A Quick Hey + Announcements

Heeelllllooooo! Happy new year everyone! It’s. . . been awhile. I’ve been really busy, what with a new semester of school, updating my Etsy shop, and some other general life stuff.

But I did get something really really awesome last week that I want to tell y’all about.


Aii! Yup, I now own a Huion INSPIROY drawing pad, which I’ve been saving up for for a while now. It was a bit challenging to learn to use it at first, but it’s actually really simple and easy to set up and everything. And me, being obsessed with digital art lately (that’s my monthly focus for January, a concept I mentioned last post) was incredibly excited to start drawing with it. I’ve been drawing free-hand with my mouse and Krita’s stabilizer for a while now, so I’m going to first show you how that looks. You might remember this art. . .


Hey, it’s Spider-cat! Hehe, I’ve been exploring the Spiderverse a lot lately. So naturally, when I was designing some art for the shop, I decided to include this next piece, done today with the tablet.


Tada!! This is Miles Morales, from Into the Spiderverse. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m hoping to soon — all these awards and nominations its been getting, mah goodness! The animation style looks incredible and I’m really excited for it. Anyway, the kinda theme song of the movie is called “Sunflower,” and while I don’t particularly care for the song, I couldn’t resist the idea of giving one of the characters a flower crown.

Note the tapering and natural lines of Miles here — much better than the mouse and far quicker. I worked two, maybe three days on the Loth-cat, but this was all done this afternoon.

I’ve done a bunch of art so far, which leads me to the next announcement. . . I’m going to be taking digital commissions! For a while now, I’ve been considering the idea of offering commissions in the shop, but never really knew how. So over the break, I looked into it and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea on how it works. Basically, I’m just going to be offering services where you can commission me to draw your favorite character, your OC, or fursona. There will be guidelines in the listing as to what styles you can pick from, what palette (if any), and also to make sure your character is one I will draw. I’d advise you to contact me through Etsy’s conversations with your references before buying the listing to make sure that I will be able to draw it. Some things I can’t draw, and some things I won’t draw.

I rambled, sorry. But yay, commissions! They’ll be affordable, and I’ll do my best to work with you through Etsy for the best experience and results. I’m so excited to get the listing set up!

Sorry this was brief (and gah, I still have comments to respond to, sorry to those of you who are experiencing my procrastination!), but I’m working on a much (MUCH) longer post about a certain group of distant-galaxy beings and songs that remind me of them. . . look for that soon! Until then, tell me how you’re doing in the comments below! How’s your art going this year? Have you done anything really awesome that you’re really proud of? Any new milestones already made in 2019? Shout out below — Kitten out!



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  1. christineeyre · January 23, 2019

    Commissions sound like an awesome idea! I hope that goes well! And wow, that Spiderverse art is amazing!!

    Ooh, playlists for some of our favorite galaxy beings? I look forward to that!

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