Loth-tober Arts!

As promised, my Loth-tober work! Here’s the original prompt list. . .

And here is my arts! I’m just gonna do a slideshow of them all cuz THERE IS A LOT — so here we go!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m actually noticing that I’m missing several of the last few prompts, so I’ll update the post later with those. Till then, Kitten out!



  1. Shay · November 8, 2018

    So much prettiness!!! I especially love the floofy lothcat (SO MUCH FLUFF!! 😍), the one with the caf mug (at least I’m assuming that ‘s caf… his expression certainly looks like mine on class mornings when I haven’t had my coffee yet 😂), and the one with the wolf. AND OF COURSE THOSE ADORABLE SPIDEY-CATS!!!

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    • TheFeltedKitten · November 9, 2018

      ALL DA FLOOF XD Yup, that’s caf alright XD The wolf — ohhhh that was my first time getting the nose right (which sounds like a reference to another Disney thing. . .) and I’m so glad you like that one!!!
      Those babies were so fun to draw!!! Oimegoodness so fun. But I messed up Anya’s paw 😦 that’ll have to be fixed first. The single version (in the other post) turned out better I think, but yeah, still fun :3

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