Inktober Weeks One, Two, and Part of Three

Wow, Inktober is so fun that I utterly forgot to post it!!! Well, sorry about the wait. . . *coughtwoweekscoughcough*

So I decided to do something really challenging. I’m doing four prompt lists this month.

Three of them at once.

I’m doing the official Inktober prompt, Lilaeleaf’s Plant Characters prompt, Furry Little Peach’s FLPINKTOBER prompt, and (posting these separately at the end of the month) Pomrania’s Loth-tober prompt.

And my theme is foxes. Every day I draw a fox interpreted in link with the prompts.

It’s kind of a big deal, if ya know what I mean.

So, quick excuse as to why I haven’t posted my arts yet. . .

I was on a trip with my church youth group and managed to forget all my prompts. Thankfully, one of my friends had decided to do FLPINKTOBER and brought her list, so I did art just from that prompt for three days. Art that I might post some other time.


On to the arts!!!

DAY ONE: Poisonous Mushroom Pebble.


So this one was fun. I actually just drew it for poisonous and had completely forgotten about the other two prompts, but (thankfully!) it matched up anyway. This isn’t my first time drawing this guy, actually! He’s something I randomly drew sometime in the Spring that I figured would work perfectly for this prompt! He’s a forest fox, a fly agaric mushroom fox if you want to be specific.

DAY TWO: Tranquil Bamboo Key.


Funny story, I actually forgot about tranquil this time! And again, it worked out fine (sleeping fox is pretty tranquil, methinks). So this is a red fox (though with the little spot above his eye, you could technically call him a kitsune) in a heart of bamboo. When I saw the prompt ‘bamboo’ I immediately remembered seeing bamboo grown into a heart shape locally, and wanted to try it. This was my first time drawing bamboo, which I suppose partially explains why it looks less ‘realistic’ than the rest of the art. Behind it is a Chinese key. I knew that a regular old key wasn’t going to work for this, so I looked up old Chinese keys and was fascinated. They’re so pretty! I’m actually not sure (the reference was a little vague) but it might also/or be a coin.

DAY THREE: Roasted Conifer Outer space.


This was a weird day. I mean, how to draw outer space and roasted??? Eventually, I decided to be literal and drew a silver fox next to a roasting chicken in a pine grove, looking up at the stars.

I did not like this drawing.

Therefore, I drew something else.

Below the first one, you can see my ‘official’ day three art. It’s a space-fire-fox (not a Vulptex!) rather like my galaxy fox Selene, only this one would be closer to a lava or fire planet color scheme than Selene is. He’s jumping around a pine forest and (perhaps unintentionally) setting his pawsteps aflame.

DAY FOUR: Spell Snake Plant Peach.


This was one of those days that I really just didn’t want to draw. I was working on my candy-corn loth-cat, and figuring out how to draw a snake plant and a spell and a peach all FOX-LIKE was not appealing to me. But as I began to draw, I think it became easier. It’s a really weird drawing, and I’m not entirely sure I like the snake plants at all, but it turned out far better than my sleepy and art-blocked mind thought at the time. Of course, I still want to redo it, but I can’t really do that now, can I?

Enter my youth trip. From here until I mark otherwise, all the following arts were done on October 11th, after I had got back and unpacked and all that junk. I promise, I did draw while I was there. So I’m not really disqualified, right?

DAY FIVE: Chicken Maple Camp.


The presence of the chicken made this a really strange drawing. At first, I thought that making the fox scared (chicken) would work, but maple and camp weren’t helping with that. So here’s another silver fox (my favorite fox color morph — did ya know there was more than just the red fox?) meeting a chicken in his fire pit. Maple leaves crackle underfoot as he curiously sniffs the plump feathered creature.

DAY SIX: Drooling Blueberry Mountain.


. . . and the internal fangirl screamed BLUEBERRY in my internal ear. Therefore, we have an Ezra fox, panting after a run, with Lothal’s curiously unique mountains providing excellent scenery behind his noble head. I know I meant not to draw any Star Wars this time around, but when I saw Blueberry sitting there on that prompt list, I couldn’t resist. Totally not the reason I picked that list. No, it wasn’t. But still.

DAY SEVEN: Exhausted Aloe vera Ice cream.


This one was pretty fun. I knew that aloe vera on a fox would make him look sorta dinosaur-y, so I went with that. This lil guy has aloe ears and tail, with the wedge-shaped type of aloe forming scales on his back.

But, you ask, what about the ice cream?
It totally doesn’t go with aloe. But it’s there anyway. See it, on his back and the top of his not-furry head? Hehe, I had fun that day.

DAY EIGHT: Star Peace lily Music.


This one I actually started on the trip (because I’d looked up peace lilies before I left, so it was in my head), and it honestly just isn’t my favorite. I wish now that I’d incorporated the music notes and stars (the little sparklys) better into the fox herself, rather than scattering them around. However, I probably will draw that lily-fox again!

DAY NINE: Precious Apple Island.


Simple. Fox on a small island next to a golden apple tree. I was tempted to draw something Lord of the Rings related, but fitting that with the other two prompts eluded me at the time. Now, of course, there’s plenty of idears in me head. . .

DAY TEN: Flowing Succulent Statue.


Okay question: how many people have seen a flowing statue? Yeah, me neither. Goodness, I was stumped here. And then I thought — why not do one of those kitsune statues and let it be floating downriver? And I think it worked!

DAY ELEVEN: Cruel Orchid Rocket.


The hardest thing here waas rocket. It really killed some of the drama of the art (I mean, you might believe a fox with an fox-brush orchid for a tail, but one with a jetpack is weird!), but I’m okay with how it turned out. Note those lil claws!

DAY TWELVE: Whale Lilac Flag.


I seriously wanted to skip the fox theme for a day and just draw a Purgil with a rebellion flag. Seriously. But. . . consistency is key here. . . *sigh* so here’s a fox-whale. Not a merfox, b’cuz that’s half fish, half fox. This little guy is half fox, half whale. So there ya go. (Reference to Kanan Jarrus’ shoulder pauldron on the flag pole ;D)

DAY THIRTEEN: Guarded Planet Moss.


This one was pretty easy for me. It’s a planet-sized stone fox with mossy patches, curled protectively up into a ball. Millions of beings live in the forests of moss that reach higher than the tallest tree ever to grow on earth!

DAY FOURTEEN: Clock Citrus Groceries.


There’s great days like #2, easy days like #9. . . and then WEIRD days like #14 — this day. I mean — GROCERIES. How you draw anything of interest with GROCERIES??? So I did muh best — here’s a pet fox snooping through his person’s newly-bought produce. . . hopefully, he’ll know not to eat those lemons.

DAY FIFTEEN: Weak Poppy Koala.


Call me crazy, but I’ve actually never drawn a koala. I’ve never drawn a skunk or a panda either, but that’s beside the point. So this day was a learning experience, to say the least! Looking at it now, I wish I’d used a thicker pen on the koala. . . but the rest I’m pretty okay with.

DAY SIXTEEN: Angular Rose Confetti.


Finally — today’s prompts! This one was simple. You’ve seen those geometric animal things before, right? I wanted to do something like that, but my skills at drawing straight lines and specific angles aren’t quite up to that. So I simplified it a bit and did this straight-line fox, with a few roses dotted with a generous sprinkling of confetti.

Phew, that was a lot! Maybe it’ll teach me to make good on my word and post weekly instead of on a random Tuesday. . . but anyway. How’s your Inktober going? Are you liking it — if it’s not your first time, is this one better or worse than last time? All my friends new to this, are you having fun; would you be doing it next year? Are y’all working daily?! Shout out below — until then, Kitten out!


  1. christineeyre · October 25, 2018

    Okay wow. I’m impressed by the creativity of all these–and that you combined prompts–AND that you accomplished drawings while on a trip!

    Day 5 made me smile–that is a cute, curious fox! And Day 6 warmed my fangirl-y heart! 🙂

    I don’t know why, but Day 14 is my favorite. It’s just a funny (and cute) thing to imagine: a fox rooting through your groceries!

    Great work on all of these!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shay · October 17, 2018

    These are all so pretty!!! 😍😍
    I love how you’re combining the prompts from several different lists, as well as adding your own twist by making them all “foxy”!! And… just a moment, deep breath… THERE’S A LIST OF PROMPTS SPECIFICALLY FOR LOTHAL?!!!? HOW DID I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS FANTASTIC IDEA BEFORE NOW?!!!?
    Ahem. Back on track.
    Foxes are awesome! Day 10 is so pretty (though I may have accidentally misinterpreted the pedestal of that statue as a laundry basket at first glance 😂). I love 1, 12, and 16, too!! But like I already said, they’re all awesome, those are just my person faves. 😊

    I decided not to attempt Inktober this time ’round, as I don’t really have any socials to share my art on (I feel kinda wrong about flooding TEP with that stuff, when it’s not its primary subject matter) and because my art skills are so extremely new that I don’t think anything I would make would be worth sharing at this point. But I’m still practicing diligently in my sketchbook, both copying things from real-life and doodling from my immagination, plus a tiny bit of fandom stuff here and there (I did a Rey sketch and inked it last night to practice my lining skills, which turned out pretty well. Side note: getting shading into pen sketches is hard!!) (Also humans are hard! Especially lips!)

    I also sketched out a full-page depiction of a scene from Avengers: Infinity War in the XL Mix Media pad I recently got (baby Gamora taking the hand of the Mad Titan, Thanos; not the most feel-good scene, I know, but I needed to practice realistic hands) then colored it in with my watercolor markers. That was definitely a learning experiance, but I was quite happy with my final outcome, and I learned some basic watercolor techniques via YouTube. 😀 I’ve found that I really love the look of watercolors outlined by black ink, particularly from a brush pen.

    All in all, I’m happy with how my art abilities are progressing, though it’s going to still be awhile before they look great. “Practice, practice, practice!” I guess I should keep in mind, hey?

    In other news my Sabine cosplay is coming along nicely despite a nightmare with my dye, and school is intent on devouring me whole but I’m managing to stay a few steps ahead of it. OH, and I’m trying to keep up with the misadventures of everyone’s new favorite pilot, Kaz-Kaz!! 😁

    I hope life’s been just as entertaining for you lately! Hope to talk soon, and thanks again for sharing these awesome creations!! 😊

    – Shay

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · October 18, 2018

      Thank you so much!!! Hearing from y’all makes me day!!
      Ehehehe, doing multiple prompts actually makes it easier in a way, since it further narrows down the choices to create a specific image. However, you get stuff like today’s — drawing a swollen mustard cactus fox will be. . . er, a challenge, to say the least XD
      Lol YES THERE IS — I probably should have put that in the post XD I’m not sure how many people are doing it, but I sure am!
      Yeeee I’m glad to hear you like those!!! (LOL no, not a laundry basket — but I like that XD)
      Aww, okay! Well, as long as you’re drawing daily, I’d count it as Inktober ;D After all, that’s the purpose of it! (Ehehehe, shading is why I just do flat characters with ink. My excuse is that if I color a ‘shaded’ ink sketch, it wouldn’t look right as a sticker XD)
      I saw that — girl, that was beautiful, you did great on that!!! Even though I haven’t the slightest clue what movie it’s from or any context whatsoever. . . just that it’s Gamora b’cuz she’s green like Hera ;D
      Yup — practice makes perfect, or at least a whole lot better!!!
      Oh noes — dye nightmare doesn’t sound like a good day. . . and school 😉 It’s a beast. Kaz-Kaz — oimegoodness I LOVE THAT!!! Though personally my preferred pilot would be Torra. . . but they’re all so precious and sweet ;3 Resistance is great!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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