Inktober Est Done!


Hiya peeps! It’s da Kitten!

I’ve FINALLY finished Inktober — can you believe it?! It’s such a relief to call it finished now. . . but finishing cut into my NaNoWriMo work. . . *sigh*

Anyway, let’s do a quick prompt reminder and we’ll head into the arts.

The official Inktober 2018 list, Lilaeleaf’s PlantInktober, and FurryLittlePeach’s FLPINKTOBER. (And Pomrania’s Loth-tober, which we’ll get to soon.)

Now da arts!


Day 25: Prickly Strawberry Day


Strawberries are already kinda prickly, so I gave this Strawberry Fox some spikey-er fur. It’s Strawberry day!

Day 26: Stretch Algae Night


Here’s a water fox, stretching after a long, long sleep on the bottom of the ocean. Algae coats his fur, but he doesn’t mind after seeing the friendly light of the moon.


Day 27: Thunder Gardenia Birdhouse


This one was a little stranger to piece out — I really wanted to do an Imagine Dragons reference with Thunder, since I like that song, but I eventually decided on a Storm fox checking out a little birdhouse in a gardenia bush. Y’all. Gardenias are the best flowers. They smell SO GOOD!!!


Day 28: Gift Clover Map


The map was a nice gift, but this little fox knows nothing about map-reading. The clover charms are supposed to help her, but she’s not seeing how.

Day 29: Double Vines Fast


Every Vine-fox has her opposite, and this girl seems to have a sea-dragon of a fox shadowing her pace.


Day 30: Jolt Split leaf Bread


Needless to say, that bread will be met with a jolt of surprise when that hiding fox pounces from her split-leaf hiding place.

Day 31 (YAY): Slice Bones


With a bone knife clutched between chattering teeth, the pale fox stares at the oncoming wolves. He’s torn their prideful banner, and now tears spill down his face and drip onto the ground as he watches them advance.


Sorry for the weird descriptions. But I’m done. Inktober is over. I loved every moment of it, but I’m glad it’s done. Now, I’m just going to upload my Loth-tober art as a slideshow tomorrow, keep working on the Loth-Spider-Cat stickers, get a new sketchbook because I’ve solidly filled this month’s, and keep school from eating me. Goodbye, dear friends. . .

I’m being dramatic today, sorry.

How’d your Inktober go? Please somebody tell me they procrastinated too ;3 Are you happy with the progress you’ve made with your art this month? Shout out below — till then, Kitten out!

One comment

  1. christineeyre · November 7, 2018

    Lovely artwork, as always! You’re so creative at implementing all the prompts into your Inktober work! My favorite piece from this batch was Day 30; that prowling fox is just so stinkin’ cute!! 🙂 Hehe, I DID procrastinate too…didn’t even finish Inktober, actually, though I did meet my initial goal of 15 days. I can’t thank you enough for recommending Inktober to me because I loved doing it and LOVE drawing with pens!

    Looking forward to the Loth-tober art!!

    Liked by 1 person

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