        YEY! It’s always so great when stuff comes early, is it not??? Hehe, that stuff sounds a little like minky — well, without the fur and the enormous cloud of leftover fluff, of course 😀
        Eh, I’m not too keen on doing Leia (unless I can somehow manage to work my most stubborn hair into the right shape, it’d be hard to recognize without the belt. I has no experience with belts yet), and yeah, Padme might not be too recognizable. (Hehe, yus, I’m trying to think like a non-fangirl to choose but IT’S NOT WORKING YET XD) I did TFA Rey the first time, so TLJ wouldn’t be *that* hard. . . hehe, yesss, forgot about the CW return again. . . surely it will have been given a release date and gained some popularity with the rest of the world by then. . . I think I might seriously consider Soki! The paint would be. . . a monumental struggle. . . but a fun challenge! (I’ve also been thinking non-SW *gasp* and trying Hiro or a LotR character (probably one of the hobbits), maybe someone else pretty well-known. . .) Heh, or maybe that giant lightsaber one. . . or a human Chopper or R2. . . or PORG!!! A big fluffy porg would be fun!!! OR WAIT — island training Rey with a whole bunch of plush Porgs like all over XDXDXD Porg nest in her hair, Porgs on her shoulders, poking out of her boots, maybe some strapped onto the belt. . . heh heh heh. . . this could be fun. . .
        Hehehe, I just found the jacket on Ebay, turns out it was just Baymax and Hiro, but everything else was pretty much the same. Only. . . they want $100 for it. . . 😥
        Amen to that, only sometimes you can find it again later for sky-high prices. . . like the Celebration exclusive Loth-cat for $100 X’D
        It looked like the Hansel one would work best for Hiro (or Ezra. . . *shrug* may as well multitask, right???), but it might not be long enough. There was some anime character list on the homepage that had wig recommendations for the characters, and one looked pretty Hiro-y. I dunno, I always thought of Hiro’s messy mop as part of his character. . . but then again, Thrawn’s considerable lacking of beforespoken hair is just as prominent, and you pretty much perfected the genderbent one with yours!
        No, I haven’t just yet! There’s still some things I want to finish (like a getting a proper belt and holsters with blasters) before I try to apply for it. Oh, Verd’ika is pretty loose on accuracy, ya just have to have a recognizable full set of armor (you HAVE to have a helmet to join; since it’s a kid’s program, they are big on privacy) that doesn’t have to be perfectly screen accurate.


      • TheFeltedKitten · September 14, 2018

        Oimegoodness — have you seen the newest article on the SW site about Sabine and Ventress (spelled?) — it’s AMAZING!!!! Aiii I never knew much about Ventress before, which is why I never made the connection, but they’re so similar!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The Empty Notebook · August 11, 2018

    I like your owl!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shay · June 22, 2018

    Sooo cuuute!!! Especially those cute little Ezras!! 😀 (Is it ok if I share these around?? I’ll credit, as always! :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · June 22, 2018

      Thankyousomuch!!! And yes, of course!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · June 29, 2018

        Oh, and another quick question: would you be ok with my using one of your galaxy Loth-cats as my profile pic on AO3 (the fanfic site)? I’ll credit you in my profile on there. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · June 29, 2018

        Fine by me!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. christineeyre · June 22, 2018

    Oooh, yes indeed-y, cheap art supplies (or any on sale) is a perfect excuse to fangirl!

    That first drawing of Ezra took my breath away! Adorable and precious–excellent work!

    And your other marker drawings are also great! Ezra looks so cute in that first one and cutely fierce in the third one. 🙂 Sabine’s hair turned out beautifully in the last one, and the owl is absolutely remarkable! Great work!

    And I’m looking forward to your marker tutorial posts!

    Liked by 2 people

    • TheFeltedKitten · June 22, 2018

      Squeee, thank youssss!!! That Ezra (the first one) I’m thinking of making into a shirt. Oii, you likes the Sabine hair?! THANKIES!!! I literally worked on getting the blend right for hours. . . and it ended up bleeding through 140 lb paper XO
      Yeeyyy, and I’m excited to do ‘em!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Shay · June 22, 2018

        Have you thought about opening a RedBubble shop for your artwork?? I know that’s what a ton of fanartists do, and I’ve currently got a list running of shirts I wanna get from there as soon as I, um, get more money to make up for all that was sucked up by the Celebration badges… :/ But the woes of teenaged-non-job-having fangirls aside, I would *completely* get shirts from you if you put them on there!!!! 😀 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · June 23, 2018

        Yessss, I have!!! (Oh, I feel your pain XD Still recovering from Sabine and markers XP) I’ll have to get a few more (non-Ezra for variety XD) designs ready, but I do want to. It’d be really fun!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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