Inktober Weeks Three and Four

Hullo strangers! I’ve decided to post my last two Inktober posts on Thursdays because the 31st is next Wednesday, and I need time to compose a post and upload images and all that.

A quick reminder of my prompt lists: Official Inktober, Lilealeaf’s PlantInktober, and FurryLittlePeach’s FLPINKTOBER.

Now, without further ado. . .



Day seventeen: Swollen Cactus Mustard


This day literally baffled me. I’ve said before that some of these days were weird — but MUSTARD IS NASTY. And swollen just can’t be done gracefully! Finally, I decided on doing a cactus fox with yellow patches, swishing his swollen tail angrily. I tried.

Day eighteen: Bottle Sunflower Volcano


Okay this one more than made up for yesterday. This one was fun!!! I was inspired by the idea of bottling starlight or moonlight, but instead, it’s lava from a volcano fox being bottled. In a way, I guess she’s having some of her winter coat brushed out! And I understand that those are NOT sunflowers. But no one said that it had to be literal sunflowers, did they, eh? So these are flowers from the sun to grace the lava princess.

Day nineteen: Scorched Jade plant Sticks


Poor Jade, her fire has gone out, and she’s alone. She’s a red fox with the uniquely shaped jade plant leaves in her thick fur. Not sure where this idea came from. I’m never sure anymore. Inktober, you’ve ruined my brain!!! XD

Day twenty: Breakable Croton Letter


I honestly just love how this one came out. Maybe it’s that I almost succeeded at drawing straight lines in perspective, or that it looks rather story-bookish, but I really want to color and make a sticker of this one. The fox is a glass paperweight, hence the ‘breakable.’

Day twenty-one: Drain Venus fly trap Cloud


Again, another strange day. I’m very specific about not drawing cheesy things (in my eyes, I guess, because my drama comes across as pretty cheesy to my friends sometimes), and a venus fly trap fox seemed like that to me. I could have gone really creepy and done a Venom-like set of chompers on a fox, like an ugly grin, but I honestly hate drawing things like that. So instead, this fox sits under the clouds that drain overhead, surrounded by venus fly traps and their blossoms.

Day twenty-two: Expensive Chamomile Tonic


Oiiii, this day was FUN! Tonic isn’t a word I hear often, so I looked up the meaning. The specific would call for a remedy or something, but I found wiggle room when a secondary meaning referred to it as something soothing. What’s more soothing than a cup of hot tea? Chamomile tea, to be exact! This rich fox wears gems and gold aplenty, and her cup is studded with diamonds.

Day twenty-three: Muddy Cherry blossom Forest


So many pretty designs would be possible with this one! I (at first) did a cherry forest with a pond, but that seemed too ‘uncreative,’ if ya know what I mean. So I started over and did a forest fox like day one’s, only with thinner twigs and cherry blossoms instead of mushrooms. Another one I’d like to do a sticker of. . . (speak of, at the end of this post, I have a question for ya regarding this matter.)

Day twenty-four: Chop Iris Playground


Okay, okay, this one really is breaking all my personal Inktober rules, but it was FUN. I’d seen some Rebels fans interpret Chop as Chopper from the series, and I honestly loved it. Though Chopper doesn’t really fit in my fox theme. . . so I bent the rule and created LOTH-FOXES! They’re bigger than Loth-cats, but far smaller than Loth-wolves. Around the size of a German Shepherd or related dog breed, I’d say. Anyway, Chopper’s wires, arms, gadgets and other fun things make him a playground for the Loth-foxes. And though irises probably aren’t the most swarzy flowers out there, they’re scattered about the art.

NOW. I have a question for everyone out there. I’ve seen where some Etsy sellers are selling originals and/or prints of their Inktober work. While the size of my arts (literally around 4”) makes it so that I can’t sell the original, what would y’all think of my doing prints? (Inktober and otherwise.) Commissions are also something I’m thinking of starting as well, and maybe custom-to-buyer stickers. Drawing is a huge part of my art life, and I hate that I can’t really show that as much through the shop. Just throwing around some idears!

Also, in relation to Inktober, one of my Loth-cat prompts was Superhero the other day. That brilliant prompt lead me to create a new sticker sheet of some pretty MARVELOUS character-inspired Loth-cats!!! *coughmightbespideycoughcough*

I should be posting the last prompts on the 1st (November), and sometime that week my Loth-tober art. How went this week for y’all? Did your art turn out beautifully or did ya just hang on? How went the week in general? Love ya guys — Kitten out!


  1. Shay · October 25, 2018

    Ooooh, even more pretties!! I love these, I honestly think the quality of your drawings is getting better and better!! 😊😊
    (And just so ya know, I would ABSOLUTELY get stickers of either of those two designs you mentioned possibly stickerifying. I’ve recently fallen down the rabbit hole of amazing sticker designs, and I spend waaay too much time drooling over stickers I really wanna order from Red Bubble when I should be saving money for the next phase of my Sabine… Also I love day 22 and would get something with that design as well, just sayin’. 😉)

    Also CHOP!! lol, I IMMEDIATELY thought of our favorite perpetually-disgruntled astromech when I saw that prompt phrase, so of course I squealed when I scrolled down a bit and saw that you had the same idea. 😂

    So I’ve recently discovered a new style I really really like in my own arts: black-and-white ink drawings, but with regular ol’ pencil shading. I’ve been trying to look up a new aesthetic-type photo on Pinterest each morning, and over the course of that day sketch it out into my sketchbook, then ink it, then go back over with pencils to add shading. It’s a really fun exercise because not only do you get the challenge of drawing things directly from photos, but you also get to use your imagination and personal interpretation a bit when it comes to determining the thickness of the lines and different textures that can be applied to each object in the picture in order to properly portray the scene, BUT YOU ALSO get to add the shading that makes the whole thing really pop to life!!
    Ok so that was a complicated and wordy way to describe what I’ve been doing, but hopefully ya get the idea. It’s fun. I really enjoy it. 😁

    You may not have picked up on it yet (I haven’t said a ton about it on my blog so far), but I currently seem to be experiencing a pretty major obsession with one Peter Parker aka the “Crime Fighting Spider”. Its been going on for several months now and I have no idea when it might slack off. Who knows, I might be stuck with this for a while yet. My obsession with a certain somewhat similar heroic boy possessing blueberry hair hasn’t abaited yet despite his absence… 😝
    SO YES I WOULD ABSOLUTELY SNATCH UP A STICKER SHEET LIKE THAT PLEASE LET BE THE FIRST TO KNOW WHEN IT HAPPENS!!! Well like not necessarily the first, but know that I will be haunting my inbox for the “New Post” email whenever you officially reveal it on here. 😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · October 27, 2018

      Squee — thank you so much, that means a lot to meh!! (Oimegoodness yes — I literally compiled a list and spent several hours debating which stickers to get XD There’s so many gorgeous ones!!!)
      Hehehe I honestly ain’t sure what I would have done BESIDES Chopper ;D
      Oiii yeaaaaahh — I get ya! That’s a really cool look. . . and now I want to try it!!! I do something similar to that with my digital art (the Jacen and Ezra linearts I posted like a long time ago), except it’s more of a watercolor shading look than pencil, but I guess it’s pretty much the same thing. *shrug* Anywho yeah, really cool art technique XD
      Hehehe. . . *maaaaaaaybe* ya did. . .
      Iz surprise — shhh XD Nah, I’ll be releasing them soon enough XD I’m doing the four Spiderkids from the animated series DisneyXD has been airing — Marvel’s Spider-Man I think? Anyway I found it a few weeks ago and literally got through season one in less than two weeks. I love it X3 Ahai yussss, he does remind me a lot of Ezra (albeit the more dorky and reserved side of Ezzy)!!
      Hehe I’ll be working on them next week if school allows me, so I should release the ‘official’ thing sometime around two weeks from now. Maybe I’ll do a coupon for preorders. . . so yeah, STAY TUNED PEOPLES!!! XD Everyone here will technically be the first to know — besides the sticker printers of course ;P

      Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · November 1, 2018

        Yaaay! 😁
        Hmmm, I have yet to watch that one… But I’m in need of new treadmill-fuel since we only get one episode of Resistance and BH6 per week. I’m pretty sure that show’s a different “universe” than the main MCU, but if it’s got Peter than I’ll definitely give it a chance!! (Even though Tom Holland’s Spidey will always be the ultimate one for me 😉😁)

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · November 1, 2018

        I think it is — my brother (who is a self-proclaimed expert XD) says that Miles doesn’t exist in the same. . . dimension? as Peter, and that Gwen isn’t supposed to be Spider-Gwen, and Anya COMPLETELY baffles him. . . so yeah, I guess it’s not really the same thing, but hey, it IS Spidey!!!
        (Hehehehe, just like any live action Ezra we ever get will never be the same as Taylor Gray’s Ezra ;3)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · November 1, 2018

        If I understand correctly, Miles becomes the Spider-Man when Peter grows up. Gwen is from an AU where Peter diea and she takes up the mantle of Spider-Person, and…. I have no idea about Anya. 😂 But yesss, I’ll still take more Spidey from pretty much anywhere while I’m waiting to see how they bring him back to the MCU next year… Poor baby… 😭 (I’m assuming you don’t mind spoilers for the MCU side of things?)
        (Yesssss, it’s truuuuuu…. Though I think Taylor could pull off Ezra in live-action pretty nicely, the thing is just getting the producers to decide to put him in there.)
        (Alrighty, there we go!! My autocorrect got ahold of my first try and made it all confusing 😝)

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · November 1, 2018

        Hehehe no, spoilers don’t bother me (Spidey was killed in Infinity War, right? I can’t remember.)
        He could!! Actually I think nearly all of the voice actors could play their characters fairly easily. . . hehe but yeah, getting them there is the thing XD)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · November 2, 2018

        Ok, cool. Someone new to rant to!! 😎😁
        Yep, our poor little Peter fades away… It was probably the most heart-wrenching thing ever, it was way too much like seeing the Blueberry die in the arms of his SpaceDad… 😭
        Yessssss…. I still haven’t fully given up hope that I’ll see that happen, someday… But who knows. *shrug* guess we’ll just have wait and see, huh?

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · November 3, 2018

        AHHHH!!!! THAT’S AWFUL — now I really want to unsee that 😥 Owwwww who’s in charge of Marvel?!?!?! Those guys must really love their fans!!!!! AND PLEASE DON’T GO THERE WITH MY BLUEBERRY IT’S NOT EVEN BEEN A YEAR YET
        (I’m kidding tho I love the drama. . . XD)
        Lol us fangirls. . . one would think we’d be such patient beings BUT WE’RE TOTALLY NOT
        I’m sorry I’ve been writing a character sketch about Ezra so I’m kinda fangirly rn XD

        Liked by 1 person

      • Shay · November 8, 2018

        Yussss, it was so sad…. Iron Man/Tony Stark has become a mentor towards him, and honestly so much of a father-figure as well. Peter looked at him with absolute stars in his eyes, even when Tony hated himself and thought he was the worst human ever to live. So of course, when Iron Man went to space to fight evil, lil’ Peter had to follow along… I’d say the Russo Brothers (The one’s in charge of Marvel movies right now) are at least on Dave Filoni level now on the torturing-fans-and-breaking-their-hearts scale… 😭
        Lol, don’t worry about it!! It’s nice to know there are other people who react this way to fictional characters too!! I wanna see a crossover with Ezra and Peter someday… I feel like those boys would get along awful well…

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · November 9, 2018

        Aww, I remember him being a fanboy at an event Tony held in one of the episodes, but didn’t realize that Tony actually let him hang around! And. . . lol you’ve lost me. I suppose that’s part of Infinity War? Honestly I don’t know much beyond Peter Parker is Spiderman. But looks like I’m learning ;3 Oh goodness tho, maybe I don’t need another fandom then XD
        Hehehe, that would be EPIC — from what I’ve heard about it tho, any SW/Marvel crossover would!! And they so would get along. . . Ezra’s maybe a bit more outgoing, and Peter is. . . a lot smarter XD They’d balance each other out enough to be different, but alike enough to have a lot of the same ideas.

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheFeltedKitten · November 3, 2018

        Also, just got that post up ;D

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  2. christineeyre · October 25, 2018

    These are so pretty! I love how your lines flow all around and through the drawing! Very arts-y, and you came up with creative interpretations of all these prompts! But my favorite is Day 20–that DOES look very storybook-ish, and I just love the simple beauty of that one!

    Also, Loth-foxes totally need to be canon. 🙂

    Prints and stickers are a really good idea! You could also design bookmarks–I think your Inktober style drawings would suit a bookmark really well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFeltedKitten · October 27, 2018

      Yeee thanks!! YUS, yus they do XD I really should finish my loth-wolf plush and do a loth-fox one after it!!! Huh, bookmarks — I never thought of designing those! That might work out. . . I’ll look into it, thankies!!

      Liked by 1 person

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