Well This Just Happened. . .

Okay, so I mentioned at the beginning of October that I was doing an Inktober promplist called Loth-tober. Where you draw a Loth-cat every day. Y’all remember dat?

‘Kay good.

One of the prompts was ‘Superhero’. Before September, I probably would have just stuck a cape and a mask on a Loth-cat and called it quits. I’m not a superhero person.

Correction, wasn’t.

I’ve made a new friend.

His name is Peter Parker.

You might know him.

Or hey, you might know him better as. . .


Eyup, I’ve finally succumbed to the Marvel fandom. Or at least to a little part of it.

Quick story and then I promise we’ll get to the announcement.

So I started watching Marvel’s Spider-Man about a month or two ago, and it’s really cool. I’ve heard now that it’s not entirely ‘canon’ (like The Freemakers in the Star Wars saga), but does have plenty of tie-ins to the original Spiderman universe. And I still ain’t quite sure how the whole thing works. And I probably won’t be seeing the movies anytime soon.

But I love these guys regardless.

So now. . .



Meet Peter, Miles, Gwen, and Anya. (I’m a bad fangirl and can’t remember Anya’s last name :T)

But they’re Loth-cats. Yup.


Here’s Spidey. . .


And Miles (can’t remember his Spider-name at the moment. . . *facedesk*). . .


And Gwen. . .


And my sweet Anya. Anya is my favorite I think, along with Peter.

(And then I liked that one episode where Ms. Marvel showed up. I watched Uprising Initiative and Secret Warriors too, dunno if that counts as real Marvel though XD)

I love these little guys!!!
But the announcement bit. . .


You’ll be able to find it in my Etsy shop for preorder in a few weeks or so. Right now, I have to digitize them and touch up little details (like the marker on their faces bled into their poor little eyes!!!) before they can become stickers. I’m also still debating how big to do the sheet (currently thinking 7” x 5”) and how many to do, but that’s just technical.

So you guys are the first to know (unless you were smart and decoded my INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND MESSAGES a few posts back XD), and for that you get a coupon! It’ll be released in a shop update when I finish getting the images ready for printing, so keep an eye on the shop! It’ll only be released IN THE SHOP and you generally can only see shop updates in the shop, so check in a lot! Don’t worry, I’ll notify you here beforehand, so don’t bug me about it or anything XD

As always, comment below with any remarks, fangirly squeals, questions, or helpful tips that Kitten would extremely appreciate! Looking forward to getting to work on these babies — till then, Kitten out!

(And because I’m not going to sleep tonight unless this is said: I FINISHED MY INKTOBER STUFF. It’ll be posted Monday I hope!!)

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